Defeating The Storm Clouds of Addiction

The storm of addiction brewing in the lives of those who love the addict. There is hope and there is help. 
    The fear of need. The belief in lack. Can be cured by a sober attitude of gratitude. Anger & need can not occupy the same thought at the same time when we are feeling grateful. Generosity in being of service is a shift of ones paradigm. 
     We change our thinking to change our life. 
      This shift must come to the addict who wants to stay clean. This shift can come to the families of addicts who seek a life of peace regardless of whether or not the addict changes their lives.
      Call me, I love to talk about this subject. I have experienced both sides of this coin, as the addict & as the family of an active user. 
       God all ways has something better for us when we seek it.
Loriann Witte
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