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"I don't treat the sickness in a person. 

Recovery fans the flames of the spark of life.

That craves something better, something more." 

- Loriann Witte

Addiction is not the truth of a soul. 
There is hope and we'd like to help. 

Hello, my name is Loriann a certified Drug 

and Alcohol counselor 
and a Nationally certified drug and alcohol 

Loriann Witte, founder of the 
Wits Inn Recovery treatment centers 
of San Juan Capistrano, CA
and Wits End Interventions. 

Addiction recovery has become my life's work. 
I have been sober for over 25 years. 
I take it one day at a time, stay sober 
and work to practice the AA code of 
love and tolerance. 
I don't take any chances with my clean time, 
or my serenity.

"My Divine gift has been  getting to help remind addicts 
who they really are. 
Myself and the staff we choose to work with, 
stand sober and full of as much peace as we can muster in the presence 
of those who want our help. 
I live as a student of spiritual growth so my teachers stand right 
there with me.

"I get to see the higher self reawakening in my friends 
and take its rightful place in the driver’s seat. 
The power and unbridled joy that comes out of this love-fest, 
is over the moon and back again.

We do recover.

And it is glorious.

Loriann Witte, CAC, C.N.D.A.I, RAS

Loriann Witte is the owner operator 
of Wits Inn Recovery. 
She is the author of Life Lessons 
and contributing author to 
"The Glories of Sobriety."

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"Is addiction hereditary" Nurture vs Nature California

You're beautiful, intelligent son or daughter is using drugs and drinking. 

Parents asked themselves, Where did we go wrong?

"Is addiction hereditary"  

or did we make mistakes in the child's upbringing?

We didn't raise our kids this way

Nurture vs Nature 

California asks 

What is the cause of all of this addiction?

Genetic predisposition is certainly a factor in substance use disorders, but heritability is not the only factor. Environment is also a part of the story.

Twins are often used in studies designed to uncover the effects of nature and nurture. Identical twins share the exact same genes, so some researchers hypothesize that differences between them must be due to the environment.

But in our heart of hearts we all know there is a third factor. 
Beyond nurture and nature is free will,  how each individual 
interprets their individual experiences. 

Nurture vs Nature
Your Family Tree

Look around your family tree. Do you say we are not addicts,
no one in our 
family ever has been. 

Well that may not be as true as you might think at first glance.  Is there obesity? (a possible food disorder) Could the successful financial leaders in the family conceivably use work as an escape from emotions? 

How about rage, control, resentments, and feuds?
Are family get togethers full of food and alcohol?
How many of your loved one's overindulge?
If not at family events, 
do you find yourself wondering if they are ok? 

Do you say, isn't this just the good life?
Yeah, maybe. 

Underweight - exercise obsession 
Depression - anger - victimhood 
Daily Drinking
Daily Smoking of tobacco or marijuana
Excessive medical involvement
Too busy for personal interaction 
Excessive Cosmetic procedures
Compulsive cleaning or decorating 
Internet addictions
Sexual acting out with others or in private
Love addiction
Collecting animals 
Living in disarray 
Sports fan addicts  

these behaviors and many more  
Can be addictions or not. 
For sure, obsessive activities acted out by the parents can feel like addictive expressions when observed by their offspring

Does this mean change your lives?

Please look at yourself, look at the family tree, look at your addicted loved one 
as an individual.   

The truth is we are all very complex entities of multi faceted intelligence. 
There are so many factors that go into our life experiences. 
Overcome the embarrassment 
There is great power in love. 

Addiction means using against your own will. 

Active addiction is a series of disappointments
Don't enable the addict to use
Support recovery only 

Professionals interventions and rehab admits
This is what you are up against. People may very well think and say that your child's addiction is your fault. You have to rise above this and be a knower of truth. It does not matter as much how it came about. It matters what can be done in the here and now where all power lies. 
Addiction kills. Light one candle in your own heart.

Old Counselor - People are complex - people in crisis are not at there best. People with resentments in fear for their loved one's live can act up. Addiction is often more a case of nature than nurture. The parents of addicts have been raised in addiction, even if the addiction presented as rage, depression, control, eating disorders, gambling, hoarding, or just being emotionally unavailable or over attentive. Multi generational pain is an expected factor. Those who say they are the only problem in a loving family, are unaware or unwilling to explore personality disorders beyond their own. I believe addicts can get healthy and sober with or without anyone else's cooperation. Eventually the addict must forgive themselves, forgive those involved and understand their own part in each situation.

Newer Counselor - Does anyone in this group own a center and really have realized just how SICK the parents are more than the addicts themselves?!

Other Counselor -I have a great visual I do in group & you can just see the light bulb goes on about how the family is just as addicted as the addict. And depending on who I am doing group with depends on how I present it.
spotlight metaphor.

Commenter - To me drinking while in a program, while in the DUI process, is a strong indicator of the unmanageability of life due to addictionÆ’?  
Taking away your ability for higher thinking when trying to solve a crisis situation / plus that ol higher thinking thing comes in handy all over the place. 

I know you can live a better life than you have right now. Honestly, I know this to be true. 

  • Newer counselor - The Family Disease....without treating the whole system it's like putting on the temp bandaid.

  • Loriann Witte treating the whole system is a powerful goal, sometimes they are dead, or in jail, or in blame, or involved in active addiction or resentments of their own. Addict's do recover, with or without the family. Like it says in the Big Book - job or no job, wife or no wife.
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  • Loriann Witte Addict's must mature and take personal responsibility, individuate. End the Peter Pan or the family's emotional relapse, refusal to change, lack of motivation, lack of willingness could keep the addict blowing in the wind.
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  • Loriann Witte

  A high degree of difficulty lies with the family because their denial is deeper than the addict's in many cases.

Other counselors -  I do a lot of family work and I have found in the years that my most successful clients were the ones who had the family system make changes. I think that addiction/abuse is oftentimes a systems issue and if I can move the system to change then I have a better shot at getting the IP to make commitment to change. I do however do not think that systems work is the "magic pill" but it has been a worthwhile endeavour.

In fact we make zero distinction between the ILO and the family. We know the family IS the identified patient. That being said we require the family engage in both therapy AND a family coach from day one. In fact from the intervention on it is made very clear that this isn't about "their" health but "our" health. As a result we get great outcomes.

Loriann says - It is great to do family work if possible - enabling is the biggest problem.  Active addiction by nature is stuck on working any enabling. I my opinion it is most important to impress self empowerment on to the client. Being externally focused is a huge part of the presenting problem.  If it is up to 'them' to straighten out, understand, or your stabilization is based on another's behavior - the world will always let you down. HP + self reliance  through the steps & the group as a whole.
Dependence = dependence. God gave us brains to use

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Dogs helping addicts recover
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Pet friendly Sober Rehab
We understand your relationship with your pet. If you want clean and sober living where you can bring your dog or cat with you maybe we can help.
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  • DUI  
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  • Loneliness
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  • How are the kids
  • How is the dog
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Love life 
  • Relapse 
  • Anger problems             

12 -step 

Massage Therapy, 
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Positive thinking, 
Anger Management, 
Stress Reduction 

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