Does alcoholism cause divorce?

I'm getting divorce for the fourth time and I don't understand why. 
My last wife was wonderful and I couldn't  keep her.

She told me I had two weeks to get into treatment or she was gone.
I didn't take her at her word. That was a mistake. She left me.
Relationship Between Alcoholism And Divorce

Does Alcoholism Cause Divorce 

It started while we dated before we married. I was taking pain pills and hiding it. I would get up in the morning and leave with little explanation. 

She was always confused as to why I had to split and if she pressed me about it I got pissy and abrupt. I always had some lame reason as to why i was leaving or where I was going. Looking back my behavior was so cruel. In the morning I'd wake up in bed with her only to run off no sooner than my feet hit the ground. One night I left at 11 pm. I said someone called to say I left a light on in my other house.. what a stupid excuse, my wife was a bright woman. She likely thought I was cheating on her and I was... but not with a woman. Pain pills were my lover now.

So she left and I'm all alone in the house. The home I bought for my new wife, my new life. I should have known my drug use would kill my marriage.  Just as it did with the three marriages prior. My life was a train wreck and the drugs were at the controls of the runaway locomotive.

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Alcoholism leads to suicidal depression
Alcoholism can lead to
Suicidal Depression 

Now It was just me and my dog Jack. I wanted to kill myself. 
I had a pistol and I played with it as I sat on the floor drinking contemplating my latest screw up. Me, my dog, pills, booze and a pistol.. what could possibly go wrong?

I wanted to end my misery. One bullet was all it would take. All I could think about now was my dog Jack, If I shot myself what would become of Jack? It would likely be days before anyone found me and during that time my bloody body would be Jacks last memory of his trusted companion.. 
I couldn't do Jack that way.

I just couldn't let Jack see my bloody corpse. My dog Jack saved my life. The following morning I received a call from Wits Inn recovery. Apparently my wife had reached out to them and asked if they could help. That day I was receptive to their message. They said I was a sick man , not a bad man and they could help me recover from my hopeless situation. I told them how Jack prevented me from taking my own life. 

California alcohol treatment

Dog Friendly Rehab California 

The Wits Inn said I could bring Jack to treatment and that sealed the deal for me. I could do this with my friend Jack. Jack was the inspiration I needed to get clean and sober. I wanted to be the man Jack wanted and needed me to be. 

The Wits inn call was a God shot and I was ready to take my life back. 
The next morning Jack I were on a flight to southern California to get well.

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Alcoholic Intervention California

I can't stop drinking

Intervention saved my life       949-292-2000

i can't stop drinking

 Alcoholic Intervention California 

The cops are pulling me over and I'm drunk. It started hours ago when I decided It would be ok to drink again. My drinking was causing me problems. I wanted to ignore all the signs but my denial was turning to guilt and shame. . My wife was on me bad, she hated me when I drank. When I drank I was so unpredictable, some days I was a happy drunk but then there were times I could get mean. When I started drinking I never knew where I’d end up. I was a blackout drinker. My family was tired of making excuses for my behavior. My boss was losing his patience with my declining productivity. I knew my drinking was a problem but I couldn't stop. For years alcohol had been my friend. Not any longer .. my friend was becoming a nightmare.

I can't stop drinking
It was a saturday morning and I came to after a night of drinking beer and whiskey shooters. Like most mornings after drinking I'd come to..  my eyes popped wide open and then my brain switched right to fear. I'd be in fear and panic as I tried to reconstruct the events from the night before. In a second, In my mind, I ran down my checklist from the night before.  Where did I go ? Who did I see? Did I drive? Where is my car? Was my car damaged?   Did I hit anything or anyone? Panic consumed me until I knew the answers..

On this morning I walked into the kitchen for coffee and my house was full of people. 
My wife, my children, my mom and two people I didn't recognise. 
I was hung over and looking for some of “the hair of the dog” to steady my shakes. 
A shot in my coffee helped me to start my day. 
My bottle wasn't in the normal place and I was beginning to panic. 
People in my home, no booze. I wanted to know what's happening..

It was an intervention.. I was mortified and insulted.. how could they do this to me? 
Three hours later I was driving with the interventionist on my way to a medical detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment center.

Residential treatment saved my life. The medical detox was safe and painless. In treatment I made good friends with people just like me. I discovered that all the horrible things I did drinking and the secrets I kept were not as horrible as I made them out to be. The other people in treatment were doing and feeling all the same things I was. I wasn’t alone in my pain. For years I thought I was alone with my anguish and my secrets that couldn't be shown the light of day. My secrets  were just too bad to say out loud. In treatment I found the other people had the same problems I did. Some had worse problems than me.  Together in treatment we got sober and tackled the issues that were keeping us drunk.

Today I have 3 years clean and a wonderful life. I got my family back and a promotion at work. The intervention and treatment saved my life. If this story sounds familiar, we can help you too. Please call us at the Wits Inn.  949.292.2000.

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Can't Stop Drinking Orange County

Can't Stop Drinking Orange County

I had tried to stop drinking many times, always just cold turkey and AA meetings. I could never stay stopped for very long. Friends and family told me I needed detox followed with residential drug and alcohol treatment and I always resisted. I could do this I told myself. One summer after my divorce, a divorce I created out of my drunken behavior I had to move back in with my mom. I was 35 and broken. I went back to AA and was staying sober but something wasn't right.That summer I met an old friend from my childhood. I told her I didn't drink and we started dating. A month into it she invited me to join her at her friends wedding in Chicago. All along I was attending 1 or 2 A A meetings a week and doing OK .. So I thought.

I always got drunk at the worst possible times.

So now I'm in Chicago and we’re walking into the reception with an open bar. The next morning I came to in a panic. I was in a hotel room, alone and half dressed.I got up and found my friend who happen to to be in the a room next door. I had blacked out.. again. Apparently I was out of control at the reception and at some point someone called security on me. I remembered very little from the night before but I knew it was bad. My friend was so upset and the long drive home was a nightmare. I was so ashamed of my behavior. This was me… I always got drunk at the worst possible times. When we got back home I called a residential treatment center and the next day I was on a plane. It was the best decision I've ever made. I couldn't get sober on AA alone. I needed all the tools residential treatment had to offer.

I needed to extract myself from my life, and drinking, to save my life.

Residential Treatment gave me a chance at sobriety. When I arrived they put me thru a medical detox. I flew to a treatment center in warm climate which helped my depression tremendously . Flying to treatment California was a great idea . The sun was shining and I was miles away from all my triggers and playmates. I needed to extract myself from my life to save my life. The detox was painless and when I started treatment I knew I was in the right place. My therapist was so insightful and helped me navigate my issues. The issues that were keeping me drunk and spiritually bankrupt.

Today I have 3 years sober and I live life to the fullest. If you can't stay stopped when you try to stop drinking they can help,. Call Wits Inn Recovery. (949) 292-2000.

I Was A Bipolar Addict Living With Dual Diagnosis In Orange County

I Was a Bipolar Addict Living with 

bipolar addict living with dual diagnosis in orange county.

Diet and Exercise calms the Bipolar Addict 

Dual Diagnosis in Orange County

I've been battling addiction for years. In drug and alcohol treatment The mental health professionals had hung a label on me. They said I was bipolar. What does that even mean?

I've had  long periods of sobriety working  the program. I went to meetings and had a sponsor. I was in the middle of the herd but I never felt normal.

My emotions always drove my behavior and seemed to drive the direction of my attitudes about the people places and things around me.

When I'd go out with friends after a meeting sometimes Id be so hyper and animated. I might get up from the table and move around the restaurant.

I'd stand behind my friends sometimes bumping them with a light nudge or a push on there shoulders. Honestly I was just being affectionate but some didn't feel it that way.

I was a bipolar addict living with dual diagnosis in Orange County, and I needed help! 

One morning after a dinner with friends I got a text staying
“take your meds you freak”!
I was horrified and embarrassed.
My manic behavior was causing trouble.

The Meds? I was taking my meds. Two types to be specific, one kept me groggy and the other a mood stabilizer had no effects I could feel or notice.

The majority of time I was more manic and seldom depressed.
I had racing thoughts and a vivid imagination. The meds weren't working too to my liking.

I was encouraged to try diet and exercise to supplement my meds to handle my bipolar. I was more often mantic than I was depressed.

My goal was to stop my mind from racing.
Today in the mornings I do my meditation and I exercise. Its a great way to get grounded and balanced. I still take my meds but have lowered the dose. The exercise counters  the mania and also helps me sleep at night. I eat a clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

In treatment I started exercising again and I'm sober,  call us. We can offer you solutions.

You're not alone, we are just a phone call away. 
Call Wits Inn 
(949) 292-2000

Get clean, live sober
Be fit and healthy
Feel better - dual diagnosis drug treatment rehab can make the difference

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San Juan Capistrano CA turtle like addiction treatment

“I am more than flesh, I am more than time”. (Rickie Byers Beckwith, Agape, Culver City). 3 to 7 million year old leather back turtle fossil found in ‘San Juan Capistrano’. This city is a know as a vortex by the mystic community here in south Orange County, California. Mission San Juan Capistrano, "The Jewel of the California Missions" ... the best conserved, which is why it is called the Jewel of the Missions. So the whole world knows of San Juan Capistrano’s significance as a connection point to the deep past. A portal, an advantage vista through time.

I am changing and adapting to my surrounding. The instinctual intellect of the one mind, which is my mind now, knows the infinite glory of adaptation is mine. I exist and have my being in a co-creative relationship with this presence, continuously evolving.

A seemingly finite being experiencing the infinite.

Seeing and knowing about the leatherback turtle fossil being unearthed and reassembled, brought back into today’s race consciousness, less than a mile from my home invokes the passion of the ages in me. The world pauses and takes a look at our spot here on the planet to realize the universe is unfolding as it should.

Do not fear the changes. Shedding the old skin terrifies the simple - survival parts of our earthbound brain. Look now with the eyes of the infinite God mind. Levitate to the 42nd thousand mile view and see the Divine power in the sculpting.

In the here and now.

Human instinct run riot can take the shape of a life threatening addiction, that at very least can be lessing the quality of one’s ability to give and receive love effectively.

Drug and alcohol treatment can help you shed the ways that no longer serve your highest good.

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Our Sons Drinking Is Out Of Control

Our Sons Drinking Is Out Of Control

Our Sons Drinking Is Out Of Control.

Early onset Alcoholism 

The first time Billy got drunk was when he was 12. Apparently he and his cousin found a guy who bought them a pint of tequila. The two went to a field near our home and drank it. Billy landed on our front porch. It was after dark, Betty and I heard a loud noise on the porch so I went to investigate, there he was, spread out on his back. His arms and legs were scratched up and his shirt was ripped. We panicked, we thought he'd been beaten up. We got him to sit up and he got sick all over his mother. He reeked of booze. Betty and I stared into each others eyes with horror. We put him to bed with a bucket so if he got sick again.

Our first thought was who did this to our son? 

We wanted to know who purchased them the booze. We needed to blame someone, In our minds Billy was a perfect child, he had to have been forced to drink. Denial started early, we wanted to blame someone else for Billys behavior. We never got the answers we were looking for and as time went on the issue died. The next time he got drunk that we know of was when he was 16. He and a classmate were found by police in the classmates car passed out in the field parking for the county fair. They were released to his friends Dad and we got him home.

Our sons drinking is out of control.

For the next few years our lives were hell. When he would leave the house we had no idea how he would return. His grades were horrible, he totalled my new car, He'd get so drunk he would sometimes wet the the bed. The only thing we knew to do was to ground him forever. We would keep him at home. That didn't work and when he turned 19 we were lost. I had a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous so I went to him. He said our son need “tough love” we had to get him to a 90 day residential drug and alcohol treatment center. He said that instead of trying to keep Billy locked down at home we should tell him he has two options. He could either hit the streets or go into treatment, one or the other.

We told him he was leaving and it was his choice, the streets or treatment . 

Billy chose treatment and we were so happy, That gave us hope. I knew AA worked for my friend, maybe it would work for Billy. It did, treatment was a life saver, In treatment he was medically detoxed. He had great therapist who helped him deal with his alcoholism as well as other issues. Billy discovered he didn't have to do this alone, he has support. Betty and I learned about the disease concept of alcoholism. Billy got sober in treatment and has been sober 3 years now. He attends AA meetings regularly and has a sponsor. He's in college now and just made the deans list. We are so proud of him. We have our son back.

Yes, you can get your loved one back (949) 292-2000.

The Four Agreements and Addiction

The Four Agreements and Addiction

As we learn about keeping our word impeccable, we come into integrity with our own beliefs. Dis-ease, mental illness, and unrest is often agitated if not caused by living out of alignment. Breaking promises to yourself. 

In The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.
Be impeccable with your word. 

don Miguel Ruiz teaches integrity
The Four Agreements and Addiction

Cause and Effect a central concept of Buddhism
In the Practice of active addiction The frontal lobes of the brain are anesthetized and go to sleep. That is the effect of intoxication. 

Thought is then governed in the mid brain, the animal part of your brain. Where fight, flight, and survival instincts live. 

In the midbrain we produce knee jerk reactions of combat, consumption, and grasping sexuality are the primary responses. Trumping our values. 

If you are troubled by someone's intoxication issues, questioning the extent of their addiction 
Reading this book will help you to refocus from confusion to clarity of thought. 
The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz is a quick read. 
Also available on audio. 
Give yourself permission to see what you see, to know what you know. 
Stand inline with your own integrity and intuition. 

When your question becomes "Where do we start? How can we get this person help?" 
Call Wits Inn, knowledgeable counselors are on the phones with an open heart, ready to share experience, strength, and hope with you and your family. 

addiction recovery
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