Intervention for the reluctant to recover

We can get your loved one safe and in treatment
while you are still trying to figure out what to do

Do you have a loved one who needs help but refuses to talk to you about it?

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Licensed, Certified, and Insured Interventionist

Licensed, Certified, and Insured Interventionist

Stop the madness
Exposure to sobriety and rehab
at least gives a person the opportunity
to make an informed decision
about how they want to live their lives
Drunk or Sober

The Question:

Who qualifies for intervention and rehab services? 

The Simple Answer:

People who's drinking or drug use

(legal prescriptions or illegal drugs)
is causing problems for themselves or others
are Problem Drinkers or Users

Intoxication is altered brain chemistry
Altering thought process

People who are experiencing altered personalities or unreliable coping skills want these consequences to stop. As grown up humans we logically desire a way to fix the problems with the least invasive remedy. 

Their families often want to try everything rather than asking them to surrendering and go to treatment.
Everybody has heard a story about Uncle so & so who just stopped drinking one day. We are all hoping for that scenario to come to pass. 

In my fairly long term career in addiction recovery I have seen it be a lot more difficult to find sobriety than one may expect. Physical sobriety is not the only goal. Personality change for the much better can be the result of recovery and treatment. Physical sobriety isn't enough to change the stressers that induced the problem drinking or using.

There are so many stories shared in the rooms of the 12-step meetings. 

Different ways people get clean.

Like our spiritual centers, recovery options better be open at the top. 

We are dealing with the free will of human beings. Willingnessvaries in the addict & their families. Alternatives keeps the doorsopen for everyone. We do recover. My work is to help as much as onewill let me.

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