"Can't we all just get along?"

Rodney King lost his life to addiction

"Can't we all just get along?"

I remember flying into LAX seeing the city on fire the night of the riots.
When we got into the airport all eyes were glued to the TV screens. We had to fly into Orange County because we were told it was best not to try to drive through LA.
That was a time of the life. Drug addiction, bigotry and ignorance took over our city for several days. So many suffered as the 'dysfunction' boiled over onto the streets onto the news.
Rodney King came out and spoke words simple words of compassion and love. In that moment we could see as much love in Rodney King as we can see expressed by the Dali Lama.
We are all of God. With us, as us, and through us God speaks, moves and has His being. Each and everyone of us are individualized Devine expressions of God in form.
Rodney King lost his life to addiction yes, but his life illuminated the light of peace, understanding, & equality as the smoke rose up out of the LA riots that day.
Sleep well brother and rise up never having to fight the addiction battle again.
Some people at my church disagree, but I find comfort in believing that once an addict dies of addiction and they have paid the ultimate price with their lives, they are set free of having to experience this same suffering again.
The bible tells me, it is done unto me as I believe.
I am a recovering addict coming from a family of addictions. My dear hearted Father died from complications of smoking. I have been an active 12-step program girl for over 20 years and have seen too many friends relapse and die. In my mind with my belief, I set them free. what I know is true is that our spirt continues to evolve and change for our higher good. I declare the death from addiction is the close of that chapter of growth and we move on to another curriculum.
I write this in the book of truth and rejoice in gratitude. I release this decision and let it be so.
And so it is.

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Loriann Witte's book recommendation Awakening Kundalini,

by Lawrence Edwards
The Path to Radical Freedom

Lawrence Edwards is an author, a yoga researcher involved in the Kundalini Support Network, & a psycho therapist.

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I need to find drug treatment that I can afford or will take my health insurance.
     Treatment Referral services offered by WI Recovery can match you with the Sober Living, Detox, Treatment Center, or Interventionist that suites your personal needs and wants. Wits Inn finds the right placement to work with you private health insurance or within your cash budget. If you need to find drug treatment that I can afford or will take my health insurance call Loriann Witte 949-292-2000. 
We will make all of the phone calls for you. Doing the research into who takes your insurance, what the co-pay or out of pocket expense will be can be an exhausting task.  You have to submit your insurance them wait for different centers to call you back while your loved one is either in crisis or willing to go for the 1st time in a long time.  
     The goal is to move quickly and painlessly through the admission process.  You are interested in what kind of treatment services a place has to offer but you end up having to get through the financial qualification period and using the facility that will accept you. 
     We have been working in the addiction treatment field for 20 years.  We know who is who, to what theory various programs subscribe, plus we keep a database telling us who has which insurance contracts.  
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     See the questions you should ask the intake staff of a treatment center you are thinking about using Questions I should ask a treatment center  
      Addiction appears to be spiritual warfare. Laguna Niguel Patch Fit for Recovery
This movie is about Wits End Recovery drug and Alcohol rehabilitation.

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     Don't wait for the suffering addict to get ready to get help. How far are you and your family willing to let them sink. Let the recovery process start today using the therapeutic tool of professional intervention.
Our intervention strategy is based on support and respect.
     What does it take to end the suffering brought about by active addiction.  Can I force my drug addict son, or other loved one into treatment?
     You can have an intervention based on support and respect that 98% of the time results in a positive outcome.  In my over 20 year of getting to be a part of interventions I am so moved by the emotion that arises when the family tells the suffering addict how much they are loved and missed. Nobody wants to be messed up and making trouble for themselves and those they love. Intervention is a rescue. 
     As a Nationally Certified Interventionist I have worked with families all over the US and Canada.
We work with functioning addicts who are sue they can work it all out by themselves.
We also work with dysfunctional addicts who are the most hopeless, helpless, and angry people.
     (the term addict, includes alcohol addicts)
     Both of these types go with us and decide to get help. We use tried and true methods that work out very well. The whole intervention party is forever changed by the process.
     Feelings are brought out of the darkness and into the light.  They get some hope, come out of denial for long enough to get willing and ready to be transported to the treatment center.  They go because the family has asked them to go with the guidance of a professional helping to keep everyone on track.  Passion runs high in the face of addiction and the painful, terrifying consequences.  The real and anticipated disasters makes everyone too upset to be their best selves when they try to talk about the problem at hand.  It becomes the "Elephant in the living room." that no one talks about.
     We can have them in a program getting treated while you are still trying to figure out what to do.  This can be done. Done in good will.  Call me now, I am here and would love to talk about your situation.
                                        Loriann.Witte@gmail.com 949-292-2000

See this video to hear Loriann Witte talking about the process. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdBNqRcP0lE&feature=endscreen&NR=1 

Do interventions really work? See what the Mayo Clinic studies have to say in this article.