Interventionist Wits End Interventions Loriann Witte

Loriann Witte Interventionist 
writes an introspective note to her AA Sponsor 
my work with Wits End Interventions 
shows me the glory of treatment, and addiction recovery
The powerfully loving presentation of Intervention changes lives, saves lives.

Interventionist travels far and wide to help families help their loved ones.
I often get introspective and think of my own family so I write to my AA sponsor  
I am traveling on intervention in Wichita, KS. I just got back from the Ozark's of Arkansas 90 miles north of Little Rock last week.  We leave for Chicago after we get this gal tucked in to her bed in a mountain rehab in California.

On the road, so intimately involved with these families.  I really relate to these people as they try their best to gracefully deal with their love one's consequences of using alcohol or drugs to the point of trouble.  

Experiencing all of this emotion turns my thoughts inward to examine my own past. My family and I went through so much stress durring my active addiction.  Even after I have been clean for decades the fall out of those days continue. 

If I told you all of the facts, you may think 'you just couldn't go on living through all of the hurt feelings'.  But you know, the world keeps on turning.  I don't let sadness define me by any means.

I have accepted and embraced my whole life.  I release the past.  My work is my service and my amends to society.  In private life my thoughts are on people and projects that illuminate the joys of life.
Of course the ups and downs have been great gifts of full experience.  I love my life, it is mine.
I am truly grateful for every twist and turn of my path so far. 

The intervention clients we get into treatment can get sober and become an active part of their own lives.  The family unit may heal and my not.  Getting sober ends the crisis part of life and lets us get into the depth of emotion.  Our Devine right to a full range of feelings.  I deeply respect the intervention client and family, they are so brave.  Reaching into the spark of life looking for a better way.
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On the road traveling. Intervention Time again. It is 18 degrees here. 
But I am snugly warm in my hotel bed, in prayer & meditation. I love my life. it is such an honor & a privilege to get to witness love making a difference within the use of the power of good. 

This power can be used by me & by every other person to create health, abundance, & love. 
As I have been taught, I pray for my own experience & carry that message to others to do the same for

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