Lifestyle Intervention Weight Loss Conference

2012 Lifestyle Intervention Conference

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Spandex defines my wardrobe. Weight loss is a life style change. I lost 30 lbs in this last year.

Daily yoga classes, running with my best girl friend (my dog Lulu). My run is just little steps, but a run. I wear Niki wet dry pull overs in bright colors. No more all black with loose fits to hide the budges. I am an active athlete, a gym rat. I know all of my outdoorsy neighbors, including their dogs and cats. Hanging out with our neighborhood pool crowd I meet a lot of kids. The beautiful people have become my peer group.

Pink Niki Frees with all of the pink & black fixings. The lessons learned via my latest Niki investment of running shoes, the blue with orange stars on the heels. these new shoes have taught me many things I didn't know.

I did know I had to have an orange collection (Orange for Orange County California)

This if what I have learned

Lesson #1. Too much orange can happen easily
Lesson #2. Pieces of the pink collection really blows mixed with the orange collection
Lesson #3. The blues of Nike's orange & blue must match
Lesson #4. All advancing diva's will sport 'light coral lipstick, at some point in life

I am having fun with my new self.

My life is full of beautiful color, planing to collect colorful apparel, , exercise, exploring walks-runs, and invitations from my almost 40 son to hang out on active adventures with him & my Granddaughter.

A life of weight loss and fitness has given me all of this. My son has taken me to the San Diego zoo to ride the zip line, Disneyland every other week, and we took my dear granddaughters to 'The Grove' in Los Angeles to The American Girl Doll Store than topped that off with a few hours walk back at Disney. All of this means walking, stamina, 12 hours and more of movement with joy, no pauses for too tired or complaints.

I will be 61 years old in a couple of weeks and my young adult son wants to be with me for one reason is because I am fit enough and want to do marathon walking with he & his energizer bunny of a 3 years old daughter. Because I am in great shape and totally up to it. We are fellow Fit RX grads. Do you know how good it is to have a "hang in there for all the fun" attitude in common with my own son.

Thank God for the Lifestyle Intervention Conference. Really, for me, it all started there. My son had lost 60lbs and I became inspired. My son is Jerrod Menz. He and his partner Michael Cartwright have the Fit RX program in Brentwood, TN. This program is about weigh loss, fitness, and anti-aging.

Fit RX taught my son how to get healthy, lowering his dangerous levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. He looks great too. I can see the beauty of his Dad and my Dad in their youth back in his looks now.

The fitness and wight loss industry represented themselves to the addiction treatment folks at the Lifestyle Intervention Conference last year in 2011. Billy Banks of tae bo cardio was there. I sat with ' The Biggest Loser, Danny Cahill' and his wife a couple of times. So many of my addiction treatment colleges were there it was like our addiction recovery and intervention CEU conferences, but with a twist of new exciting information, materials, and people. The life transforming success stories moved me to seek another level of healing in my own addictive personality.

With 24 years of major healing in my own sobriety, my eyes were being opened once again for more to be revealed.

Turning 60 at 190+ lbs is all about slowing down, aches & pains, hips & feet

weakening and hurting. One of my goals in life as a girl has been to be cute & sexy. My attractive women thing felt like it had become a part of the past.

Getting to hear the talks and reading the words of the ageless, active presenters at this premiere Lifestyles Interventions Conferance started giving me that "I can do anything feeling" that I had caught early on in AA and NA.

Maybe aging is just a number, and my life experience is made up of what ever I believe about myself and about life's possibilities.

Brad Lamm was at the conference, we had worked together on an intake and intervention team a few years earlier. Now Brad was a best selling author of many books including “Just 10 Pounds." As I wonder if I had picked up 25 lbs since the last time I had seen Brad my son walked by looked great. Leaving size 12 for 14 was a drag but I had just bought a size 16 dress for this Vegas trip so I bought the book "Just 10 Pounds" on CD. As my American Express changed hands I made had a vision of a lean and strong me. I took on a new attitude. Not knowing what the process would look like, I knew I would take the idea of a whole new way home with me.

All inspired by this great trip and the book I stopped drinking soda & coffee.

Upon awakening I think about my food & exercise plan. Walked the dog every morning the whole way around our housing park and wrote it down. Weighed myself daily drinking lots of water, thinking about protein, veggies, & fruit. Picking up tips & inspiration from my "Just 10 lbs" CD's. I got even more into it as I felt stronger. There is a spiritual self love aspect that was right up my alley agreeing well with my years in 12-step programs. In 6 months I had lost 22 lbs.

I told my son I wanted to go to Fit RX.

Truly the first 3 days there are detox days. I questioned wether I would stay or go home every couple of hours. In the midst of these brain chemistry changes, I felt a 'do or die' tenacity boiling up within me. Each day into it I felt that I couldn't have gone through the last days for nothing. My husband had told me I was doing the Fit RX treatment for both of us, for our relationship, and to bring health into our home. On the 4th day the 3 hours in the gym on 1000 calories a day routine became a part of me.

Once again I felt a new freedom and a new happiness. The food was really good. The therapy and nutrition classes enabled me to recognize that I was not feeling hunger because my body needed fuel. What I was identifying as hunger was the withdrawal from an addictive habit.

The letting go of life defeating repetitive behaviors can be seen clearly in the feelings that lingers long after a person has detoxed nicotine during smoking cessation. Cigarettes are full of poisons that have killed millions but the craving to smoke feels like you must only survive if you sooth that craving. And the big truth is we can quit smoking, drinking, doing crack and entertaining ourselves with food until we eating and relaxing our way out of health and youthfulness. Overcoming addictions to behaviors that no longer serve us is not too easy but it is doable. Life is so much better on the other side in recovery. It's an adventure that many other people have been able to do successfully. If all these people can do it so can I.

My Fit RX class had several disabled vets in it. A Marine with a prosthetic leg (lost a limb in Afghanistan) wore a tee-shirt that said "Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body." When we'd work out and our trainers called for one more set, these guys would yell

"Too Easy Drill Sargent" the girls and I would have a laugh and buck up.

Happier, and healthier than I have been in years. This is a new era of fitness in my life that I didn't know was still available to me. I am going back to Fit RX this month for week just to stay on track and recharge my commitment.

I am definitely going to this years Lifestyle Intervention Conferance 2012.

October 1st through the 3rd. See you at the Bellagio, you all will see a trimmer younger me this year. All dressed in fancy spandex work out gear. Hey, I wore my spandex to church this year for Easter, just cause I can.

To register for this years Lifestyle Intervention Conferance 2012

Fit RX.

Just 10 Pounds.

Brad Lamm on the Doctor oz show

Michael Cartwright

Jerrod Menz

Joan Evans Faye my dear girlfriend know as "Cheif Rainbow" by many Orange County recovery programs made the trip with me. We shared a room at The Four Season's. Both Joan and I are vegaterians. We took pictures of the meals absolut works of art. Joan is writng a cook book & shopping guide for people in recovery of 20 recipes.

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