Kids need to be safe drug addict parents

It's not ok for me to say much about a person I know from meetings. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all of our traditions. But I want to reach out to you, women to women, addict to addict. I know about recovering couples with one partner relapsing back into active addiction. Since you ask me what I think I feel, I want to share my personal experiences. Each one of us has to take good care of ourselves and our children. Food & a roof is great but we can find that for ourselves. As a spiritual being I have come to value my serenity above all else. You are a grown up Mom with a life time of experience and can use all of that knowledge to create & recreate the space for you & your child. Put more wellness and peace into the world by starting to work on your own experience.  I am learning when our loved ones are sick we have to survive it.  Making boundaries doesn't have to mean building walls. It's all right to get safe & happy without saying good bye for ever. We all want kids to be where evolving to their highest good is possible & encouraged. Just thinking about you girl in my morning meditation today.  Offering encouragement that we don't have to stay stuck in darkness.

Loriann Witte CAC