Dual diagnosis, bipolar alcoholic addict Chicago Illinois

Alcohol Drugs makes depression worse

Bipolar Addict 

Sober Clean Mental Health 

Life of the party personality starts out innocently.
You have messed around with drinking and some drugs. 

One high gives you the feeling that you have arrived at adulthood. 
Now you know how everybody else feels. 
addiction changes personality

Depression Addiction Dual Diagnosis

Especially if you have had a rough emotional past with fear 
and sadness woven into your experience. 

This high holds answers, relief.
You want a break, you need some relief from stress. 

The goal becomes to feel this good way again.
No need to be lonely, get high. 

Tolerance increases
Using more often

The high turns on you, sadness now becomes anger and hopelessness.  
Your relationships change. 

You must be treated with dignity and respect.

We can get help you. 
Health Insurance or cash paid rehab

Very private

If you have health insurance - let it help you. 

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Dual Diagnosis addicts can get well
Addicts Do Recover 


How much does an intervention cost? Arizona

Does your loved one
need addiction rehab 
but is reluctant to recovery?

Will they not talk about the drinking or using.
Blames you, or others for their behaviors. 
Intervention may be the answer 

Family intervention

Family Intervention Cost
$3500 and up

Intervention is a Lifeguard
Do not wait for them to Hit Bottom
There is no Bottom

The Bottom is where they stop
digging any deeper into the depths of their despair            

Most often active addiction makes a person 
drug rehab Phoenix Arizona

Arizona Drug Rehab

too out of sorts 
Too out of their minds 
To make the decisions needed 
to save their own lives

Intervention is a clean, 
clear approach,      
that gets the job done. 
That very day. 
Once and for all. 
What is the cost of addiction intervention

How much does an intervention cost?

  • Intervention is very organized 
  • Love & respect of professionalism relieves 
  • the free floating family emotions. 
  • 96% successful in 20 years of interventions - 
  • Our clients go to treatment and have a good time going.
  • End the fighting, begging, and threatening. 
  • How far is your family willing to let them sink? 
Do you have a loved one dying 
Tell Us Your Drug Story 
socially and spiritually 
from addiction? 

People lose their identity 
and all of their joy 
right in front of their families eyes
Intervention gets addicts to the help they need

     How much does an intervention cost?

Interventions are not covered by insurance.
Wits Inn will match you with a Rehab that will work with your insurance
     A professional interventionist spends up to 2 days with the family
getting ready to involve the client.
     In the morning on intervention day (whatever time is morning to the client)- (when the family united and ready) lead by the skilled interventionist
We meet in all love and respect with the person who needs help.

If at all possible it is best for the client to be giving the respect to know about the family meeting.

Timing is very important, we all must decide when we should invite the client to the pending meeting.

     Call to check into the out of pocket cost and how much your insurance benefit will cover.
  949-292-2000 or text 949-324-6132

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Treatment teaches an addict not only what the substance and behavior is doing to them, but also what it is NOT doing for them. With the help of an intervention specialist and loved ones, the intervention process can be the beginning of a new way of living for all those involved.
Intervention drug rehab Arizona

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Buy Health Insurance Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab California

American Girls die young and drunk
American Girls learn to lead our future
or Die young and Drunk 
Drug and Alcohol users
are disabled people.

Especially when they are also experiencing a mental illness, or personality disorder.

The use of mind altering chemicals can create the symptoms of dual diagnosis issues at least when the person is under the influence of the drug.

Drinkers and users are not their best selves.

Emotionally impaired folks need help and can be treated.
Buy Health Insurance
for Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab

For Americans with disabilities, the Affordable Care Act promises to be a great civil rights advance.

Although the ACA has been so highly politicized that it is difficult to discuss without triggering intense emotion.

It is important for individuals with disabilities to examine what it will mean for their “ability to reach their full potential.”

Whatever political opinions hold, know that this is a time when your or your addicted or mentally ill loved one can get the help needed.

A Drug Rehab experience is 'a chance' 
to change the course of a life. 

Open enrolment time for insurance companies is rapidly approaching.
Now is the time to action.  
Call us to buy insurance and plan a treatment admit. 
Call or Text 949-324-6132

Insurance experts standing by who understand what type of policy 
you need to cover Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Help 

We have interventionist on staff if you make insurance arrangements 

then need help getting your person to agree to treatment.
(We only participate in Love and Respect interventions) 

96% successful admits over 15 years of interventions 

Dual Diagnosis addicts can get well
Addicts Do Recover 

Suicidal Alcoholic Depression Intervention Saved my Life Orange County

Suicidal Alcoholic Depression

Suicidal Alcoholic Depression 

For the longest time I used drugs and alcohol and I could stop, but I could never stay stopped.
I could quit drinking for a month but then I'd start again for no good reason.
I'd take pain pills for the hangovers then the pills took me.
The cycle began.
I’d take pills to get off booze then take the booze to get off the pills.

I was killing myself 

Covert - Suicidal Ideation
Alcoholic Depression 

I was aware of Alcoholics anonymous and I attended meetings from time to time. I didn't connect with the people in the meetings.
I guess it’s true you must stop using before the program will work.

One morning my wife said she'd leave if I didn't get help.
I continued using for a few more weeks.
On a Saturday in August,
I came home and saw two moving vans in front of our house.

My wife was leaving me

I was so distraught all I could do was drink, use and hide.
This went on for a few months.
I started living in just two rooms of my large house, the bedroom and the kitchen. I only left to get beer or pills.
I was a prisoner in my home and I hated what I had become.

I started to think about suicide.

Intervention Saved my Life

A friend had continued to check in on me occasionally.
One time he visited then concluded
I needed help to he save my life.

My friend came with and interventionist and after two hours of loving discussion I had agreed to go to residential treatment.

Love and Respect Alcoholic Intervention

Intervention Saved My Life 

When I made the decision for treatment my life started to get better and hope slowly began to enter my thinking again.

I completed a 90 day residential treatment program and I was excited to be alive and well.

Today I have a life rich with friends and family. I have a spiritual connection that helps me overcome any problem I face.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Orange County Alcohol Treatment 

It's up to me to give of my heart.
Just let me get a new start.

It's up to me to stand on that bridge.
I must learn how to forgive.

Love is my decision. It's up to me to dance down the road.

Love is my decision. 
I know I can lighten my load. 
And once I decide to change my mind, God will show me how. 
Love is my decision, 
My decision, right here and now. 

Make the decision to reach out for help.
Medical detox Contact us
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This is what we have learned. 
Changing on your own is not likely.
Get your start with comfortable medical detox and a course of treatment
You have the rest of your life to stay sober

Getting sober is where it starts 
Staying sober take some skills and support
As a long term student of recovery, 
this is what I have learned,
And believe to be the highest truth.

Today life is good, it can be good for you again,

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Counselors are standing by. 
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Wayne Dyer Ram Dass Addiction Recovery Yoga New Jersey

Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass teach us an understanding of the power of learning a yoga practice to deepen the meaning of addiction rehab and recovery. 

Wayne Dyer has died
Wayne Dyer
 has died
5/10/40 - 8/20/15
Be Here For Him, Now
Wayne Dyer used his influence to be a part of the financial support for Ram Dass; who had given most of his money away experienced a stroke and needed help.

His guru told him love everyone, feed people and see God everywhere. Ram Dass became a person who lived out this mandate—he did what so many of us could only dream. He connected to his spirit and devoted his life to serving others.
he donated all of the royalties and profits to foundations that did just that.

With millions of dollars at stake, Ram Dass simply chose to live his life as a man of service to God.

How can this extreme devotion                  
demonstrate a path to recovery
for suffering addicts and their families.
New Jersey addicts do recover

Yoga thinking can free 
New Jersey addicts and alcoholics

Can we observe and incorporate some of these principles into our personal lives.

Yoga thinking can free New Jersey addicts and alcoholics.

Yoga for mental health, body reconditioning, and holistic treatment of addiction.

Cutting edge addiction and mental health treatment is based on.....

1. Medical Stabilization - that agrees with American Medical Standards

2. Establishing spoken and implied atmosphere of respect, food, & comfort

3. Attention span sensitive sessions (hearing others talk & reveal a little)

4. Develop mutual respect between the resident and their counselor

5. Philosophy, explore what your life means to you, connect to the body

6. Think, Talk, & learn new ways to live and cope

7. Begin to know how to go about becoming the person you want to be

The yoga practice is self discipline, that makes your body strong
and clears the mind. Look and feel so much better.
Some yoga is mental and some is physical.
There is walking yoga, smiling yoga, the yoga of stretching, and poses.  

Comfortable & Safe Medical Detox, Rehab - take a break, go to the Southern California Beach Area Treatment Center - Often it changes people's lives
If you love someone who needs help,
call for a love and respect based intervention.
949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109



All things are created twice.
First in mind
Then in action
Turned on and tuned in with payer.
I treat and move my feet
mindful thought,
grace filled action

Topless Women Central Park question discrimination New York

Topless Women Central Park New York

Women's rights New York

Gender Equality or Double Standards?

Shade of meaning - 

Women's rights are reaching into the deeper nuances of discrimination. Now the question is being ask, can going shirtless in public be acceptable for both sexes? 

Double Standards = Inequality = Discrimination 

If women are singled out, is that a double standard?

At one time .......
Women could not show their legs. 
Women could not legally own property 
Blacks were ordered to use separate bathrooms 
Blacks could be considered disrespectful and punished for various interactions 
Jews had to wear gold stars on their clothes 
Jews were arrested and put to death 

Racism - Sexism - Ageism - Double Standards - Addiction Stigma

gender discrimination women's rights Addiction Stigma

Addiction Stigma

Double Standards - Discrimination 
For all of our monumental strides toward Equality we must now dig even deeper 
into to some remaining darkness that may still lurk in our hearts 

Addiction is the new leprosy 

America's least wanted 

Suffering alcoholics and drug addicts 

Addicts Do Recovery  

The truth of America is Equality, Opportunity, 
Protected rights allowing for the pursuit of Happiness 
which is more and more being understood as self esteem and mental health

Exclusion is no Solution - Segregation 

If you have ever believed that 
Best alcohol rehab New York

Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabs New York
Love and Tolerance can Heal our world
People must learn to forgive themselves first 

the chain of human spirits is only as strong as our weakest link.

Take a moment to look in your Bible at Luke chapter 15 and you too can know unconditional love...

A good shepherd leaves the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 
5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6
Matthew 18:12

Luke 15:3-7
shade of meaning the deeper nuances of discrimination
THE lost parables of Jesus have been found. Everyone can rejoice at this great discovery! Take a moment to look in your Bible at Luke chapter 15 and you too can benefit from what others have discovered – a group of three lost parables. However, the parables are not lost in the sense that they have been missing. They have always been there, have always been recognized as the words of Jesus, and have always been accepted as part of the inspired New Testament. Yet, they are the lost parables of Jesus because they discuss certain lost treasures and the great joy resulting from their discovery.

We can just see the poor sheep, possibly a lamb, alone in the darkness ...

The Addict’s Mom is holding an event, not to raise money, but to raise awareness of what it’s like to “Walk A Mile In Our Shoes.” In all 50 states, and in countries around the world, TAM mothers will be joined by families, friends, and participant organizations to walk a mile and share without shame. Beyond raising funds, The Addict’s Mom is doing its best to raise awareness about the devastating toll of the disease of addiction."

Although the topic of habitual narcotic use first surfaced in the United States during the 1820s, it was not until after the Civil War that it became a subject of widespread public attention. Beginning in the 1870s, an increasingly urgent discussion of what some described as a national epidemic of "drug addiction" could be found in both medical journals and the popular press. Today, nearly a century and a half later, the term is so commonplace we speak of people being "addicted" to just about anything. Yet as Timothy A. Hickman argues in this revealing interdisciplinary study, the meaning of addiction has always been as much cultural as scientific and never fixed. 
In The Secret Leprosy of Modern Days, - Click to See more

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a 'Soul' like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

T'was grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fear relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

I believe in the All Good, Jesus Christ, God alMighty.
Like my Dad taught me
looking for inspiration with Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Jr. Mother

The Path of Jesus addiction recovery Israel

The word is powerful 

Finding comfort in the bible

Stories of Jesus have been being retold for over 2000 years
That is powerful 

Finding comfort in the bible 
What does the bible mean to you? 

Powerful feelings, pos & neg
Going to Israel to walk the path of Jesus

Read this book in places where Jesus was
The story of Jesus can mean so much according to your personal relationship 

Jesus so human & so Divine

Called to Israel 
Bible comforts addiction recovery

Finding comfort in the Bible

Jesus is born of the virgin - 
he broke through from the Divine. 
It doesn't make sense. 
A glimpse of eternity 

Not needing the opposites of man & women

Feel the vibrations of the people who have been there before on the paths of Jesus 

The grotto in the church of the nativity is run by 3 different religions
and there is fighting among them

Jesus is born 
In his 30's Jesus seeks John the Baptist 
John represents the wild side of us
Not a part of society 

The spirit comes into Jesus when he is baptized 
He knows the truth of his life
He has been awakened, spiritual aware 

Trials & tribulations once one denounces the ego personality 

Jesus starts with healing 

His presence is the most powerful part

The healing makes him a celebrity

The beautiful desert for 40 day & nights
Tempted by fear & survival 
Do u fall back on ego or know there is love

You Are always protected and provided for 

Hubris 2nd temptation- feeling you are so high full of spiritual knowledge.

Must know we still have to work in this world 

Demons say I will give you all if you worship power.

I will not misuse my power. 

Jesus goes to teach his disciples 
People did not get him

Charismatic is his teaching:
but ask them to give up a lot

He starts with healing 
His presence is the most powerful part

The healing makes him a celebrity

So Jesus starts 

teaching in parables 

so that one must use their divine mind to get it.

Think to understand the message. 

And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James, and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. 2 And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. 3 And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him. Matthew 17:1-3 ESV

Bible Hub

This was interpreted as Jesus is the only begotten son

Jesus knows his life is not his own & he is to be crucified 

He saw the money changers of the ego life 
And said this is not right
Jesus becomes angry with those who seek to hold onto their power. And they seek to destroy him.  

To be martyred. He feeds the disciples, he says one of you will betray me. 

This represents a part of us all. When we go against our highest self. 

He ask them to stay awake with him, they fall asleep.
As we all go unconscious to the highest truth.

House of Cyafist a wealthy man's house were Jesus
was jailed, beaten, & turned over to Pontius Pilate
Addiction is a crown of throns

Jesus starts teaching in parables

The path of agony 
Now a place of pilgrimage 
The station of the cross gives u power 

Such passion at the place of the crucifixion 
Is full of gold of the Greek Orthodox 

So many cats in Jerusalem 
Christ has not body of earth but yours 
Says the rich man who took Jesus off of the cross. 

Anybody who has had a spiritual experience as I have knows the feeling. 
To think anew - to have a change of heart. 

Sometimes the spiritual experience is of the educational variety and comes over time

Baptism of Jesus 

Wits End Psalms Chapter 107 Bible

I believe I need help with intoxication issues but must not compromise my dignity. 
Is there a private way? 
What is my exposure?....
To street addicts?.....
Financially, what will it cost?....
Will religious views and 'boarding school like restrictions' be forced on me? 

Call 949-292-2000 
Text 619-876-1092

HMO PPO Insurance pays drug rehab

Insurance Paid Addiction Rehab

Click Here to enter your Insurance InfoClick Here to enter Insurance Info
Private Insurance Paid services or Cash starting at under $10K
Often pet friendly placements are possible

Different people prefer Different settings 

Witts Inn is not just one treatment center

We represent various placements. 
Your insurance or cash budget will tell us what is available to you. 
We will advise you of your viable choices.
You decide. 

Entering the castle - Caroline Myss