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Healing the Mind, Body, Soul in Addiction Rehab, Orange County 

Holistic Treatment of the Adrenal Gland with Cortisol Replacement

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Learn to use your intelligence driven by your own beliefs about what you think of your life's purpose. The mind is to be operated by the intellect, aligned with your highest self and the decisions you make regarding the meaning of life. 

Unbridled thoughts, whims, and craving often take you to destinations, that you yourself have condemned as "Not for me"

Take charge of your thinking. It can be done. 
Be sure the body is in good working health, then expand your power via your own decree.   

Holistic treatment of the adrenal gland with cortisol replacement may take the place of psychotropic medication in many cases. Cortisol is know to improve stabilization in the treatment of addiction, alcoholism, stress and depression, weight loss, and helps to slow aging. You can see Dr Suzie MD with the help of "Wits Inn Recovery" an expert treatment referral source. Love and respect Intervention is our specialty.

At my Wits End Addiction
Break out of the bubble of the Status quo

Wits Inn Recovery offers residential with intensive therapy  in Orange County California & can give you an expert referral for addiction and alcoholism treatment or comfortable medical rapid detox.

Wits Inn Intervention works with dual diagnosis, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, ADD, OCD, as they relate to drug use, alcohol use.

Wits Inn Recovery will find you a treatment center or clinician that is different than what you had in the past!

We will walk you through your insurance coverage, or cash budget to get the treatment you need, and want, that fits how much you can spend.

ABSTRACT: In patients of all ages, many disorders labeled as psychiatric may actually
be due to hormonal insufficiencies. For example, cortisol deficiency is rarely
taken into account in a medical or psychiatric work-up, so persons with mild
to moderate cortisol insufficiency are for the most part relegated to receiving a
psychiatric diagnosis when, in fact, the same disorder is represented. However,
the symptoms of cortisol insufficiency appear to closely parallel such psychiatric
disorders as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addictions. There has
been some question of whether substance abuse causes a hypercortisolemia state.
In reviewing the literature and obtaining detailed histories of addicted patients,
it appears that childhood trauma, also known as “early life stress” (ELS), instead
may elicit a hypercortisolemia state. This leads some to self-medicate with an addictive
substance to quell the pain of a cortisol insufficiency, both physical and
emotional. In fact, the literature supports the concept that addictive substances
increase cortisol in predisposed patients. Patients with a variety of psychiatric
disorders including addictions were found to have signs and symptoms of mild or
moderate hypercortisolemia. Generally, an appropriate comprehensive examination
supported a diagnosis of cortisol insufficiency. For the most part, these patients
were successfully treated with physiologic doses of bio-equivalent
hydrocortisone, along with replacement of any other deficient hormone. By correcting
underlying hormonal insufficiencies, many patients improved, with some
patients having a total reversal of psychiatric symptoms. It is therefore reasonable
to evaluate and treat hormonal insufficiencies with hormones prior to using
psychotropic medication.

Could cortisol insufficiency be what is making you relapse over and over, When you want to stay sober? Could you ever get off of your psych meds and be OK, maybe even better than ever.

Dr. Suzie MD Psychiatrist was a guest on my radio show "At Your Wits End"

Cortisol is used to treat eating disorders, drug and alcohol issues, as well as general well being.   

Call today. 949-292-2000 
Dana Point sunset over the Pacific Ocean Wits Inn
Addiction is a symptom of an illness
oriented with in the body, mind, and
the beliefs.
Are you at your Wits End?

Call WI recovery Wits Inn  949-292-2000


Feel ripped off by Rehab because you didn't recover?

This is the return e-mail Wits Inn received in responce to an announcement we sent out informing followers of our old Wordpress Blog http://wirecovery.wordpress.com that we have switched to Blogger. Asking people to follow us at http//:get.wirecovery.com 
Pls stop emailing me.
was the subject line 
Angry Addict yelling at his cell phone
Angry, frustrated, and looking for help

On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Robert wrote:
Hi Lori,

This is how I know the rehab programs are poss not legit. I'd rather be wrong so please email me and prove i'm wrong. Then i'll gladly do IOP there.

Thanks a lot

On Apr 5, 2014, at 7:40 PM, Loriann Witte <loriann.witte@gmail.com> wrote:
     Pardon me, I do not understand the statement "This is how I know the rehab programs are poss not legit"????
     Please explain. I am writing to ask you to read and follow my blog and letting you know about the subjects I write about.
     At one time my blog was in a Word Press formate - but now I write in the new Google Blogger.http://get.wirecovery.com 

If you are interested in a rehab program you can call Donnie 949-292-2000

I can remove you from our e-mail list if that's what you are asking.

On Apr 7, 2014, at 2:25 AM, Loriann Witte <loriann.witte@gmail.com


You have either called for our services, or I got your business card from some other source. Somehow your e-mail was on our mailing list, but I have removed it.
You will not receive mail through these channels again. If you need my help, you have my info.

On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 7:49 PM, Robert wrote 

I 'm sorry , but do we know each other? It's an honest question, that's not being sarcastic.



So I wrote back to him to explain why I e-mailed him in the 1st place

In his next e-mail to me we started getting down to his details. 
His information was very touching. 

1:43 PM (22 hours ago)
to me


My deepest apologies. I thought you were affiliated with a rehab in Malibu, the "treatment center" that literally stole my CC, my very last $10,000 and committed medical insurance fraud on myself and many others who were admitted.

I am an physician w/ a long 15 yr history of daily meth use put all of his eggs in the Malibu rehab basket and got burned.

I have been homeless with my dog living in my car for 6 months since then not knowing if there is a future sober actor (my passion) or whether I am going to continue to drown at 42 (my current age).

So I thought you were spamming me and/or associated w/ the program director of the Malibu center.

I desperately need a residential or IOP facility ASAP,


This message stood out to me as from some one who was hurting, disgruntled but still reaching out. Attorneys have cautioned me not to work with disgruntled families or addicts. Especially when they tell me up front that they believe they have been ripped of by another rehab or are demonizing any person or entity as the real reason behind their problems. After 20+ years working with addicts I understand this concept and I also understand addicts are confused and often angry. 
     I have a long standing personal policy that I go ahead and talk to any caller if I have time. As a clean addict with information and a listening ear to offer just being a witness to another soul. 

tired suffering addict holds his head in frustration
Addicts don't know who they can trust
The solution is to trust God
or the Goodness in your inside self
A rehab is going to give you at least a pause in the hurt you are doing to yourself & others

Loriann Witte loriann.witte@gmail.com
12:09 PM (0 minutes ago)

Hi Robert,
     My heart goes out to your reversal of fortune. I feel glad you have your dogs with you. My dog is my dearest friend. It maybe tough to get into a program with the dogs.
     I don't know what your financial situation is all of the way but I will make a suggestion based on you staying in your car all of these months.
I'll assume you don't have much money. If you have family that would still be willing to help you then their are a lot of options.
     I personally was an IV meth addict for 6 years back east before I moved on to opiates and coke out here in California. I now have 20+ years clean, and basically work as a writer, wish is what I always wanted to do since childhood. 

marijuana, Heroin, benzos, pain pills, oxycontin,crack, cocaine, meth, alcohol
The people who write the
Rehab program's concepts
Understand Addiction and Recovery 
      I lived fairly homeless in motels and with friends for many years because I wasn't organized enough to manage to rent a place. I could have lived with my family but couldn't be around them, & didn't want to hear any of the helpful suggestions.
      I got clean in UCI hospital for 6 weeks with endocarditis, then went to a goofy recovery home ran by a man with less than a year clean himself. I knew I had to change my life so I said I was willing to go anywhere to get some help, I also knew I couldn't be clean if I went back to the streets. I don't know how you feel about religion but there is a supper low cost place that might take you. It's a Christian treatment for under $500 a month. I guess they get funding from a church.
     Wits Inn is $10K a month plus food & meds. We prefer weekly payments of $2500. But we have 3 clients right now and we generally only accept 2 people at a time into my house.
     Now if you could get money together then you can say what you want and what you can afford. We will assess your situation to help you know what you need, as far as medical detox, psychiatrist, or to go to a place were they specialize in working with professionals, like yourself. It could be uplifting for you to be around other educated people, so you can see you are not alone. Addiction can take away so much good stuff taking people to some very low places. 
Wits Inn recovery services logo and phone number
We are here to help 
      We also have a referral service, If you have health insurance or a cash budget to work with you can call Donny at 949-292-2000. He is a good guy. I find him easy to talk to. He's been through his own tough times too. The people in recovery got here from walking a couple hundred thousand miles of bad road just like you. Don't be afraid of us. 
     Hey I have met Chris the program director that you don't trust. I don't know him well, but I know people who know him and speak kindly of him. Other professionals seem to like him well enough. Try not to demonize people. That's a part of addiction. I don't even understand how a recovery place can rip people off. Even if you are administratively discharged it is according to your own actions. Like usually for drug use or drinking, fighting, being non compliant, getting into a sexual relationship with another client, or being blatantly disrespectful or disruptive with staff or clients.
      Most every treatment places will tell you when you admit that there are no refunds. That might have been foreign information to you as a Doctor coming from a hospital background where all billing is daily and per procedure. 
    An important part of an addict keeping a commitment is for them to make a commitment. The client must agree and understand coming in that if they decide to leave all funds are forfeited. 
     The obsession to use can strike at any point. Having a commitment to live up to is one of the tools used to help recovering people stay involved in a positive process. 
     It is also the way rehabs stay in business once they line up a treatment plan & team of professionals they have to be paid. No business could operate based on the mood swings brought on by addiction. The up front money you pay for an admission is not in your personal savings account. 
    Wits Inn has made a new policy to work with payments on a weekly basis (with no refunds) so people are not on the hook for things they may not be able to live up to.        The nature of working with the disease of addiction as a physical, psychological, and a disorder of cynicism (or soul issues). Addicts have a hard time with trust in general, and tend to not believe in anything. 
     Part of this is often 'post traumatic stress issues' from life events and part of it is the chronic use of drugs or alcohol which messes up the brain chemistry darkening the frontal lobs (as seen in the lab tests). Active addiction lights up the midbrain, the old animal brain used for survival.
Faith, love, values, our conscious, plans for the future, and spirituality is handled in the frontal lobs, and they are the first to go off line with even a little intoxication.
     People have a drink so they can laugh, flirt, dance, and be loose. That's because even the beginning effects of intoxicants dulls the sharpness of the frontal lob functions. Well as addiction progress more and more brain function is changed and the basic survival functions are forced to take over. That's how we can live in a less and less acceptable
states than our fully functioning self would have accepted. It can get really low, as we can see with the bums in the street.
     Back east we saw alcoholics rolling the sidewalks of Pittsburgh on skateboards because they had lost their legs to frost bite drinking outside in the winter. Now that is a true story. It's a common sight, 1st they begin to lose fingers, then still can quit and get themselves to safety.
Likely I presumptuous and out of my depth as a drug councilor to try to explain brain function to a Doctor but I am trying to share the insight I believe and what helps me.
     You are more highly educated than I am. I am a real alcoholic and drug addict who has found a way out of that and I have been studying everything I can get next to for all of my years of working in this field.
My desire in writing to you is to come up with some statement that you can hang onto enough to set you in a positive direction that will get you into treatment with an open mind.
     Hearing that you are suspicious of treatment centers and feel a well respected pro in our field is a no good guy, is not a plus for you. It's Ok though, a lot of get started with those types of misgivings. As I say it is a part of our nature in addictive addiction.

     The reason you have gotten this much attention from me is because you kept writing back. Clean addicts love helping addicts that want help.
Keep this in mind as you call trying to get accepted into a place. If you have money you can get in easier of course. If you don't have money you have to keep calling lots of places until somebody notices you and decides to make it happen. The dogs make it much more than double difficult. See if they can stay somewhere is your best move. While you are looking for a program, start going to 12-step meetings.
     It is really ok to go to meetings high. Some meetings ask you not to share (speak during the meeting) but you can try to talk to the guys after the meeting. Look online for the meeting schedules. Keep going to the same meetings everyday so people will get to know you. Go early and ask if you can help set up, like the chairs or the coffee.
      Kind of leave the ladies alone. Men talking to men is the best way to start. Be very respectful of everybody. Since you are on meth and they are not, be careful not to be hyper-verbal with the people who are willing to talk to you. Try to stay on the subject of recovery and don't talk space talk. This is not me judging you in anyway, I just know how we can be when we are high around straight people. You are there to learn how to treat the sober people and blend in. 
       The inner circle of AA's or NA's are doing good, the goal is to learn to live like that. The people who are still using and drinking or chasing the girls are there to. The people are the edges can only teach you more about what you already know "How to be an active addict". There are only 2 kinds of addicts, Active addicts and Recovering inactive addicts. Accepting this truth is the 1st step in the 12 steps.
     Ok if you have just a little money try calling this place if you are willing. If you can get $ or private insurance help call Donny 949-292-2000. Private insurance only. Donny can get some people on the Obama Care insurance and get them into some place in Huntington Beach for a $500 co-pay, it's a process, but done fairly quickly, I think.

Steven Lusk via yahoo.com
8:26 PM (15 hours ago)

”Do it now” is more than a motto; it’s a way of life.

… now is the time of God’s favor,

now is the day of salvation.”

2 Corinthians 6:2

Feel free to forward this to your family, friends and business


Visit our Website www.savinggracehomes.com

Wishing you success with making your goals this week!

Taurus Ln , Moreno Valley

Wait list

Arden Ave, Highland

1 bed available

Have a Great Week,

Steven Lusk

Saving Grace Homes Men’s Sober Living



Felon friendly employers list available.

Call today!

Otto Galler 951-956-8722 / Steve 951-444-5806

16625 Taurus Ln $425 per month

Moreno Valley, Ca 92551

Matt Cheatham 909-252-6640 / Steve 951-444-5806

5711 Arden Ave $449 per month
Highland, Ca. 92346

Here is the original email that I sent out that started this whole conversation 

On Apr 5, 2014, at 12:29 PM, Loriann Witte <loriann.witte@gmail.com> wrote:
Please follow our new Blog 

You are a follower of our Wits Inn Word Press blog from a couple of years ago........ We are now in Blogger.  

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

I write articles about drug and alcohol interventions, recovery, and spirituality
   I write timely articles about what is happening in addiction and recovery, as well as the higher level of thinking that people can achieve. I also write about what families go through on this journey with their loved ones.  This is interesting stuff that is occurring all over the world but mostly gets talked about only as the crisis. Recovering addicts and their families are among us.  Understanding that the depths of despair in addiction are often followed by the highs of joy in giving back to humanity in recovery is a consciousness that can raise the spirits of the populous.
   I am a believer in spreading the good news of what’s going on for mankind. Popular journalism is very busy telling the daily worse of the worst bad news.  That market is well covered.  My work is not the ‘war on drugs’. I do what I can to see the possibilities for each person to raise about their present circumstances.
   My stories have developed over twenty plus years personally conducting family interventions for drug and alcohol sufferer's families.
   My intention is to write some warm & fuzzy messages of hope for families who are disturbed by someone they love who is dealing with substance abuse.  I believe most everyone today has a 1st or at least 2nd degree person in their relationships who is acting out intoxication issues.
Loriann Witte CAC You can Google my name to see more about me
and my work

On Apr 5, 2014, at 12:29 PM, Loriann Witte <loriann.witte@gmail.com> wrote:

Please follow our new Blog


You are a follower of our Wits Inn Word Press blog from a couple of years ago........ We are now in Blogger.

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

I write articles about drug and alcohol interventions, recovery, and spirituality

I write timely articles about what is happening in addiction and recovery, as well as the higher level of thinking that people can achieve. I also write about what families go through on this journey with their loved ones. This is interesting stuff that is occurring all over the world but mostly gets talked about only as the crisis. Recovering addicts and their families are among us. Understanding that the depths of despair in addiction are often followed by the highs of joy in giving back to humanity in recovery is a consciousness that can raise the spirits of the populous.

I am a believer in spreading the good news of what’s going on for mankind. Popular journalism is very busy telling the daily worse of the worst bad news. That market is well covered. My work is not the ‘war on drugs’. I do what I can to see the possibilities for each person to raise about their present circumstances.

My stories have developed over twenty plus years personally conducting family interventions for drug and alcohol sufferer's families.

My intention is to write some warm & fuzzy messages of hope for families who are disturbed by someone they love who is dealing with substance abuse. I believe most everyone today has a 1st or at least 2nd degree person in their relationships who is acting out intoxication issues. Loriann Witte CAC 
You can Google my name to see more about me and my work.
Loriann Witte picture
Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI

Follow this link to contact us...

Follow this link & we will run your insurance

Five Skills that Predict Success Marriage Relationships By ATHENA STAIK, PH.D.

Five Skills that Predict Success in Marriage Relationships

Married couple living in mutual respect
Love & Marriage 
Thanks to advances in research methodology and neuroscience, relationships are now a science. The science of love relationships has identified several specific behavior patterns of partners that succeed in creating healthy, mutually enriching couple relationships. Partners who think and act in certain ways nearly guarantee themselves love relationships in which they feel fulfilled, loved and appreciated.

First, the good news is both you and your partner are wired for love, your body’s health depends on it.

Second, you are wired to release a certain love hormone, Oxytocin, the chemical known as the “cuddle hormone,” in response to certain behaviors.
Feeling loved and secure has everything to do with knowing how to create an Oxytocin response that makes you and your partner feel loved and secure.
What about couples that don’t currently have Oxytocin response patterns in place?

“No, problem,” says neuroscience. Because of the brain’s neural “plasticity,” a lifelong ability to grow and develop new neural circuitry, partners can learn to rewire their own and their partner’s love patterns, even late in life.
In perhaps one of the most thorough books this decade on the subject of healing marriage relationships, Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy, Dr. Brent J. Atkinson presents a tour of some of the most revolutionary findings from neuroscience and the science of intimate relationships, such as the work of Dr. Antonio Damasio on emotion and behavior, and the groundbreaking work of Dr. John Gottman on “Why Marriages Succeed or Fail.”

According to Dr. Atkinson, there are five “prerequisite” groups of skills that predict relationship success. Each group involves a set of skills. The five skill sets are as follows:

1. Partners use a ‘soft start-up’ to bring up an issue.
A ‘soft startup’ refers to how partners communicate, verbally and nonverbally, when they bring up issues, share a frustration, or express dissatisfaction. In contrast to a ‘harsh’ startup, a ‘soft’ startup is an approach that is firm yet tactful and gentle, and avoids attacking the other’s character.
A soft-startup allows partners to express any dislikes or upsets without defensive strategies that blame or attack the other’s character or the relationship, and that are more likely to trigger both partners’ survival strategies. Partners do not sugarcoat or beat around the bush, but they also do not talk down, or make condescending or judgmental comments.
Examples of a ‘soft’ and ‘harsh” startup are:
Soft startup: “I’m really upset that you forget our anniversary.”
Harsh startup: “How can you be so insensitive to not even get me a card?”

2. Partners are open to their partner’s influence.
In addition to delivering complaints tactfully, successful partners have the ability to respond to their partner’s requests, criticism or upsets without getting defensive. A top predictor of marital success, according to Dr. Gottman’s research, is the husband’s willingness to accept influence. Culturally speaking, male partners are less willing than female partners to accept influence of the other. Still today, many men are raised to not accept influence of their partners, as proof of “masculinity.”
The facts speak for themselves, however. Remarkably, findings show a husband’s willingness to accept influence alone predicts marital success 80% of the time.

3. Partners know how to make “repairs” after an upset.
Even after a “failed” argument, however, where partners defensiveness and reactivity were triggered, successful partners know how to make effective repairs by offering assurance. This refocuses partners’ emotional and mental energies, and restores belief in one another and their relationship. In effect, assurance works much like a refresh button on the computer. To relationships it offers a refreshing, and often critical, infusion of hope. An example of a statement that makes an effective repair is:
“We got worked up on this, and I said things I didn’t mean. I’m sorry. I’d like to start over fresh. I know we can do better. And I’m willing to work harder on this. Would you be willing to work together?”

4. Partners honor one another’s dreams and aspirations.
Successful partners are genuinely supportive of one another’s dreams and aspirations. Human beings are wired with inner emotional drives to matter, to feel valued in relation to the other. Along with these drives, partners also enter their relationships with conflicting expectations for how these inner strivings “should” be met. This conflict is natural, even healthy. It’s all about “how” partners attempt to restore their sense of safety and love. When resolved in healthy ways, conflict is nature’s plan to help strengthen intimacy, an opportunity to better understand themselves and the other. When partners resist one another’s requests for change, it is often because they either do not feel recognized as an individual, or they feel their partner is not fully committed to the relationship. A partner who is repeatedly late or forgets anniversaries, for example,, may be indirectly expressing anger for issues that are avoided or left unresolved.
Successful partners feel valued and are not dependent on the other to make them feel valued. Their shared vision and personal goals helps them look beneath the circumstances, identify the unfulfilled expectations, and move past challenging situations more quickly and easily.

5. Partners observe a 5 to 1 ratio of positivity.
Last but not least, another key to lasting couple relationships has to do with what happens in the span of time between conflict and upsets. Interestingly, research shows that, while successful partners also have conflicts, they make time for something that distressed partners do not. They regularly interact in positive ways; for example, they express their appreciation, plan fun outings together, share affection, flirt, and so on. Research by Dr. Gottman has identified a formula. According to his findings, successful partners seem to adhere to a ratio of five to one positive to negative interactions.
In sum, studies suggest that partners have more influence in how their partners treat them that they think. As with work environments, attitude is everything in relationship building. The attitude that predicts failure is a quid pro quo attitude that proclaims, “I’ll change my behaviors if he or she changes theirs.” In contrast, the attitude that predicts success declares, “I think and act like a partner who treats my self and partner with dignity, regardless the situation — during and between conflict!” In other words, partners who succeed do not approach their relationship as a competition. Instead, they not only treat their partner with the thoughtfulness they desire in return – they also think and act like persons who feel confident enough to deal with issues. In other words, the ability to not take things personally.
Individuals who want their partner to treat them better are willing to get out of their comfort zones and try new behaviors.
Practicing certain behaviors or thinking patterns, albeit new and uncomfortable, works. 

The effort creates new neurons and other neurons to “fire and wire” together in “new” ways, and when they do repeatedly, the new patterns are strengthen and reinforce new electrochemical pathways. And, when partners let go of old limiting patterns, their brains eliminate or “prune” the problem-causing neural pathways. That’s more good news.

Whether it’s with soft startups, allowing influence, offering assurance, honoring one another’s dreams or maintaining a 5-to-1 ratio of positivity, you and your partner can discover how to consistently respond in ways that release Oxytocin response, and the result?
You are more likely to amp up your sense of love, security and closeness with one another by the natural release of this love and safety chemical. That’s the best news. 

Email manager@universalcoachesinc.com
cacti dangerous like drugs, beautiful like addicts
Thorns and Beauty
Wits Inn Treatment Referrals 

International professional coaching services for all types of life issues including business, careers, and relationships.

We do not struggle, We let God do What we could not do for ourselves

"God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves"

In sobriety we need not struggle 
Peaceful kitty with her legs crossed
Be still and know that I am God 

Religion says the existence of God can be proved; the agnostic says it can't be proved; and the atheist claims proof of the nonexistence of God.

“ Jesus: the life only Heaven could give;
the Gift only a heart can receive.
I give them eternal life,
and they shall never perish ”

The War is over, if you want it.  Relax and take it easy.
Lean into the pain
Walk up to that wall of fear
Touch it
Walk through it
Let it wash over you
Notice you don't die

But the Addiction has already killed you off
given you sickness in the body and the mind
on the way to a physical death

Renewal is yours in recovery
Return to love and care
The program is a tool to light your way

Addiction Treatment is the next step
We can help you find a rehab that has what you want and need

Palms 107:27 
Wits Inn Recovery logo
Wits End Interventions 
Wits End They reeled and staggered like drunken men; they were at their wits' end "They grope in darkness with no light. 

If addiction is the dark night of the soul for you or your loved one, please know that there is a place you to go and someone to turn to who can bring you up out of the pit and set your feet on solid ground again. 

In this place and in this person, you can find hope and peace and a calm assurance That no matter what comes your way, you are not alone.
Love is all around you. 

There is a power for peace, let you find it now. 

Wits End Interventions can be the messenger. 
For the reluctant to recover.

Professional Interventionist can come to the addict 
Organize the family
Get the addict ready and willing to come to treatment

We transport them and get them introduced and comfortable
Interventions go much better than you might think

call Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI
or text 949-413-4109 

Loriann Witte
Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI
Text 949-413-4109

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WI recovery also has drug & alcohol Rehabs, Detox, and Intervention services 

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Did you relapse again? Orange County

Did you relapse again? 

Are you so sick of getting out your 12 step tool box, so you can rebuild? 

Has the promises of the program lost it's shinny glow of attraction? 

12 Step Tool Box
Make it convenient & easy

1. Get into to a medical detox or psych unit ASAP
2. Realize this level of hopelessness is often from the drugs & brain chemistry
3. While relaxing in the hospital, read about changing your diet
4. Start moving your body, walking, stretching, read restorative yoga
5. Meditate, beginning to know that the answers are inside of you, 2 minutes
6. Being around meetings & recovering people just heals your brain
7. It's about finding you own intelligence & personality in the calm
8. Drinking, drugs, drama keeps you all stirred up, you loose your calm
9. Treatment & the program gets you back to yourself, it's not about them
10. You can have peace and comfort, you can have so much good

This depressed state will pass, and pass quickly with a change to where you can be taken care of until you feel better.

Depression sucks bad, and the pressure is making the brain chemistry change even more.  You are the one to take care of yourself.

Make it your mission to get yourself safe.
You are worth so much.

In the beginning..... There were a whole bunch of sperm,
And they had a race
And you won.

Get on with your Divine Miracle of a self.

Mother's hands, Father's hands, the hand of an infant
Everything you have been and will be
Is counting on your action in this moment 

I have list of drug and alcohol help options in the US. Especially in California I know of places, rehab, detox, sober living, out patient that can work with your cash budget or private insurance plan. 

Call 949-292-2000

 Indigents are best served by Salvation Army www.salvationarmyusa.org  

Addiction recovery must include healthy diet and exercise, California

co-exist with all people, all religions, respect the animals, value life
Respect is an important
principle of Recovery 
Swedish Breakfast Vegetarian Times, Stockholm seriously good eats    
Vegetarians Rock 
Organic Cucumber - sliced diagonally 
Olive Oil - not too much 
Balsamic Vinegar - even less 
Lemon Pepper - from Farm to Market without chemicals 
/ I keep it frozen
Hard Aged Parmesan - chipped 
with toast cut in quarters - Ezekiel sprouted whole grain / I freeze bread too.
A little brush of cold olive oil infused with fresh red onion & garlic overnight
My friend told me about Swedish breakfast
I kept thinking about it and it tweaked it to what I know I like.
the original ingredients
Cucumber - Cheese - Hardtack / Fish (smoked) 






Methamphetamine damages the brain
Drug induced brain damage can be repaired
 with diet,
therapy, staying clean,
living in a peaceful environment
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