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Alcohol Abuse Effects 

     Alcohol abuse effects are numerous and alcohol abuse effects are deadly. Alcohol abuse effects range from legal troubles to cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol abuse effects also can be put into two categories- short term and long term. 

     There are alcohol abuse effects that can clear up in the first year or two of sobriety. Some times alcohol abuse effects will never clear up.
Decades in the program living with body damage  from drinking and smoking My dear husband, grateful to be sober
     When use of alcohol becomes abuse of alcohol a few things occur. The first and most apparent is the want of more alcohol. This obsession sets in shortly after abuse begins. The obsession will grow and grow the more and more alcohol is abused. It is an endless cycle of addiction.

     Shortly after the obsession has set in, the damage begins. The first thing to go is concentration level. The alcohol abuser will become more scattered in thought as time goes on. This is the first sign of short-term memory loss.

     Another alcohol abuse effect is blackouts. Blackouts are occurrences where the user loses time. It is as if the abuser is in a dreamless sleep, but to everyone else he/she is awake and acting as if fully conscious. 

     Blackouts are an extremely dangerous alcohol abuse effect. During these times the alcoholic can do things and not even remember.

     Both short-term memory loss and blackouts are mental alcohol abuse effects. There are numerous physical alcohol abuse effects. Alcohol is a poison to the body. 

     The endocrine system of the human makeup treats it as such. Therefore it runs through the liver during natural detoxification. Being that it is a poison it erodes the liver causing cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can then lead to liver failure, which will eventually result in death.

     There are also the alcohol abuse effects that happen outside of the body. These consist of legal troubles and relationship problems. Many alcohol abusers experience difficulty in managing their lives. This unmanageability leads to destruction. 

     This destruction comes in many forms. Some users lose jobs, while others lose spouses. These all lead the drinker to more drinking. More drinking leads the user to more physical problems and more physical problems lead to death.

     Alcohol abuse effects are devastating. Some alcoholics will drive drunk and accidentally kill someone. Some alcoholics end up in jail or homeless. No matter how you look at it, alcohol abuse leads down a road that you don't want to take

     Stop going down that road before you become so lost that the cycle continues. We can help mend the broken ties of alcohol abuse effects. We can help stop alcohol abuse effects from growing worse. 

     Take a break, get into treatment.  We can help you find a rehab that will work with your cash budget or your private health insurance. It is really ok to get help not as big of a deal as being found out as a drunk. 

     Do you wonder if you are bad off enough to get help? Here is the test.  If your drinking is causing problems for you or others, then you are a problem drinker. It is that simple. 

     Going to rehab is not considered shameful has not been since Betty Ford brought out the fact that drinking can get away from anyone.  If you do not think you are in "bad enough" shape, just know alcoholism is a progressive issue. Don't wait for the consequences to get "bad enough." Find your inner strength and reach out for professional help.  

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