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The following are the groups held at Witt's each week to aid the clients in their push towards recovery. They are all required in Phase One, and many are required through Phases Two and Three.

Morning Focus Group

This group focuses on a variety of issues, mainly those dealing with boundaries, co-dependency, self-esteem, and short and long tem goals as they relate to sobriety. This group is structured to include direct approach, while still providing a less structured and more open method of dealing with the subject matter of the day.

Dual Diagnosis Group

This group is specifically designed to assist patients to recognize signs and symptoms associated with drug/alcohol usage. It is designed to help understand the concept of "self-medication" and the attempts to relieve the subjective discomforts of underlying emotional disorders. It is also designed to teach the patient some of the physiological changes which occur while taking certain illicit drugs and to teach them that there are more advantages of taking prescribed medications for underlying psychopathology, thus relieving the need of illicit drug use.

Family Intensive Group

To promote increased understanding for patient and families, the complexities of drug dependence, and how the disease impacts the entire family structure. Participants will learn the relationship between their drug use and underlying disorders, to better understand the concepts of self-medication, co-dependence and enabling behavior. This group will also promote a healthier and more therapeutic home environment which would be conducive to the ongoing healing process for the family.

Wits Inn recovery 949-292-2000 www.wirecovery.com

Relapse Prevention Group

Group is used to discuss signs and symptoms that occur prior, during, and after a relapse. Issues of triggers, relationships, boundaries, and treatment planning to process those issues as they arise. Clients are taught to identify feelings that bring about desires to drink and use, and come up with coping strategies to deal with them in a constructive manner.

Anger Management Group

Since underlying anger is often a motivating factor in a person's difficulties maintaining a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, this group is aimed at uncovering where the rage and anger belong, and to take steps to resolve anger issues. It is not an attempt to get the client to be angry at parents, significant others, and so forth, but to resolve the anger issues and let them go, so depression and anger are resolved. This may include family of origin issues, current issues, and relationship issues.

Process Group Towards Hope

This group is specifically designed to help clients with major life issues, such as relationships, career problems, child rearing problems, and so forth, in an attempt to find some resolution. Clients must leave Witt's Inn with fewer problems that they arrived with, if they are to maintain sobriety. This group is aimed towards looking at those issues, and finding group based solutions. Goal directed behavior, setting new goals, and giving up dysfunctional goals, are all a part of this process.

Family Issues Group

This group is focused on family or origin issues, and current family issues. It may deal with lessons learned as small children, as adolescents, and as adults, from significant others in the family structure. The aim is to not assign blame, but to redo the lessons in a useful direction, so the client can be more functional in their lives. Issues which have been a part of a client from the beginning, can be resolved quite effectively if they are brought to light, and this group attempts to bring such lessons into focus.

Step Group

A group designed to focus specifically on the twelve steps and traditions of AA and NA. It is hoped that this will focus clients who may be overwhelmed by the larger twelve step groups, so they can focus on their progress within the twelve step guidelines. It is hoped that clients can finish at least step one, during Phase One of their recovery. By the end of the programs, Phase Three, it is hoped that they can complete steps two and three. This group is designed to focus clients on this progression with the steps.

Wits Inn recovery 949-292-2000 www.wirecovery.com

Aftercare Hope Group

This group is set up to have clients who have completed the phases at Witt's Inn, to reconnect with current clients. It is set up so that new clients can obtain benefit of the wisdom of those who have been through the process, and the previous clients can remember how awful it is to be addicted.

Twelve Step Programs

Clients are required to attend a minimum of ten to fifteen hours (ten groups) a week of twelve step meetings (either AA or NA), away from Witt's Inn. They are encouraged to get a sponsor, work the steps, and in general, develop social and educational ties with other members of the recovering community.

Psychosocial Evaluation and Testing

Each client is given a full psychosocial evaluation and a battery of tests as soon as they have completed their detoxification. This includes a history, provisional diagnoses, mental status, treatment plan and summary.

Medical Stabilization

Each client meets with the psychiatric staff to determine their physical and emotional health, and to receive whatever medications are indicated to both aid with their detoxification, and to provide stability for dual diagnoses issues.

Individual Therapy

Clients are assigned a licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Clinical Social Worker for one to two hours per week of individual therapy, focusing on whatever issues have presented themselves through the psychosocial evaluation. Our clinicians have in excess of fifty years of experience in substance abuse and related fields.

Peer Living

Clients live in residential housing with other clients who are in various stages of treatment for substance abuse. They thus receive the benefit and wisdom of peers who are farther along in the program on a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week basis. Later they will provide support for their peers when they are near completing their program at Witt's End.