Treatment Referrals  is a treatment referral service.
1. We will find a rehab to work with your cash budget or your private health insurance.
2. If you or your family can qualify sometimes Financing is available.
3. Wits Inn's own a low cost referrals to treatment and detox in California
4. Wits Inn $1500 for sober living, 1st month, down to $1300 all months to follow.
5. Outpatient between $3000 to $6000 cash, some Insurance in addition to sober living fees
6. Low cost medicine assisted detox placements $2500 for 10 days
7. Separate - 12-step, holistic placements, and Christian programs
8. Treatment for Adults & adolescents Chemical Dependency
9. Referrals for Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health,& Eating Disorders

For the reluctant to recovery or if you have an addict who is missing
'When you know your loved one needs help but is unable or unwilling to get into treatment'
Wits End Intervention services $3700. plus expenses
and negotiated prices

     I'd like a talk with you to see what I can do to help you get the help you want and can afford. You don't have to make all of those phone calls.  We have been in the treatment field for years and know more about which rehabs are able to work within your parameters.      

     We can elevate the stress on families who have to make so many phone calls trying to find help. I see recovery treatment centers as spiritual businesses, and realize this is usually a time of crisis when you are reaching out for a placement.

      Call 949-292-2000 to talk to our admissions councelors or you can text Loriann Witte on my cell 949-413-4109 This is our web site which is my blog also. Please press the Google + button when you view our pages and make a comment. Thanks it helps our Google ranking so more people can find our service.

Loriann Witte  CAC,

Google my name to see more about me and my work
You can text my cell 949-413-4109
Operators answer 949-292-2000
We have been in operation since 1992