Drug Rehab without making all of those calls

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Optimal Target Client & Family

Drug Rehab Clients

 Families of Drug addicts and alcoholics 
Starting with Middle class and up = disposable income starting 10k

1. Willing to spend to help addict 
2. Believing in recovery thou treatment & intervention & understands detox 
3. Can be educated to understand long term recovery process of 90 day +
4. Family will make client stay giving them no choice to leave 
5. Willing to learn from professional about the addict and about their own issues
6. Will re-admit in relapse to the same treatment team or partners of those who have the client's therapeutic history - on going treatment plan as needed with the pros who have been in process with the addicts recovery.  
7. Families who wants a case manager treatment advisor. Long term
8. Families who hold the addict responsible, instead of each Rehab center responsible for problem of the addicts dis-ease
9. Business people who understand business
10. With or with out insurance still need $$ to invest 
= a well family case load 


1. Families who want the client to go to treatment smoothly more than they are willing to save money & wait out each disaster 
2. Families with at least $5000 with expenses on intervention plus the cost of treatment
3. Families with a missing addicted loved one that we will find, get them willing and ready, and take them into treatment.  


1. Cash Detox in California $3500 to $7500 for 10 days medicine assisted 
  Menu, Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, counseling, fitness
2. Insurance detox needed PPO & some HMO insurance Nationwide facilities

Sober Living

1. Families with at least over $1300 a month plus food, personal toiletries, & spending money / $1500 the 1st month
2. Men or Women 
3. Sober Living clients must be able to blend with the So Orange County culture 
4. Accepting Chemical Dependency & Dual Diagnosis clients who are stabilized on meds
5. Willing for 12-step or pay extra $6000 for Christian, holistic fitness, or Metaphysical on top of Sober Living Fees

Sober Living plus case managed treatment referrals California
1. Christian $9900 + detox $$ if needed
2. Metaphysical 7500
3. Holistic fitness 7500
4. Straight Chemical Dependency treatment $5500 4 X 1/2 days per week
     or $9000 5 full days per week can be partially paid with Out of network insurance

Some cash treatment packages can qualify for lowed cost local intervention

Treatment with or with out insurance, Orange County, Temecula, Arrowhead, San Diego, Ventura County, High end in Texas
starting $14k or your insurance co-pay sometimes no co-pay

PPO's insurance & some HMO's 

We love to do in your home detoxes, if conditions allow
$1000 per day

return home from treatment with client's
To get them into AA and a new doctor,
therapist, church.

Obesity, anti-aging, & fitness

Live in residential treatment for High end, Obesity, anti-aging, & fitness