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Pat Witte owner of  Wits Inn Sober Living Orange County
Pat Witte co-owner of
Wits Inn Sober Living 
Orange County
     What does it mean to go to sober living. 
Why can't I just live at my Mom's 
and go to meetings on my own?
Well, have you been doing that?

If you are going to meetings while living at your Mom's and it's all working out; you feel like you are growing emotionally by leaps and bounds, then it's all good.

 If you are at your Mom's (or wanting her to take you in) and intend to start going to meetings. Then that is not real, and may never become reality.

 Most of us need support and a structure to be able to even get ourselves to meetings everyday, and then to keep going after we start to feel a little better.
Big Changes come from new behaviors we try on, because our peer group is trying it. Look over how peer group stuff has changed you with drinking and using issues.

 One of the things I like to do before I eat, is say a prayer to express my gratitude for my meal.
 I close my eyes and talk to the people that grow, gather, and deliver my food.
 I would say something like this.

"I want to thank the farmer who has grown my food in his fields.

 Visualizing with my mind's eye, I thank all of the people who have worked to pick and gathered my food from the fields they'er grow in.

 My gratitude goes out to the people who pack our food to be delivered to the stores that sell our food.

 To the truck drivers who deliver our food to the stores, so we can easily buy the food to take home. So we can cook the food for us to eat. That is what is called a meaningful prayer.

 In regular life people can be in such a rush they don't get a chance to really savor their meals.

 In recovery I learned about mindfulness.

 I make meal a spacial time to sit and enjoy with the company of my family, 
or enjoy my own company if I am alone.

 I turn off the cell phones, and have no TV in the back ground.

 Just set and enjoy the moment.

 Try this and you'll have a meaning meal. Live in the now.

Subtle little changes make the all of the difference
We have got to develop a rich peaceful internal life
to be able to have long term recovery 


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