Rodney King lost his life to addiction

"Can't we all just get along?"

I remember flying into LAX seeing the city on fire the night of the riots.
When we got into the airport all eyes were glued to the TV screens. We had to fly into Orange County because we were told it was best not to try to drive through LA.
That was a time of the life. Drug addiction, bigotry and ignorance took over our city for several days. So many suffered as the 'dysfunction' boiled over onto the streets onto the news.
Rodney King came out and spoke words simple words of compassion and love. In that moment we could see as much love in Rodney King as we can see expressed by the Dali Lama.
We are all of God. With us, as us, and through us God speaks, moves and has His being. Each and everyone of us are individualized Devine expressions of God in form.
Rodney King lost his life to addiction yes, but his life illuminated the light of peace, understanding, & equality as the smoke rose up out of the LA riots that day.
Sleep well brother and rise up never having to fight the addiction battle again.
Some people at my church disagree, but I find comfort in believing that once an addict dies of addiction and they have paid the ultimate price with their lives, they are set free of having to experience this same suffering again.
The bible tells me, it is done unto me as I believe.
I am a recovering addict coming from a family of addictions. My dear hearted Father died from complications of smoking. I have been an active 12-step program girl for over 20 years and have seen too many friends relapse and die. In my mind with my belief, I set them free. what I know is true is that our spirt continues to evolve and change for our higher good. I declare the death from addiction is the close of that chapter of growth and we move on to another curriculum.
I write this in the book of truth and rejoice in gratitude. I release this decision and let it be so.
And so it is.

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