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Family Intervention - How It Works

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“Why can’t he/she just stop drinking or taking drugs?” This is the question that family members and loved ones can’t find an answer to of care and concern, our special intervention techniques can get your loved one out of the dark and into recovery.

If drugs or alcohol have hijacked the life of someone you love, Intervention gets them into treatment. Loriann Witte and Wits End Intervention are about recovery. A division of Wits Inn Recovery.
Is Intervention Necessary?

If family members or loved ones wait until the individual is ready to quit drinking or taking drugs, they’ll likely be waiting until it’s too late. A professional intervention can be extremely helpful in breaking through the defenses of denial. Interventions typically involve friends, family members and a professional interventionist in a non-judgmental form of confrontation that invites the addict or alcoholic to seek treatment. Typically, interventions stand a better chance of being successful if conducted by people the individual knows and trusts. The person being confronted may feel cornered and get angry or defensive. An interventionist serves as a mediator, guiding communication between loved ones and the individual concerned.
Preparing for the Intervention

Prior to the intervention, those involved in the intervention generally meet to role play possible scenarios. It’s important to have an idea of what to do in any given situation and determine possible consequences. You cannot force someone to get sober but you can make it uncomfortable if he or she refuses treatment. For example, if the addict is living at home the family may say they are no longer welcome to stay unless they agree to get help. The right coaching in any given scenario can greatly increase chances of getting the individual into treatment. Motivation to get sober doesn’t always come with an intervention – it may not come until the person is safely away in alcohol and drug treatment.
The Right Time for Intervention

The right time for an intervention is as soon as possible. If your loved one refuses to get help in spite of continued begging, pleading and negative consequences, it’s likely the right time to bring in a professional. You have the option to consult with a treatment professional about intervention services at Wits End Intervention under the direction of Loriann Witte to determine if it’s the right course of action for you. Professional assistance in Family intervention is often the key to stop the addiction cycle now and begin a process of recovery.

Family and loved one maybe 'Enabling Addictive Behaviors' without knowing it. The interventionist helps the family and loved ones as well as freeing the drug addict or alcoholic from the trauma they are experiencing in active addiction. Intervention is a rescue.

Family members and friends all too often try to protect the addict from his or her own behavior, padding the consequences that could occur as a result. It’s typical for those who interact with the addict on a regular basis to exhibit enabling or co-dependent behaviors, such as calling in to school or work for the loved one because they are too sick to get out of bed. It is vital that family and friends heed the advice of professionals in order to prevent this type of rescuing that makes it easier for the addict to continue his or her behavior. The individual needs to experience the full effect of his or her behavior.
Our Intervention Method Works

Wits Inn Recovery offers professional intervention services, state-licensed detox facilities and individualized drug and alcohol treatment programs for 30, 60, 90 days and 6 month residential treatment. If you are considering the possibility of an intervention on your loved one, don’t wait until it’s too late. 

We can help answer any question you may have about scheduling an intervention. 

After intervention we can offer you or your loved one an expert referral for treatment so you can start living!

Clients who enter treatment following intervention have been proven to be just as successful as those who enter voluntarily. Our method has been successful in motivating individuals into treatment 98% of the time.
Sobriety is about living and loving life!!! CALL NOW. 

Loriann Witte, Wits End Intervention