Drug rehab that knows about anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression persists along with my need for drug and alcohol rehab      Understanding Help  
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Understanding the clouds of anxiety and depression
Dark clouds of depression block us
from our full color life 

I need a drug rehab center that knows about dealing with anxiety and depression. 

Have you experienced....... 
1.Stress that lead to depression?
            I. Stress in childhood, that set you in a pattern of anxiety when faced with challenge 
        II. Does that anxious feeling come back on you now in adulthood
2.  Inability to adapt to stress is the onset of depression or anxiety
3.  Stress affects (the brain, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles) 
4.  Anxiety disorder often causes depression
5. Substance abuse can be a cause or an effect of anxiety disorders 
6. Sleep problems - Insomnia 
7. Bowel problem or issues with digestion 
8. Headaches 
9. Lowers the quality of life 

An Anxiety disorder does more than just make you worry too much. 

Substance abuse does worsen the depression as well as other mental and physical health conditions.  

Change your life by changing your mind 

Getting clean, sober, and medically stabilized is the first step on the path to happiness and health.  If a brain chemistry imbalance is present it may well need to be treated with medication. Dialing in brain chemistry is a delicate process. Creating a peaceful environment and learning how to be in charge of the thoughts you choose to entertain is most important. 

We have the power 

to co-create 

our life experience 

with our thoughts, words and deeds. 

Change your mind to Change your Life   

Dual Diagnosis Drug, Alcohol Detox and Treatment is the right place to start  call 949-292-2000

Wits Inn Recovery  Helping people and their families with Drug, Alcohol, challenges.  

Services ranging from  

1. Medicine assisted detox,  

2. Rehab treatment centers,  

3. Dual diagnosis programs (addicts who also have mental health care needs),  

5. Facilitated family interventions  (When families want help to get their loved one to treatment)  

6. Evaluations & Assessments  

Call us 949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109  

We verify your PPO, HMO insurance finding an rehab for lowest co-pay / no out of pocket or Cash your price range_______

Also available in Orange County California only  

Very private, non-smoker, Adult setting, with a maximum of 3 clients 

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This is a cash only option starting at $11,000.00, price may vary with treatment needs.


Heroin Addicts Must have Long Term Rehabilitation to be Able to Change

Heroin Addicts Must have Long Term Rehabilitation to be
Able to Change
 their Coping Skills 

Able to Change Coping Skills
Heroin addicts must 
have long term rehab 
Heroin users, Junkies are at the far end of the spectrum in drug addiction.
This can be compared to all opiate dependencies, such as oxycontin, lortab, vicodin, hydrocodone, norco, morphine, methadone, and more.
      Sometimes heroin users are seen as worse off than prescription addicts only because there is no prescription available for heroin; there by it cannot be obtained legally or paid for by insurance.  Some level of crime is most often involved in heroin use.  The most popular crime at least in the beginning of the cycle is stealing or extorting funds from one's family, place of employment, landlords; those close at hand.  As tolerance increases and motivation decrease these crimes spread out in ever widening circles.
      Robbing the immediate family extends out to the neighbors, once fired from work, the user needs to start working their x co-workers and any remaining friends or loved ones.
     As the tolerance levels continue to increase, the urgent need for increased financial resources stretches beyond any values the victim of addiction once held as true.
     Craving seriously takes over all other needs, as one by one more and more behavioral limits are tramped down and re-set in shifting sands.  The ends are always the same jails, institutions, death or recovery.
speak to Recovery Experts
Opiate Recovery Experts 


to speak to Opiate Recovery Experts 

     Supporting a heroin habit requires a person to act out in sociopathic behaviors.
     Personality disorders, brain chemistry issues are generally at the base of the heroin addict lifestyle being able to become adopted by people who have know a more stable lifestyle in their family of origin.  Real and perceived emotional trauma tend to historic causes that regularly disclosed in therapy.    

      The disease of addiction becomes a formidable entity all in itself.

Society holds the addict responsible for their sociopathic behavior, that's why the prisons are full of mentally ill addicts.  Somewhere in our heart of hearts we hear a stirring asking why these people can not rise above this self defeating situation.      
Addiction means using against your own will. 

      Recover is possible.
      Very comfortable medical detox so the addict can make it without running
      Slow titrate longer term use detox medication / but not maintenance
      Stabilization of any mental illness
      Education and therapy learning rigorous honesty, empathy, and acceptance

Heroin addicts must change coping skill
Using Against Your Will
People of addiction are far beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.  That is what the NA basic text says.  Mental health and chemical dependency professionals have made great strides in discovering what works and what doesn't work in dual diagnosis rehab 
Text 949-413-4109 Loriann@WIrecovery.com 
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Dual Diagnosis medication and 12 step program advice, California

Dual Diagnosis medication and 12 step program advice, California 

12 step program advice
Wits Inn Recovery 949-292-2000
Dual Diagnosis Rehab Placements
Can you be clean while continuing with your psych medications?

The answer is yes. Often addiction is an attempt to self medicate serious brain chemistry issues, and diagnosis like bipolar, borderline, obsessive compulsive disorder, major depression, ADD, ADHD, psycho effective, social anxiety, and schizophrenia.  

              So many of these life hampering problems can be controlled with psychotherapeutic medications. Non-Compliance to the medication regime is a regularly presenting problem.  We are hesitant to expose our medically stabilized loved ones to........

     a 12-step program group that might give advice about total drug abstinence, and confuse the dual diagnosis person.  

confuse the dual diagnosis medication compliance
Compliance with Psych Medication
is Working a Program of Recovery
All levels of schooling and maturity
are represented in the people who make up the 12 step programs.  The written literature is a more organized and researched source of facts du jar'.  "Working a program" means walking a line of self examination while comparing our findings with the words of the recovering community, and cross referencing with the approved 12-step literature.

If you think this high level of structured thinking is too much for a dual diagnosis addict, who can appear low functioning while under the influence, you may well be pleasantly surprised by the amazing transformation the 12-step experience can bring to America's least wanted. The people of addiction and dual diagnosis.
The word Miracle is used on a regular basis among people in recovery.    

Psych meds, are medications and not to be confused with drugs of abuse.
AA, NA, and the other 12-step members are not to give medical advice.
Each individual must become the CEO of their own life.  
Addicts possess a lot of knowledge about drugs.
Denial and manipulation of the truth goes on in the mind and comes out in the behaviors of the addictive personality type person. 

Benzodiazepines like Xanax, Klonopin, and other anxiety pills are addictive and mind altering. This principle stands true with all narcotic pain medications. 
Clean addicts would only take benzos or opiates in an emergency medical situations like surgery and only for a few days. 

Not regularly, not PRN, not daily and not for emotional issues. 
Adderall is also very questionable? 

Once an addict takes these medicines and becomes mind altered, then we are not their strong, educated selves and it is even harder to work your program and stay clean and in emotional recovery. 

No sleeping pills either. I love my natural sleep that has become my greatest gift of the recovery. It took about 6 or 9 months after stopping heroin and cocaine for me to get good sleep. But I eventually got it, and I hold it up as a great value. 
I use my love of natural sleep as a tool to stay clean and honest.

Psych medication Compliance is an important part of working a program.

Learning about acceptance is a primary lesson clearly expressed in the reading that begin many 12-step meetings.
Acquiescence with a prescribed schedule of antidepressants or psychotropic medication is an intricate part of living a manageable life in recovery.

Taking psych meds at the same time everyday keeps a person healthy.
Like we say, "Go to meetings for as long as you want to stay sober"
Take your meds for as long as you want to stay sane.

This is what the NA Basic text (approved 12 step literature) 
says about using medication as a clean addict in the program. 

Suggestions to Follow When Faced with Illness
   Some of our members have found the following list of suggestions helpful in dealing with the impact of illness on their recovery.
  • Go to as many NA meetings as possible.
  • Work closely with your sponsor
  • Read NA literature
  • Reach out to other NA members.  Ask for support.
  • Write about your feelings.
  • Practice the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
  • Pray and meditate.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings honestly and openly.
  • Identify yourself as a recovering addict to health care professionals.
  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking over-the-counter drugs.
  • Arrange for an NA member to be with you during surgery or other medical treatment involving drugs.
  • Honestly evaluate your condition and explore alternatives to medication.
  • Continue on your path of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.
Wits Inn Recovery detox and rehab info
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Placements 
Wits Inn places people who need drug and alcohol treatment into rehab that.... address mental health needs & is licensed to treat dual diagnosis clients.
Understands the correlation between addiction and medication compliance 
Rehabs also licensed to treat chemical dependency  

Treatment paid by Insurance PPO HMO or with in your cash price range

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Alcohol withdrawal detox rehab paid by insurance, Orange County

Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly
Detox and Rehab
paid by Insurance 

Medical detox is recommendedGoal of rehab is to stay sober
Insurance can pay for treatment
Beach Cities, Orange County

Alcohol withdrawal is most often attempted
due to an illness that keeps the drinker off of their feet, life consequences that tells them they must get sober, domestic problems, an important need to show up sober for a job, the spouse, court, the kids, and so on.

Alcohol Withdrawal
When the use of alcohol becomes abuse new symptoms appear.  
The first and most apparent is the obsession, the want of more alcohol. 

The obsession will increase and grow as tolerance grows more and more alcohol is abused. 
It is an endless cycle of addiction.
Shortly after the depraved appetite has set in, the brain and body damage begins. 
The first thing to go is focus and concentration level. 
The alcohol abuser will become more scattered in thought as time goes on. This is the first sign of short-term memory loss.

Is the drinker able to make the best decisions on their own at this time. Text 949-413-4109 if loved ones need intervention help.
Respect and support intervention style.

Alcohol issues that happen outside of the body. 
These consist of legal troubles and relationship problems. 
Many alcohol abusers experience difficulty in managing their lives. 
This unmanageability leads to destruction. 
Insurance paid Detox and Rehab 

The destruction comes in many forms. 
People in need of alcohol detox and rehab lose jobs, 
lose their marriage, even their kids.  
The stress of these horrible consequences tend lead the drinker to more drinking. 

Stress makes us humans sick. 
Stress induced drinking leads 
to an increase in physical complications.

Alcohol abuse is life threatening.
We fear the person will die

These crisis tend to come at inopportune times when one really needs the insurance to handle everything, quickly. 
Insurance paid detox and rehab can make it all doable, right now.
Alcohol is a poison to the body.
Alcohol withdrawal without medical detox is devastating. 
This poison erodes the liver causing cirrhosis. 
Cirrhosis can then lead to liver failure, which will eventually result in death.

Just because a person has been able to detox at home in the past does not indicate they will live through it this time. Liver damage is progressive. Less connection between mind and body leaves the person less capable of know how ill they may be in withdrawal. Medicine assisted detox is strongly advised. 
949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109

Orange County Beach Cities has 

some of the best Detox and Rehab Centers 

If you have to travel to the 
Beach Cities we may be able to help you make your trip.
PPO policies often have no copay, no out of pocket expense

Beach Cities Detox and Rehab Orange County 

Some alcoholics will drive drunk and accidentally kill someone. Some alcoholics end up in jail or homeless. No matter how you look at it, alcohol abuse leads down a road that you don't want to take. Stop going down that road before you become so lost that the cycle continues. We can help mend the broken ties of alcohol. We can help stop alcohol abuse effects from growing worse. But we can't do it until you're here. So call us now 24/7 Our operators are standing by.

Google my name Loriann Witte

Alcohol withdrawal detox rehab paid by insurance, Orange County

Insurance paid detox and rehab can make it all doable, right now.

Beach Cities Detox and Rehab Orange County 

This is a sad story about how serious problem drinking is. 
Rehab and Recovery is powerful and can restore a person to their best selves. 
If you want to drink, that's your business. If you want to stop, maybe we can help

Drug rehab Blue Cross Blue Shield California

Drug treatment paid by Blue Shield PPO HMO
Blue Cross Blue Shield
will pay drug rehab in California 

Needing a Drug rehab

covered by your

Blue Cross or 





You don't have to make 

One call to find the drug treatment you want
Let us do the Rehab Shopping 

all  of those run 

around phone calls 

trying to find out 

which treatment 

center will accept 

your insurance. 


does the program  

shopping for you. 

Give us your insurance information - talk to us, tell us what you need, want, and can afford. As long term clinicians we can talk you through deciding what type of services will best serve your emotional and physical needs.  Who is your peer group? What stage of addiction?
Can you be helped by out patient, or are you no longer an out patient candidate? What is the medical detox status? 

So many details need to be understood and addressed before you choose an admission.   

Click Here to enter insurance 
You are sold on the personality of the phone staff more than on the virtues of the clinical milieu.

We know who's who in the local rehabs. 
I know the treatment field is made up of good caring people.
Some places are a better match for a person. 

Also important, 
Where can you lowest copay or no out of pocket expense.   

At a distance you only see my light;
come closer and know that I am you.
Rumi — reading A year with Rumi

Wits End Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals have worked in addiction and recovery for a couple decades plus.   
We have seen a lot of changes in this field as professional clinicians  save researched statistics and studied the developing knowledge about brain chemistry.

Treatment and recovery information has grown by leaps & bounds in the past 20+ years.

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930.
Then came the Big Book of AA. 
The bold statement the book made was that alcoholism could be arrested by reprograming one's self. 

With honesty, open mindedness, and willingness.
Working the 12 steps, of self realization, finding some faith (or acting as if), discovering your behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. 

Making amends, living a mindful life of meditative prayer, incorporating care for self and others. 

Beginning to live a service oriented existence for your humble self improvement.

Some people hear of this route to sobriety and think that is too much and not for me. "I just want to stop the consequences of drinking and using." 

Being clean and sober in the program of recovery gives a person so much more healing and happiness than just the physical sobriety people may be seeking.

Addiction is said to be incurable.
People are trying to state their belief in total abstinence. 
So you can get sober and feel great, do wonderful things, and return to a higher level of competency.

Really all of us stay clean and sober one day at a time. 
Now is the time to begin, don't worry about forever, or if you can ever enjoy intoxication again. Get started, Get stabilized. 
Witts Inn
949-292-2000 answers 20 hours a day 
Some of the changes in recovery from the old Halfway Houses to the newer top dollar Malibu style treatment centers. 
We feel that there is a need for all levels, and every new idea in between.

Wits Inn's treatment referrals believes in the experiential concept, to keep cost
affordable so people can stay in longer term care.

Our goal is to let people know that it takes time and structure to heal the brain and to put your life back together again after years of acting out and coping via intoxicants and being less than truthful.

If you spend your whole recovery investment in the first month you may not be as able to hang in for all of the help that you need.  

If you only have insurance and are without other funds - you can get the structure and support from daily attendance of the 12 - step meetings or an alternative.

Cost effective means it is possible to stay away from old places, playmates, and playthings until you have begun to establish a new life full of people who are staying clean and want to help you in your recovery.
Tell us your story
Tell Us Your Story 949-292-2000

Drug rehabs don't work in California or Florida

Over the past 25 years people call the WI Recovery lines. 949-292-2000 

Drug rehabs don't work

they do not cure your addiction

They call looking for direction, how to help themselves or someone they love find a way out of the consequences of addiction.
Some call to thank us or invite us to weddings, christenings, and graduations.
Some hurt and discouraged folks tell us.....

Drug Rehabs don't work 

we have spent so much time and money trying

Drug Rehabs in California and Florida 

It's true Drug Rehabs don't work  

Just like Diet's don't work.  You go on a diet, look good for even a year, then tend to gain back even more weight than when you started the diet.

Drug Rehabs don't work; 

Not in the way some people think they should.

Not like chemo, or a liver transplant. 
Medical procedures may or may not work. 
Treatment is not a fix, it is an introduction to a process. 
Or a stabilization and denial breaking reintroduction back into a healing & functional daily routine.  People can become alienated from the program because of the fear of failure and embarrassment. 
One must stay involved in the process for as long as they want to stay sober

Saving yourself daily becomes possible
with drug Rehab help 

Rehab saves a person, by getting them safe and out of the action of their daily lives.
Medically stabilized and into the daily process of recovery.

Saving yourself daily becomes possible with drug rehab help.  

If you are in treatment, and feel like it's the same old thing, like you could teach the classes....
your most important work lies in overcoming your ego. Finding humility, pray to realize how seriously you drinking and using is keeping you out of step with others who know how to just be

If you want to drink or use; that's your business
If you want to stop so the consequences will stop 
Maybe we can help
Relax into willingness
Feeling superior or inferior to others blocks us from our fellows  

It is each person's responsibility to achieve Divinity

I do not believe we are just animals with big brains
Our choices are to stay with the Monkey mind of the malcontent or stretching to grow ever beyond to our highest selves.
Many of us are trying to develop better personalities with the use of alcohol and drugs.
We use and drink as our solution, but it is the wrong solution, so eventually it becomes bigger than the original problems
All power is in the present moment.

Drug Rehab is not a cure.
You don't need to be cured.
Realization of who you are as a perfect expression of the exquisite,
dressed in your earth suit as you.

Change is a process.
Peace of mind & comfort is in being in the daily process of growth & flow.

A positive schedule that is good for you.
As you like it, in rhythm with your personal timing.
Add or delete as needed. In recovery we do not struggle.
We cease fighting everybody and everything.

The magic pills or the most cutting edge treatment de jure
are only usable as bridges to the same place.

The answers lie within.
Sitting through, getting through, and then learning how to just
be present as the witness.

I can say Divine Will is what is happening while we are analyzing
whether it is right or wrong - fair or unfair.

Acceptance is 'a kindness' to one's inside self.
Let it be
Could it be we are each chosen for our challenges and strife?

Are we chosen from beyond, or do we do our own choosing.
Some believe we make soul agreements about the meaning of
our individual or collective lives.
Some believe in predestination.
Other hold 'free will' on high as their explanation.

Thinking about what you believe,
knowing the beliefs of others is thought on a higher level.

What rings true for you?
Respecting ourselves & others as souls, all here in this life experience together.

This is the process. This is the type of thoughts we listen for in meetings.

Care for your body.

Care for your mind.

Know your cause.

Stay the course.

Care for the growth of your soul.

Kindness to yourself and your relationships can spread into a daily creation of a better world.

The truth is other people have hurt you.
You have hurt others.
You can be OK anyway. More than just OK. Divine, good and very good.
You are that right now. Let it be, let it grow.

If you want go back to treatment,
If you want a different kind of rehab than you have experienced in the past.
Call 949-292-2000 
or text 949-413-4109 
We work with lots of Programs 
We will match you with what you need & want
We will see who works with your HMO or PPO
insurance or with your price range

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