Sober Living and Out Patient OC

Orange County Sober Living Residents
can attend
Wits Inn Intensive Out Patient
      Wits Inn has come up with a cost effective way to get treatment for you or your loved one with out it costing you all your savings or your hard earned money. We have an Intensive Out-Patient program that can be used in combination with residence in a sober living home. 
      People can stay in the Sober Living home while attending our IOP. What so good about it is there away from all there old friends, and have to be accountable to the Sober Living Home. Where they have a curfew and drug testing. Along with  family living to learn how to be respectful to others and to clean up after them self. Wash there own cloths cook there own meals and plan a weekly budget. All this won't happen over night, that's why the cost of sober living drops down Two hundred dollars a month.
      In stead of spending Thousand of dollars for a Twenty eight day program. They'll get the same treatment at under half the cost of a treatment center, and they can be away from there old friends and there old play places for a few months. It is known that the longer they are separated  from play mates and play places the better chance they have at staying Clean and Sober, and starting a new life.
      As for myself I had the opportunity to stay in a sober living home for over Six months where I started my own business saved my money and got my own apartment. I got myself tuned in to a twelve step program where I've gotten new Sober friends and a new Sober life. I've reconnected with my family, where they don't have too hide there purses anymore I even have a key to there home. I can honestly say I'm a happy person today.

Wits Inn Out Patient
San Juan Capistrano