Recovering addicts as drug counselors

Addicts understand Addiction 

The professionals who treat 
recovering addicts often have more 
than an academic education. 

First hand drug, alcohol, suffering 
and recovery may also be a part of their personal experience.   

How do I feel about myself today after years in recovery?
I can sleep.
I can go to sleep at night, right out, without taking anything.
Being able to sleep gives me the energy to get up in the morning and be a part of life. I have learned that getting up on time is an important factor in my being a productive member of society. Going to bed on time, and being able to sleep is just as important. In the early months of recovery sleep did not come easily to me for a while. I was told I wouldn't die from losing sleep.

Getting some sober time was promised as the answer to my difficulties.
Thank God I hung in there and stayed clean waiting to see that staying sober would change my life for the better. We have to give clean time, time to change us.

This means a great deal to me. I never could sleep before getting clean. I laid awake and suffered, thinking of all of my insurmountable problems. I’d think and think instead of sleep. My mind played movies for me every night in living color. I’d lay in bed and re-live any embarrassment or shame from the 'now showing' selection of my 'mental movie' collection. The program of recovery has showed me how to clean up my act. I don't experience embarrassment and shame on a regular basis in my new live.

My brain chemistry is balanced. I live without drugs or alcohol. No more getting high and then coming down hard. Hurt feelings are no longer the status quo.

My goal is to roll through my life suiting up and showing up. I do my part as a human being. From the time I wake up in the morning, anytime symptoms of the dis-ease start to come on me, I keep reminding myself to think, how I can be of service.

The Big Book of AA says some symptoms of the disease of addiction are ‘becoming bored, restless, and discontent.’ I know I have to watch out for these feelings.

The hours of the day when I am awake are mine to enjoy. I now feel like I lead my life, I’m at choice about what I am going to experience. In active addiction my life lead me. I just watched as things happened to me.

All thinking was centered in the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more. The disease of addiction talked to me all of the time. “Ok Loriann, you just stay high while we go to divorce court. While you are working on getting money to use, we are now going through eviction.” The disease told me “you drive better drunk", so now we are going to jail.

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Does drug treatment work?

Does drug treatment work? 

How about people who are discontent in rehab?
Can the treatment program still help them?
At what point can the family expect to see change?
When will the client feel better and find relief? 

Does drug treatment work?


withdrawal syndrome

I'm in this guys office crying like a fucking baby and I'm completely lost. He's selling me faith and hope and I can't grasp any of it. 

I'm just not interested in anything he's telling me. 
I'm crying, I'm lost and I haven't 
an ounce of hope to cling to.  

It's my third day in rehab and my mental well being is non existent. This guys office I'm in is my new counselor and I don't fucking like him.

I'm scared the life I've know is lost and I'm out of options. I'm in so much fear I can't focus on anything positive. I can't see my way out of this and I'm generally an optimist. I'm feeling like this is the end. 
I really don't know how I'll recover 
from my last run.

I'm just out of medical detox and I guess you could say my spirits are down.

I'm completely alone in a rehab full of strangers 2500 miles from home and I'm not looking to make new friends. However, they did put me up in a nice place near the beach. It was a single family home in a nice neighborhood. They  used it for the men in treatment. Thank God I had a room to myself. At this point in my life I didn't like anyone and I'm stuck in a house with a bunch of fresh addiction with a cherry on top, The cherry was the crazy house manager and of course we butted heads. 

He had rules and I wasn't interested. 

My mind wasn't my friend these days. It wouldn't let me sleep but wanted me to stay in bed all day. It robbed me of my desire and strength to shower and shave. Any personal hygiene was painful labor. I didn't care if I lived or died. Remember? I'm hopeless like never before. I later learned I was in PAWS Post-acute withdrawal syndrome. 

Change you thinking 

to change your experience 

Fast forward two weeks... 

I'm back in my counselor Ricks office. 

We are discussing my issues and he's telling me about spiritual concepts. 

He's using words like acceptance, pain, courage and growth as concepts I could apply to escape my drug induced, self imposed paralysis.

I grabbed the word courage, It resonated with me. I fancied myself as a man with courage or at least I had courage before my addiction ravaged all the good in my life. 

He read a passage from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous that read " Throughout the ages men of faith were men of courage and they never apologize for their God"  Those words spoke to me, I could use that in my life. I needed a flag to fight for! I needed a cause to rally behind! My flag would be God and the cause I'd rally for would be my own sobriety, This was my first spiritual experience. 

I'd made growth through courage. 
The idea that I could be a soldier for my higher power and I could rebuild my personal character gave me a spark. 

Hope had cracked my armor and I started to feel Grace warm my veins. I  was on my way.

This was the beginning of a wonderful life of sobriety. 
I stayed in rehab 90 days and had many more wonderful moments of clarity. 
I gained the tools necessary to live a life of love and fulfillment. 

My greatest gift was the one of sobriety and how it lead me to a purpose driven life.

Today I have everything to live for. 
It's not all peaches and cream but I have the balance I need to meet any obstacle I might face. 
If your lost in addiction and if you want purpose and love back in your life call us. 
Call 949-292-2000

Recovery has an even stronger energy than addiction

 I do not crave drugs today.  I am happy and content.  
My goal is to make a difference in this world.  
My life has become important to other people as well as to myself.  I am so happy to be alive and healthy.  
I can do anything that I want to create for myself.  
So can you.  
call 949-292-2000  or text 949-413-4109
You don’t have to live this way.
The war is over, declare peace on yourself and every body else in recovery.
Addicts do not all ways know what is best for them 
NA and AA is a huge part of the answer during and after detox and rehab

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Dual diagnosis alcoholic agoraphobia Newport Beach California

Anxiety Disorders that Co-Occur With Substance Abuse

Anxiety Disorders that 

Co-Occur With Substance Abuse

At one point  in my life, I was respected 
as a man with a solid character. 
Today I'm  so beat down from  drugs and alcohol 
I've fallen into a pit of despair.  

The combination of opiates, benzos, suboxone, 
and beer has crushed me.

I have been committed to psych ward twice in 4 months. I really cant remember those details. 
Anxiety to Peace of mind

Dual diagnosis 

alcoholic agoraphobia 

Newport Beach California

Mentally and spiritually I was bankrupt. 

I had no purpose in life, no moral compass to guide me. 

I grew up in a church and I know right from wrong, good from bad. but those values and virtues had long gone. 

All lost in my addiction. 

Buried deep in my subconscious was a mustard seed of grace attached to my conscience. 

My morality had become chained up in my addiction. I was living as though their was no God.
I truly felt soulless and lost, empty.

Mentally confused,  I couldn't make a decision on any of my life issues at hand.  

When pressed to make decisions I'd spend hours laboring over this process fueling enough anxiety to manifest night sweats.  

I had lost all confidence in myself.

All self esteem had left me some time ago. 
I hid in my house with the curtains drawn. 

I didn't have enough courage to walk to the mailbox. 

I was afraid of my mail and I was sure my neighbors were watching me. 

In my mind, I was the crazy neighbor 
everyone avoided. 

The phone was no longer a tool for success and happiness. My phone was now a source of pain. Whenever it rang I shuttered.  

I couldn't face anything outside. 

I learned later that this is a dual diagnosis issue called alcoholic agoraphobia.  

I was living this way for months and the mustard seed in my mind was causing me grief. 
It had a voice and some mornings when I'd come too ... that voice was the first thing I heard. 
It said you're better than this and you need to make changes and save yourself. 

Id pray my fox hole prayers. 

One morning I checked my email.
That day a friend sent me a link to Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab program. 
Wits Inn Recovery I checked out the site. 
It looked promising so I called the number. 

The guy who answered was perfect, 
he understood my suffering 
and he had a message of hope 
that I connected with. 

The next day I was on a plane to 
Wits Inn Recovery for medical detox 
and 30 days of residential treatment. 

It was fun. Newport Beach is a great place for a Treatment program. 
The Beach Cities area of Orange County California. 
Located on the coast 
between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Good medications for the detox made it ok. 

I wasn't rushed through my detox, and I wasn't all drugged up for the therapy part. 
As a pill connoisseur myself, I felt they knew what they were doing with the detox meds. 
It wasn't a picnic, but slept through most of the detox time and was comfortable. (I also panic about detox)
But this experience worked out better than I ever expected. 

If you are suffering mental anguish and despair you can call the number 949-292-2000 just to talk to the counselor and check out what can be done to help you. The rehab can be paid with insurance or cash. 

Counselors will help you call your family for help to get an admit. 

If you are truly indigent with no financial resources, start by calling the Salvation Army or your county mental health services.  

Many of us suffer from multiple treatable issues. Its called a dual diagnosis.  The mental and spiritual pain you feel are treatable. Active addiction can be arrested as the healing begins.  

The staff at Wits Inn can assess your situation over the phone and help you find the treatment center that will address your specific needs. Choose life and call now. 949-292-2000.

Are you drinking or using maybe too much or too often? 

Are you only getting high occasionally, but seem to be

experiencing consequences?

Do you ever wonder 

if your life problems or thinking problems 

could partially be caused from your relationship with intoxication?   

Are people who love you saying you have drinking or drug issues?

It's Ok to go natural for a while. 
Learn what mind altering does to you, what it does for you. 

Your insurance will probable afford you a rehab experience. 

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Spiritual Light in Addiction Recovery Dana Point California

People caught up in addiction say they feel lost.
Addiction and redemption

Spiritual Light in Addiction Recovery Dana Point California

In their heart of hearts they long for a way out.
No one wants to live like that, regardless of the bravado they may speak.

Many individuals want to get sober on their own without a program.

Wanting the consequences to stop does not equal having the knowledge of 'how to change'.

If you're lost in the woods and you feel like you're walking in circles, you probably are.
Without landmarks to guide us, people really do go around and around, found a new study.
The finding emphasizes the importance of being prepared if you're going to set off into the wilderness or even into a maze of city streets.

Some believe the Jesus filter makes the word understandable.  

The word is powerful.
Jesus has lasted for over two thousand years. 
That is powerful.
Could it help to quietly think about what God means to you?  
What kind of concentration would it take to explore that line of thought?  

Pilgrims go to Israel to walk where Jesus walked.
Reading the Bible standing where Jesus stood. 
The story of Jesus can mean so much according to your personal relationship. 
Feel the vibrations of the people who have been there before, on the path of Jesus. 

Jesus so human, so Divine. 
Called to Israel.

Jesus is born of the virgin - he broke through from the Divine. 
(It doesn't make sense.)
A glimpse of eternity.  
Not needing the earthly opposites of man and women. 

Jesus is born.
In his 30's he seeks John the Baptist. 
John represents the wild side of us. Not a part of society. 

The spirit comes into Jesus when he is baptized. 
He knows the truth of his life. 
He has been awakened, spiritually aware. 
He has known since he was 12.

What of trials and tribulations once one denounces the ego personality?

The beautiful desert for 40 days and nights.  
Tempted by fear and survival. 
Do you fall back on ego or know there is love.
You are always protected and provided for. 

Second temptation - feeling you are so high, full of spiritual knowledge. 
We must know we still have to work in this world.  
Demons say, "I will give you all if you worship power.
I will not misuse my power."

Jesus goes to teach his disciples.
People did not get him, they don't understand.

Charismatic - he is teaching but ask them to give up a lot.

For some it is a hard path to cross for some it takes a lifetime of drugs and alcohol to seek him.

We were built to feel incomplete until seek him. To be joined with him.

He starts with healing.
His presence is the most powerful part.

The healings made Jesus a celebrity.
He starts teaching in parables, so only the Divine mind can get the message.

Jesus had a transfiguration.
His face shone like the sun.
His clothes shone with white light.
They see Joseph and Elijah
Jesus knows his life is not his own and he is to be crucified.

He saw the money changers 'of the ego life' and said this is not right.
Jesus becomes angry with those who seek to hold onto their power.
And they seek to destroy him.

To be martyred. He feeds the disciples, he says one of you will betray me.

This represents a part in all of us. When we go against our highest self. 

He ask them to stay awake with him, they fall asleep.
As we all can go unconscious to the highest truth. 

In the house of Caiaphas, a wealthy man,  Jesus is jailed, beaten, and turned over to Pontius Pilate.

Jesus is the light and the way

The path of agony.
Now a place of pilgrimage. 
The stations of the cross give you power.
Such passion at the place of the crucifixion.

Christ has no body now on earth but yours

presented by Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

My work is with Beach Cities Rehab, California
Insurance or private pay Addiction and Redemption treatment programs

Does alcoholism cause divorce?

I'm getting divorce for the fourth time and I don't understand why. 
My last wife was wonderful and I couldn't  keep her.

She told me I had two weeks to get into treatment or she was gone.
I didn't take her at her word. That was a mistake. She left me.
Relationship Between Alcoholism And Divorce

Does Alcoholism Cause Divorce 

It started while we dated before we married. I was taking pain pills and hiding it. I would get up in the morning and leave with little explanation. 

She was always confused as to why I had to split and if she pressed me about it I got pissy and abrupt. I always had some lame reason as to why i was leaving or where I was going. Looking back my behavior was so cruel. In the morning I'd wake up in bed with her only to run off no sooner than my feet hit the ground. One night I left at 11 pm. I said someone called to say I left a light on in my other house.. what a stupid excuse, my wife was a bright woman. She likely thought I was cheating on her and I was... but not with a woman. Pain pills were my lover now.

So she left and I'm all alone in the house. The home I bought for my new wife, my new life. I should have known my drug use would kill my marriage.  Just as it did with the three marriages prior. My life was a train wreck and the drugs were at the controls of the runaway locomotive.

Suicidal Alcoholic  Call 949-292-2000 

Alcoholism leads to suicidal depression
Alcoholism can lead to
Suicidal Depression 

Now It was just me and my dog Jack. I wanted to kill myself. 
I had a pistol and I played with it as I sat on the floor drinking contemplating my latest screw up. Me, my dog, pills, booze and a pistol.. what could possibly go wrong?

I wanted to end my misery. One bullet was all it would take. All I could think about now was my dog Jack, If I shot myself what would become of Jack? It would likely be days before anyone found me and during that time my bloody body would be Jacks last memory of his trusted companion.. 
I couldn't do Jack that way.

I just couldn't let Jack see my bloody corpse. My dog Jack saved my life. The following morning I received a call from Wits Inn recovery. Apparently my wife had reached out to them and asked if they could help. That day I was receptive to their message. They said I was a sick man , not a bad man and they could help me recover from my hopeless situation. I told them how Jack prevented me from taking my own life. 

California alcohol treatment

Dog Friendly Rehab California 

The Wits Inn said I could bring Jack to treatment and that sealed the deal for me. I could do this with my friend Jack. Jack was the inspiration I needed to get clean and sober. I wanted to be the man Jack wanted and needed me to be. 

The Wits inn call was a God shot and I was ready to take my life back. 
The next morning Jack I were on a flight to southern California to get well.

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Alcoholic Death

Will you die a horrible alcoholic death as a result of your drinking?

My heart is pounding .. no its racing, I can feel each beat from my fingers to my ears. I'm so scared AND I think i'm dying. I've been drinking for 14 hours and I swear my heart is going to explode. 
I wish this feeling would stop! 
God help me, I prayed. 
I'm alone in my house and its 2:30 in the morning. I'm alone because my wife moved out and took the kids with her. My heart? 
Do I call 911? My neighbor is a MD and a friend, He'll know what to do. I walk to his house. Its so late and dark.  I make it to his front door. I'm so scared I think I'm in A Fib.  
My heart is still racing. I knock on his door. Now I'm worried.. How will respond to me on his porch at 3 am. I knock a couple more times and no answer. 
God help me!  I pray again under my breath. How did I get this bad? My drinking is out of control and I literally think I'm going to die tonight. My friend isn't answering his door. My life is a nightmare,  Im killing myself with booze. I wandered back down the street to my house disenchanted and lost. I hate what I've become. I walk back thru my front door and lay back down on my couch.  
I'm not going to die a horrible alcoholic death
Will my drinking kill me? 

My eyes pop open and its morning.. I didn't die last night. This can't go on.  

I cant .. no I won't live this way.. or more appropriately I'm not going to die a horrible alcoholic death.

I got on the computer and started looking for help. I need medical detox followed with inpatient residential treatment. My wife had looked for places before she left with the kids. I told her I wasnt that bad. Clearly I had crossed the line. The invisible line when my drinking went from a welcome release from the stress of a hard day to what it is now.. the grim reaper.. He is at my door just waiting to take me.

I called Wits Inn recovery. They said I was a sick man and not a bad man. They said they'd helped countless others just like me recover. I said I was hopeless. They said that I could be whole again with their help. I was told that I needed medical detox and residential treatment. They said men like me could get sober and lead productive lives. They even said there was a chance I could get my family back. The Wits Inn took my insurance and handled everything. They helped me book a flight and the following day I was on a plane to residential treatment.

I arrived at treatment and they took me right to see their doctor who put me on meds to calm my withdrawal symptoms . That first night I slept comfortably all night for the first time in months. The next morning  I woke up and  I was met by the other men in the house and Mike the house manager. Mike the man who would become my friend. I stayed in treatment 90 days and It was a great experience. 

I learned about the disease concept of alcoholism 

and that I was going to be OK.

My life is back on track again. I'm working things out with my wife  and I think shes going to give us another chance. I have hope again. I'm miles away from the drunk dying man I was.
I have my self respect back and I'm excited about my possibilities again. If you're dying a slow alcoholic death its time to stop. Its time to call the Wits Inn for help. Let us get you back on tract. Call 949.292.200 or Help is a phone call away.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are considered a Disease of Progression
because the Addictive process 

1. Has identifiable signs and symptoms 
2. This process is chronic and fatal if left untreated

Jellinek Chart 

Check where you or your loved one falls on the 

Disease of Addiction

Jellinek Curve Chart of Addiction Progression 

SOCIAL USERS – Occasional substance use is not uncommon, especially with alcohol. In fact, most Americans are characterized as social drinkers. Alcohol Addiction Statistics indicate, however, that one of every 16 drinkers will become addicted to alcohol. Those same odds apply to other addictive substances.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Think of it as the "warning signs of addiction" stage. The individual begins to use drugs or alcohol more frequently, and at intermittent times, his/her substance use gets out of control. When the alcohol or drug use gets out of control, often something "bad" happens, such as someone gets kicked out of the house, gets in a fight or has a wreck. Once alcohol or drug use has caused one bad thing to happen, that user has entered the Substance Abuse stage. Fortunately, this does not mean that the person is addicted, but rather it means that if they choose to stop their use now, they can be successful in doing so on their own because they are not yet addicted.

EARLY ADDICTION – With increasing frequency, the individual uses the substance too much. "Blackouts," or temporary amnesia, occur. He/she uses more rapidly than others, and sneaks or conceals the quantity used. He/she resents any reference to his/her addiction habits.

BASIC ADDICTION – The individual begins to lose control as to the time, place and amount used. He/she over indulges unintentionally, uses to overcome the hangover from prior episodes, and tries new patterns of use to try to maintain some sense of control. He/she attempts cures by moving to new locations or by changing companions.

CHRONIC ADDICTION – The individual becomes a loner, develops alibis, excuses and rationalizations to cover up or explain the substance abuse. Personality and behavior changes occur that affect all relationships – family, employment, community. Extended binges, physical tremors, hallucinations and delirium, complete rejection of social reality, malnutrition with accompanying illness and disease and early death all occur as the chronic addiction progresses.

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chronic and progressive fatal if left untreated
Alcoholism chronic and progressive fatal if left untreated 

Alcoholic Intervention California

I can't stop drinking

Intervention saved my life       949-292-2000

i can't stop drinking

 Alcoholic Intervention California 

The cops are pulling me over and I'm drunk. It started hours ago when I decided It would be ok to drink again. My drinking was causing me problems. I wanted to ignore all the signs but my denial was turning to guilt and shame. . My wife was on me bad, she hated me when I drank. When I drank I was so unpredictable, some days I was a happy drunk but then there were times I could get mean. When I started drinking I never knew where I’d end up. I was a blackout drinker. My family was tired of making excuses for my behavior. My boss was losing his patience with my declining productivity. I knew my drinking was a problem but I couldn't stop. For years alcohol had been my friend. Not any longer .. my friend was becoming a nightmare.

I can't stop drinking
It was a saturday morning and I came to after a night of drinking beer and whiskey shooters. Like most mornings after drinking I'd come to..  my eyes popped wide open and then my brain switched right to fear. I'd be in fear and panic as I tried to reconstruct the events from the night before. In a second, In my mind, I ran down my checklist from the night before.  Where did I go ? Who did I see? Did I drive? Where is my car? Was my car damaged?   Did I hit anything or anyone? Panic consumed me until I knew the answers..

On this morning I walked into the kitchen for coffee and my house was full of people. 
My wife, my children, my mom and two people I didn't recognise. 
I was hung over and looking for some of “the hair of the dog” to steady my shakes. 
A shot in my coffee helped me to start my day. 
My bottle wasn't in the normal place and I was beginning to panic. 
People in my home, no booze. I wanted to know what's happening..

It was an intervention.. I was mortified and insulted.. how could they do this to me? 
Three hours later I was driving with the interventionist on my way to a medical detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment center.

Residential treatment saved my life. The medical detox was safe and painless. In treatment I made good friends with people just like me. I discovered that all the horrible things I did drinking and the secrets I kept were not as horrible as I made them out to be. The other people in treatment were doing and feeling all the same things I was. I wasn’t alone in my pain. For years I thought I was alone with my anguish and my secrets that couldn't be shown the light of day. My secrets  were just too bad to say out loud. In treatment I found the other people had the same problems I did. Some had worse problems than me.  Together in treatment we got sober and tackled the issues that were keeping us drunk.

Today I have 3 years clean and a wonderful life. I got my family back and a promotion at work. The intervention and treatment saved my life. If this story sounds familiar, we can help you too. Please call us at the Wits Inn.  949.292.2000.

WI Recovery offers dignity and respect 
to addict's and alcoholic's 

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