Intervention and the Rock Bottom Lie

There is an old saying that someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol has to hit rock bottom before they will accept the concept of admitting themselves to a drug or alcohol treatment facility.

Frankly, that’s a bald-faced lie. Nothing could be further from the truth, and those who subscribe to that theory risk the lives of family and friends who would be rightfully classified as a substance abuser.

Perhaps you know an abuser. After all, one in ten people in the United States has had, is having or will have a substance abuse problem. Perhaps you have even confronted the abuser and met with resistance along the lines of “Oh, I have everything under control,” or “Get out of my face and leave me alone!”

If you have experienced that kind of response, it’s time to turn to a professional interventionist…and the time is right now before the situation gets worse.

The whole point of an intervention is to raise the height of “bottom” and not wait until the abuser hits “bottom” on their own, when it may, in fact be too late.

At Wits End Interventions, we have conducted literally hundreds of such interventions, and our success rate is an unparalleled 98 percent.

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