Support our vets who need dual diagnosis help Bullets In My Pocket

Support our vets who need dual diagnosis help 
Bullets In My Pocket

This wounded vets original song 
Bullets In My Pocket 

PTSD people often use drugs and alcohol to treat their anxiety.
Getting high let's them escape from painful thinking
Intoxication is reached for as a solution to emotional suffering. 
It is the wrong solution.
 Drink & drugs likely become a severe challenge more than the original stress. 

At first 'partying' can give an illusion of control.
It's easier to go out among people when one is a little tipsy. 
  Drinking begins to turn off the frontal lobes in the brain. 
Lowering inhibitions. 

If one drinks at home or alone. 
The high can facilitate feeling mellow. 
Using alcohol or other depressants can lead to wallowing 
and the rethinking terror or that out of control feeling.
Dual Diagnosis recovery requires a careful exploration of the emotions connected with the PTSD. 
Compassionate and comfortable medicine assisted detox. 
Addiction treatment to learn new ways of coping with life. 

Don't let a crisis time of your past define you. 
Vets who need dual diagnosis help
Who can't or won't use the VA system

We believe that every person can find a happy and sane life.
Addiction is not a moral issue, addiction is human instincts run wild.

The core of everyone is perfect, whole and complete.

Somewhere along the line came the beliefs that the addict is not enough in their natural state and that the world is not a safe place. 
This creates stress. 
Unresolved stress can manifest as addiction.

The truth is people have hurt the addict, and the addict has hurt others.
You can have a good life anyway by living in the here and now. 
It is OK to live well and be happy. 
Learn to relax and let go of the struggle. 
We will find help to teach you more about how to take care of yourself.
Be centered, and know you are a remarkable individual who wants to live, love, and be loved effectively. 
 You deserve all the best life has to offer.


If you want to drink or use that’s your business 
if you want to stop, Maybe we can help.

Google my name to see more about me and my work

Loriann Witte

CAll 949-292-2000 or text my cell 949-413-4109

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Beach Cities Addiction Referrals Referrals


Medicine Assisted Detox Referrals

Verify Private Insurance PPO or HMO for Rehab payment 
If you have government or military insurance call your VA

Assess what you need, want,
and can afford with your cash budget

Pet Friendly Beach Programs

Weight Loss, Fitness, Anti-aging


Alternative Sentencing Programs for treatment instead of jail time.

Drug Testing

Assessment and Referral

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Addicts Do Recovery 

Our vets may need more than the love of their family.
Hear this original song written and performed by a wounded Iraq vet.
I met him via a non-profit organization called Troop Aid at Fit RX in Brentwood, Tennessee.
Fit RX 949-292-2000 addresses fitness, anti-aging, and weight loss.
Troop Aid sponsored disabled vets in the effort for them to lose weight needed for them to retain their GI benefits.
So they could continue with the care of their injuries and rehabilitation. Addiction comes in many forms and can be treated.
Call 949-292-2000 for more info

Treatment Programs accept insurance payment
PPO of HMO or within your cash budget 

including Very Private Adult settings  

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