Hurricane Sandy victims suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism

Hurricane Sandy victims
suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism  
If you need to get drug or alcohol recovery help wants to pay your flight to the west coast
for qualified 
applicants paying at least $7500 for cash admissions to Wits Inn 

     Before hurricane Katrina hit so many of its victims were already suffering from: drug addiction.
What do we have going on now with the addicts and alcoholic of New York and New Jersey.
How will these suffering American's fare as addicted victims hit by super storm Sandy?

     Now, thousands of addicts are thought to be among the hundreds of thousands of displaced people hit by the storm, seeking drug fixes, detox medication or are actively looting, risking infection complicating their all ready depleted body systems.   

Hurricane Sandy victims suffering
with drug addiction or alcoholism
If you hear form your addicted loved ones 
look as this ugly storm situation
as a veiled gift that
interrupts the status quo of their addiction habits
     The diaspora has created challenges.  There is concern about the long-term worsening of local drug problems.  Addiction will continue to overload emergency medical systems as it does on a daily basis, will become even more of a strain in this state of emergency.  The police, ER's, and ambulances serves the addicted community more than any other part of the population even in the best of times.

     Some addicts will seek prescriptions for the painkiller OxyContin and other narcotics. Others are in need of methadone to keep withdrawal and drug cravings at bay. Still others are given away by the body tremors, sweating, diarrhea or vomiting that withdrawal can bring.  These are the hard core opiate addicts.  Even other wise functional alcoholic's & house wives on xanex or pain pills will risk going out driving on roads when they have been ordered to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles only.  Those looking at the terror of pending or active withdrawal symptoms are likely to make ill planned decisions. 

Hurricane Sandy victims
suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism 
know that the recovering community all over the world is praying for you. We understand your pain.
Make this an opportunity to get out and get clean and sober.
Addicts do recovery.

     I am here watching the storm on TV wanting to be able to help in some way.  Addiction and recovery is my personal path and my work.  
     We received so many phone calls after Katrina most of them we couldn't help because they were in need of free public services and emergency housing.  We are just a specialized    referral services only working in private centers that take private health insurance or cash for detox, sober living, and treatment. 
     I want to help and rather than give money to the red cross, maybe I can do something more direct to help a few addicts and their families.  
     If & when you can contact us.  We will try to give you a great discount if it is within my power to do so.  I hope this helps. 
     Know that Alcoholic's Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous will rock on as soon as they can.  Get in contact with them as a possible for moral support like you will find no where else. 
     Maybe I am being silly and by the time you can see online messages things will be normalizing.  But call us anyway, maybe we can give you some direction. 
     We tell indigent callers to try the Salvation Army in the big city near you.  
or look up the central office numbers of the 12-step programs.
Alcoholic's Anonymous  or 
Narcotics Anonymous
Wits Inn Treatment Referral 
We Care, Change your thinking 
to change your life
Loriann Witte, CAC, NCADI, RAS

Detox not paid by Insurance Lower cost cash referrals

If Detox is not paid by Insurance
We have Lower cost cash referrals  
WI Treatment Referral Services
Call 949-292-2000 Office
or Text 949-413-4109

     You can call our hotline searching for intervention, detox, and treatment referrals.
In the effort to utilize your insurance benefits to pay for these services we will referred your case on to some of the best treatment center systems.
     In the event your insurance will pay for treatment but not detox, you may want to call us back to see if we can find a lower cost cash paid detox setting before you continue on to insurance paid treatment.

We are here if you need us.
Loriann Witte CAC, NCADI, RAS

text 949-413-4109
or email
is the best way to reach me personally

or call to speak to our counselors 949-292-2000
If Detox is not paid by Insurance
We also have Lower cost cash detox referrals

A personal story about getting clean and sober 
and learning to live in recovery

In my personal 16 plus years of active addiction I tried home detox by going to a doctors over and over probably a full 10 out of the 16 years. Then I went to treatment and got clean over 20 years ago. The home detox thing is a part of active addiction.

My heart goes out to those who need a medicine assisted detox. I just know that when you use opiates,benzo’s, or alcohol even if it starts out casual for entertainment or even for physical pain, what happens is we start to notice that these addictive substances also treat emotional pain.
At least it numbs out the emotional pain for a while. The problem with most drug use (Alcohol is also a Drug) is its unstable and the effects change. Pretty soon it does not help much with physical pain, it actually begins to create more pain and sickness by keeping you down and not letting your body heal itself as well as it could with exercise, sleep, and food. We start to ignore our emotional issues more than we should so the emotional pain gets worse than when we started out.
For me I didn’t mean to get addicted. My intention was not to screw anything up. I was looking for a solution to a problem. I used drugs and drank as the solution; but it was the wrong solution and became bigger than the original problem.
It is very important to the suffering person to know they can get a comfortable detox. They have been through alot of physical and emotional torment to get to the point of addiction. Whatever trials the love ones of these afflicted people have been put through have also badly hurt the self esteem of the addict (even while the act self centered and unaware of the pain they cause). The more they hurt, the more anaesthetic that is needed.
There is so much to recovering from drug or alcohol issues beyond treating the physical symptoms. I would always suggest Detox be followed by treatment.
Of course this is a very personal individual decision. Just letting you know widely varying prices and settings are available.
People do not have to keep going back and forth with using and drinking bouts, it does not have to be that way. There is comfort and peace of mind in recovery. Addicts and alcoholics do recover. I do not have drug craving in my life today. Call my
counselors 949-292-2000 or text me 949-413-4109.

You can Google my name Loriann Witte and see lots of stuff I have written about about using, drinking, detox, treatment, and recovery. I am a clean recovering addict with a good life, and more happy times than sad. I believe this can happen for you too. I’m here if you need me.

If Detox is not paid by Insurance
Lower cost cash referrals are available
We can even help your loved one understand they
need help and take them to treatment 
Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI, RAS 949-292-2000

Weight Loss executive retreat Tennessee

Work out Women
Loriann Witte at age 61
success story of Fit RX
     Fit RX is resort style treatment to heal obesity issues with diet and exercise.  Holistic approach to weight loss.  Doctor Mark Calarco is the medical director.  His work centers around anti-aging and longevity.
     This is my second trip to Fit RX.  Last year I came here for weight management.  I lost 25 pounds and changed my life style completely.  Looking and feeling great.  I keep the weight off for a year by changing my eating, lots of dog walking and doing yoga daily.
     This year I suffered a freak heat stroke and came back to Fit RX to recover.  I believe that losing the 25 pounds enabled me to survive the stroke.  I love this place.
     There are men and women here of various body types.  Some have many pounds they want to loss and some just need to get their stomach back in shape.  I have met an other gentleman here who had gotten a negative health report, so he came her to get his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers back in order.
     Pre-diabetic is a common diagnosis that people who carry extra weight hear.  That's a good time to choose to come to Fit RX for help them with.  
     This place is so special.  It is real healing treatment with therapy, a psychiatrist and a longevity medical doctor.
     We learn which muscles are effected by various exercises, how to maximize you work out time by cross training ( it's important to keep
changing up your routine ).  We learn cooking, shopping, recipes, and menu tricks that set you up to stay successfully in line with your intention to live lean and strong.
     I am coming to believe that Fit RX is the wave of the future. Now that I have found this place I want to come here regularly.  Fitness and weight improves your quality of life and your over all health more than anything you could do for yourself, besides quitting smoking.
     We learn relaxation techniques, take aqua aerobics classes, then finnish with a dip in the hot tub. 
     Call me if you want to talk about the experience.  I can answer questions and help you with an admission.  Fit RX accepted my heath insurance, they also will work with your cash budget.
     We stay in private suites with king size beds, a living room,
kitchen, and desk area with free wi-fi.  Located in beautiful
Brentwood, Tennessee.
     I made my flights and they sent a car to the airport to pick me up.
It was that easy.

Call or text Loriann Witte 949-413-4109

Obesity weight loss anti aging fitness Fit RX

This is the park where the Fit RX weight loss groups
walk for our Sunday morning work out.
Obesity weight loss anti aging and fitness is the focus at Fit RX
Brentwood, Tennessee
working with your insurance and cash budget
call 949-292-2000

     These are my geese in the pond next to where I am staying. I listened to Beethoven on my I phone today as my dog Lulu & I walked around the pond.  Loriann is healing, Lulu is tired but loves the walking, mostly off leash. Brentwood is an autumn paradise. The food is good. I love the Fit RX staff & client's, the Residence Inn where the Fit RX clients stay, each in a private suite.  The grounds are big.  The Inn is surrounded by green yards & trees. Sweet southern hospitality.  
Call or text 949-413-4109


Sober Living Orange County success story Does sober living work

MJ notes of recovery - A story of success of Orange County Sober Living
All American girl from a nice family suffers from addiction
seeks help in Orange County Sober Living
Hi, my name is Mary Jo,

     In 1993 I was arrested for possession of an illegal drug.  It was Methamphetamine so I was ordered by the judge to go to a 30 day drug program. At that time in my life I had no idea that anyone could actually live a clean and sober lifestyle without being held at gunpoint. I was about to take a wonderful journey without the use of drugs and alcohol. I call it LIVING.
Something I had given up so many years ago.

Girls just wan to have fun.  When the party is over
call Wits Inn Recovery Orange County Sober living
     Recovery centers to me at that point in my life were simply places where addicts and alcoholics went until they could figure out there next move.

     I checked out a few local rehabs, well actually I looked through a phone book and looked to find one that was close to my "area" and finally decided to visit and pretend to be serious.  So I put on the shirt that had only been worn for a couple of days instead of wearing the one I had been wearing all week. I had to look as though I had my stuff together. I finally found the address and after looking around decided that the people here had to be using good stuff because they seemed so pleased with their surroundings and it didn't seem to bother them to be doing chores. One of them approached me and asked if I was just checking in. I said I was looking around for a friend of mine that had a problem.

     A staff member showed me one of the rooms, 2 beds and a "key". I smiled thinking great I could definitely continue to use while watching cable in my room. I wondered about room service but didn't ask. 30 days here, no problem, so I called my father for the funding, filled out some paperwork and said that I would be back in the evening. Well 2 weeks before I was to show up in court to show prove that I had completed the program and after jumping bail at one point on another case, a bounty hunter showed up at my friends door and apprehended me before I could say " Mary Jo, no she doesn't live here."
NA means never alone 
      About an hour later, still claiming I was not Mary Jo, I entered the Orange County sober living recovery center office, angry and looking much like a Rag Doll that had been shredded by a very large dog and then left by the side of the road. I thought I looked just fine. I walked in in the middle a group and rudely asked if they still had my room.
     I was asked to please sit down. I walked out in search of a soda machine. I was taken into a room where 2 of the staff members asked if they could search through the few items in my bag. They found no drugs but placed my hair dryer on a shelf to be inspected later. They searched and found no contraband within my stuff.
     I was asked to remove my boots and when all the pills hit the floor I simply said, "no wonder they don't fit right, those are not my boots". The thought of going more then one day without speed frightened me so I had hidden it in the shoulder pads of my shirt. I was given a room number and a "key" to unlock the door of my own room. This was going to be so easy! I just wasn't sure how I was going to appear before the judge in 2 weeks without having done 30 days. I figured I could just change the report and that would be the end of it.

"These are not my boots"
I lied even when the truth was so obviousAddiction took away my ability to have integrity  
     Within an hour my best friends brother, who was a resident there, said MJ glad your here and then asked me if I had brought any with me.  He continued to ask for the next 30 minutes so I had to share to keep him quiet.  At 3:00 AM, I pleaded with him to please stop scrubbing the kitchen in fear that staff would wake up and bust us for using.
     The one thing that I wasn't prepared for when it happened was that when asked who was responsible for this major disaster, his finger was pointing at me.
     They didn't even hesitate. Within 30 minutes I was being asked to leave. I told them " that's ok, you can keep my money, just sign the necessary papers that I need to take to the Judge." I repeated, "really, you can keep the money". With a forced smile, the director that had been woken up to deal the situation and not happy about any of this, said," you just don't get it do you. That's not the way things work around here."
     He was right, it didn't make any sense to me. I repeated, " you can keep the money, just sign my paperwork and I will leave". Upon my exit, staff making sure that I found the right door leading to the sidewalk, I heard the the big guy say, "You can keep the toothbrush!" The cold air hit me and so did a powerful and overwhelming feeling of pure FEAR.  I sat on the curb trying to figure out what I had just done. I could hear the judges last words to me that day in court. " and young lady if you do not complete this program, I will through away the key!" In a flash I was pounding on the now locked silver door as though my life depended on someone opening it.

Open the door, I want to be a success story
     Finally the man working at the front desk, unlocked the door. I ran passed him as he was shouting something that sounded like "stop", and ran toward my room. In the staff office, my heart pounding and tears flowing, I dropped to my knees and begged. I was pleading for my life. "I get it." I understand now.
     They didn't just want my money, they wanted to help me and as I looked up I could feel the kindness. I felt the warmth. Something I hadn't felt for years. I gave them the drugs that I still had with a pain in my heart and as a result, I was welcomed with open arms.  As of that moment when I handed over the drugs; I had to face the fact that I had just given them my security. I gave up the last hat I had.
One day at a time, we do recover

     They gave me a new set of rules, "restriction", but I didn't care.  For the first time I finally understood that this was going to be a journey, one that I needed to take. That was the hardest thing that I had ever done.
    The fact that they were willing to give me a second chance after what I had done to my friend, and the consequences he would now have to deal with overwhelmed me.  They were willing to walk me through the process with genuine care.  Me, the brat child from Hell. That was the moment I began to turn my life around.  The most important thing in my life was now to wake up every day and know that I had made it through one more day, an hour at time, a minute at a time even when I didn't want to.
     It only took me 7 years to get 7 years clean and sober. For a long time it was 1 minute at a time. Long minutes. I'm not sure when it happened but I came to a place within myself where I was able to stop forcing the urge to use out of my head. Using was no longer an option. That is the most powerful feeling in the world. And I never felt alone as long as I stayed involved. "The power of many".

This little girl was loved by her family,
she had plans and dreams for herself
addiction paused her success story
Sober living does work
one day at a time
Wits Inn Recovery
Orange County Sober Living
Intensive out patient recovery programs

Bath Salts intervention San Diego County

Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI, RAS
Certified Interventionist
Licensed and Insured

Bath Salts user's intervention

Loyal wife calls Wits End Intervention for help with her husband who is becoming psychotic due to his use of Bath Salts. She says, "my husband has to go to treatment and he has to go now." I asked if he wanted help. She reports that he had just disclosed his long term plan, in intricate detail, saying to his wife "I don''t know what you are going to do'' but I am going to use small controlled amounts of bath salts upon awakening and through out the day while I am at work teaching, then increase my dosage to what ever I need to be inspired in the evenings after work." A part of his plan included continued daily use of Blue Berry, a synthetic marijuana. He said he can happily live his creative life this way from now on and she needed to decide what her life plan is knowing this fact about him. This husband was very invested in the issue of Bath Salts & Blue Blue berry being legally obtained from the local smoke shop in Los Angeles. His professional career required that he broke no laws.
I am Loriann Witte, I''ve been doing interventions for a couple of decades. I love the work. What an honor to be in the position to receive this dear girls call & actually have the power to do something to make a difference.
We made all of the financial arrangements picked out the rehab we planed to use, got them running the insurance, then swung into action. I sent her some recorded information I have on a "go to meeting" formate that she and her intervention party could listen to getting prepared for our pre-intervention meeting.
Family Intervention is a powerful theraputic event
facilitated by a trained professional
Increase your chances of a successful rehab admission by 95%

You can hear this recording of the call by dialing into the conferencing service anytime 24/7. There is no charge to participate.
Dial Phone Number: (712) 432-1085 
When prompted enter Access PIN Code: 832057 # press the pound sign 
Intervention is a rescue
No matter how much your loved one says
they don't need or want help.
Addiction is painful and all users
dream of being able to stop using or drinking
We talked about who would help us in this event. She then disclosed that she had moved out of her home because it was getting too dangerous for her to stay there with her husband. He was talking suicide, staying up all night, going on & on about a top secret government conspiracy that he had accidentally became involved with from receiving personal messages over his computer. He was intent on telling her and everybody who would listen that he was beta testing Apple''s new cloud. He claimed with intensity and increasing fear that as he became more involved with the beta testing instructions and use, his computer morphed into it''s own privet internet connection that began to show him the twist & turns of this dastardly intricate plot between Obama, Google, Apple, & Wikipedia. This had become a dangerous terrifying reality for him.
The use of street drugs or the excessive use of alcohol is harmful to the physical and mental health of all people; however, the risks associated with drug use are even greater for individuals who have had prior experienced with psychosis.

Bath Salts like amphetamines & marijuana is known to be a Psychosis-inducing drug. Psychosis can be induced by drugs or can be "drug assisted". Some stimulating drugs can cause psychosis, while other drugs, including marijuana, can trigger the onset of psychosis in someone who is already at increased risk because they have "vulnerability". It turns out that our high functioning, mensa level, educated husband in this case has had a background of drug abuse issues starting at age 14 using psychedelics and more with his father while he was growing up.
Psychosis producing drugs sold in tobacco stores
It is also believed that some drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine and now Bath Salts can cause a condition known as a drug-induced psychosis. This psychosis can hang on even after the drug use has stopped. It is often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, memory loss and confusion. This usually results from prolonged and heavy street-drug or prescription drug use. Drug induced psychosis usually responds well to treatment.
Loriann''s own personal story is the journey from living as an inner city junky who got into a the 12 step treatment program. Utilized the public help systems to become educated, and now continues to carry the message of hope in recovery. Loriann has worked with tens of thousands of addicts all over the world as an interventionist. This story can be found on the WI Recovery web site.

The moral of this intervention is...
When we live an ego centered life, the theme song is, "I can do what ever I like"
"The end justifies the means", "I am more creative when I''m high", "If it feels good do it", "I have this under control and need no help".
This line of thinking often brings a disconnected feeling. Once we have told everybody to " just leave me alone"'' and we begin to separate from our emotional support group. Gaining distance from even the key players in your life, like wife, best friends, and family. When ones closest peer to peer confidants start to treat these strange intoxicated people like a child or a person in question of sanity, the depression comes.
Depression, feeling that everyone is against you, & the experience of loss of more and more respect from your relationships mixed with psychosis-inducing drugs creates paranoia. Being high, awake alone in hours different from your former peer group. Brain chemistry a mess. physical health declining. experiencing a social death while in paranoid depression is a dark place. One starts ''free ranging it'' No longer bound by what we know about sanity. Cut off from the sun light of the spirit. Thank God for people who still love the addict on a soul to soul level enough to call for intervention.
The spark of life that run though us all is our spiritual connection. This soulful connection is much bigger & stronger than any behaviors or events. We each stan dat choice every moment. We are at the point of all power to create what happens next with our beliefs and actions. In the here & now, what I know is true is that ADDICTS DO RECOVER. I write this as an addict with 24 years clean and sober. I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am in contact with hundreds of thousands of clean addicts living in recovery around the globe.
As long as there is life there is a change for a good day. A new day that steps into faith and out of fear. If you have a sick and suffering loved one, take good care of yourself first. You never have to give up faith in them or on yourself. There is hope and there is help.
Loriann Witte
Wits End Intervention

What happens when Daddy is on drugs
call now, let's talk about it
Loriann Witte CAC 949-292-2000

Sober Living Orange County Broken family relations Dana Point CA

Sober Living Orange County
Broken Family Relations
Wits Inn Sober Living Orange County
Wits Inn Intensive Outpatient
Wits End Interventions
Treatment Referral 949-292-2000

 Broken family relations are an presenting problem for many sober living and addiction treatment people. Sometimes we have to love people from a far.  This happens in my life and in the lives of people I work with.  
When we have resentments it means we continue to rethink about a real or perceived indignity over & over. 
This situation happens quite often in the families of addiction and mental illness. 
Even if they were 90% responsible for what happened
to you that made you become unhappy and confused
     When the behavior of a person who's actions are so far out of the scope of what a family has subscribed to as right and wrong or socially acceptable, ex-communications and resentments take shape.  Then the addict or the 'different person' in the family system takes offense to the perceived unkind over reaction as an abandonment or insult.  All of this disapproval and judgement creates excited traumatic brain chemistry, which tend to fuel it's self into deeper states of anger and fear.  This separates family members. 
     You can only control your own thoughts about the issue.  Often changing our own thoughts has a positive impact on the situation.  You cannot directly change an other persons thoughts so we often have to feel our love from a far.  The positive thinking has still made a change for the better in your own mind.  Healing of the family may come later, or never, or instantly within the twinkling of an eye.  Resentment is only a thought and a thought can be changed.  
     Our task is to keep our own side of the street clean.  Live in our own space.  Strive for happiness or peace of mind as a result of minding our own business.  There is a hula hoop around me that is the space that is mine to tend. 

     In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous it says that when we have a resentment we are to pray for that person.  The suggestion is to pray daily for two weeks a prayer for the person for whom we are painfully rethinking about.  Pray for that person to get everything that we want for ourselves.  Such as self forgiveness, pray for them to understand and to be understood. 
      No matter what you believe about prayer, this time of positive affirmation or meditation changes the brain chemistry associated with thoughts about the previously traumatizing issue.  As you set time aside daily to replace negative rethinking with thoughts of the bights of human possibilities the brain chemistry produced in accordance to thoughts of this issue or person begins to change for the better. 
     This is the basis of neuroplasticity the capacity of neurons and neural networks in the brain to change their connections and behavioral motivation in response to new information,or sensory stimulation. 
949-292-2000 Wits Inn Orange County Sober Living

There is plenty of buzz about neuroplasticty right now and that is wonderful that the powerful realities of "Change you thinking to Change your life" is being put in explainable scientific language and becoming so mainstream. 
     Alcoholics Anonymous, positive thinking religions, and some children's teachings have been using these principles for many years without having the scientific language to explain their understanding of these principles.   
     To me it just goes to show that 'truth is truth' and the 'answers are within' rituals.  To feel that you know what is right isn't enough.  Race consciousness (the stimuli of everybody in the world's thoughts, writing, and historic actions) powerfully effects our ideas.  Once we discover a "sounds true" we must repeat the action of knowing this truth and live our way into the healing.
     When repeat thoughts of negativity the results still grow in building negative 'upsetting' brain chemistry around thoughts of the issue.  So if you are into thinking about a belief that "They done me wrong and all is hopeless" Then this will be your growing feeling and there by your growing reality. 
     I have chosen to live and let live much to my own good pleasure and health.  I accept and embrace ever bit of what has ever happened in my life, and all of the players in the show that has been my experience.  I declare peace on everybody and everything. 
     The serenity prayer:
God Grant me the serenity 
To accept the Things I can not change      = you

To change the things I can                       = me, my thoughts and my actions

And the Wisdom to know the difference    = the power of the group, prayer, ritual  
Call Loriann Witte CAC, NCADI, RAS
Wits Inn
San Juan Capistrano
or text 949-413-4109


Southern California Recovery Summit 2011 - Loyola Marymount University

God is all things everywhere, feel every thought that has ever be thought by just you ancestors then know all sentient beings are you ancestors the lion the house cat, the lizard who took flight and became the bird was all along the path that became you and your thoughts of Divine love and personal freedom to recover
        God is, I am, you are, we are one. Feel the absolute charm and quick witted intelligence of in the treatment workers who want to help you in your recovery. In oneness with the love of your family, the judges, the secretaries that open the doors for our message of peace and grace is heard in the here and now. Peace.  Human potential resonate for our clients and the good and very good work that is yours and ours to do to carry the message of recovery to addicts and their families.  The message is addicts do recover.
         There is a power of good in the universe.  This exquisite power can be used by me and by every other person to create health, abundance and love.  As freedom, love, strength, creativity, and the force of forgiveness are all traits of God, I know these are traits of mankind as well. Having been created in the Devin image and likeness of God and we too are  all of these things. 
         I demand the release of people from the bonds of addiction.  I vision what I know is the truth as it is.  People come to Wits Inn reciprocating the reflection of love, and the life changing power of forgiveness.  Love and forgiveness is an action in recovery.  
In great gratitude and thanksgiving I release these words to be written in the book of truth.
And so it is…  Amen

Wits Inn Orange County Sober Living
Wits Inn Out Patient drug and alcohol recovery
Wits End Interventions
Treatment Referral

Sober Living Orange County Wits Inn
Addiction is often a medical situation
After detox it is still a psychological
issue of obsession and craving
A thought can be changed

 Beating addiction is about a willingness to change
That change can start in Sober Living Orange County Wits Inn

Aurelius said “there is nothing closer to nature's’ heart than change. So why resist it?” Change is inevitable. You cannot eat a good meal, made up of formerly living things, without initiating the process of transformation. The carrot, those greens, the salmon filet, have been transformed into food, but once eaten are changed into fuel to build tissue and hair and fingernails. In some way all change must have a benefit to us, if for nothing more than to offer an opportunity to open our mind to new perceptions.
    It is all too easy to get overly attached to what we have in our personal world.  Then what we do not have does not exist for us.  We are unaware of the possibilities available to a mind that is not afraid of the transformation process.  There is a tried and true outlook that is a good place to start if we want to remain in a state of cheerful expectation. It is“this or something better.” Our part is to enjoy what is in our life now.  Be it people, places, things or beliefs, and at the same time to allow them the right to evolve, grow, leave or dissolve.  It is knowing that what is moving out is leaving a space for what can come in that keeps us non resistance and receptive.
    We are as much a part of the natural cycles of Nature as the trees and the Stars.  Nothing stays the same.  To do so would be to stop the Life Force from creating by means of its creation. Aurelius: “Can any vital process take place without something being changed? It is just the same with you and just as vital to Nature.”
Peace is ours now,
Recovery is the path to change

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In the beginning it is nothing other than the loving kindness with which the woman cares for her child that makes the difference. Her concern concentrates on one thing just like the practice of concentration. She thinks of nothing but her child, she has the obsession. That must be why, although she created no other causes to bring about  

Intervention needed beloved husband is opiate addicted

Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI,  RAS
attending Life Style Intervention Conference 2012
Continuing Education Units
Learning what is the newest info on intervention & recovery
Notes between James Warder an intake councilor
for Wits End Interventions 949-292-2000
and the wife of an Opiate addict 
as we prepare for her husband's intervention.

     Thanks for getting back to me with an update on the events of yesterday. I'm so sorry you're going through such a difficult time right now and want you to know that I am here to support you if you need a shoulder to lean on. The spouse's efforts to get their addicted husband or wife professional help can be very lonely and isolated, mostly because of the secrets the addict insists we continue to keep. The way out of this predicament begins with shining the light of honesty and openness on the entire situation.

     Be sure to call Loriann later today when you have at least 30 minutes of privacy when you won't be overheard by your husband and listen carefully to what she has to say. She's not only a professional interventionist and licensed CD counselor, she' also the wife of an addict and as such has already walked a mile in your shoes. Her guidance and insights can be an invaluable resource to you right now.

     I urge you to keep an open mind about inpatient care.  Your instincts tell you to reason with him and help him see why his fear of inpatient treatment are unfounded. Remember the analogy concerning chemically induced insanity. The opiates operate on that part of the brain responsible for judgment, reason and common sense. It's almost like asking a four year old to make a sane responsible decision about their health care. Functionally he isn't much better off than a 4 year old when it comes to making
decisions about his drug use.

The euphoria of drug use is all
about altering brain chemistry
It does not just snap back to sanity
as the intoxication wears off
     We say, The addict's best thinking landed him in his current predicament so we shouldn't depend on him to make the best choice about treatment either. The bottom line is this . . . There's no such thing as over-reacting to an opiate addiction problem.  However; most times addicts under react and the result is multiple relapses and multiple trips to the ER, maybe to jail, and in the best of case back to rehabs. 

     I'd really like for your husband to get it right this time and make this the one and only time he needs to check-in at the inpatient level of care. To accomplish that he's going to have to take a leave of absence from work and enroll in a residential live-in program for at least 30 days.  Truthfully the longer they stay in a structure the better they do. 

     Since addicts almost never choose to do the right thing regarding chemical dependence treatment, the family intervention came about as a means to gain the addicts cooperation. But it's really not about forcing him to do something he doesn't want to do. It's more about presenting choices in such a way that we gain his cooperation. I call it "letting him have our way."

     I'll check in with you again after you speak with Loriann. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail or at the phone numbers below.

James Warder


       Thank you so much for your email.  Since we last spoke, I found a stash of his that he had in my kids' reach, and I had to deal with the situation immediately. I had him pack up his stuff, and leave the house. I told him that I would get him some information today about a place to go, but until then, I didn't want him to be around our small children. Some months ago, my young son, somehow found one of his pills that he dropped, and had to be rushed to the E.R., so I am very adamant about that not happening again.

     I am going to try to contact Loriann again later today, and our plans set. We have to book flights and get all of insurance and co-pay info for the treatment center.  I am at my Wits End in our marriage, and am consulting an attorney as well. I will not do anything in the near future, because I really want him to get the help he needs so that he can be a good father to our children. I love him, but am tired of the cycle of crazy that I've been in for so long.

     Thanks again so much for your emails and phone calls. I look forward to talking to Loriann later today. I have doctors' appointments for my children, so it will be later before I can be available to talk. I also listened to the message that you gave me, and it was very helpful. I will be in touch.



Dear Cynthia,

I spoke with Loriann Witte earlier this evening to find out if the two of you had made contact. She told me she hasn't heard back from you yet in response to the message she left earlier today. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I imagine the addict is masterfully manipulating the situation yet again. I remember well when I was in his shoes back in 2006. From my viewpoint back then, nothing was more unacceptable than someone or something interfering with my opiate supply and/or my opiate addiction.

I would beg, borrow, steal, plead, threaten, cajole . . . whatever it took to preserve the integrity of my supply and to avoid taking any definitive or meaningful action to address the fundamental underlying problem -- opiate addiction. I'm a dope fiend and your husband is a dope fiend. The difference is I'm in recovery now and he is not. I predict that his life (and your life by extension) will continue to be rather crazy and careen out of control unless and until you become willingly to go through with family intervention.  Intervention is probably the most likely on of the few ways he will agree to take a new direction with his life.  He so needs a chance to put himself back on the path of a normal life free of the destructive and devastating effects of addiction.

Detoxification with Suboxone, even Suboxone maintenance isn't enough.  These detox medications become just another drug of abuse without talk therapy, counseling, education, plus spending time in a structured environment.  As we say in the field: "detox isn't treatment, it's preparation for treatment." Addicts needs to face their demons and get at the root cause of his anxiety, fear, low self-esteem and low self-confidence that he's trying to mask with these powerful mind-altering chemicals. Opiates are no longer working for him anymore and there's no way on earth for him to go backward and use them in a responsible manner like he did at the beginning of this journey.

The only solution that works once he's crossed the line in the sand that is ADDICTION is to adopt a program of total abstinence from drugs and alcohol and to work a "program" where he figures out who he is and why he's here. We call it the "spiritual awakening" and it has nothing to do with religion, the Bible or even God. It's a personal realization of who we are, why we're here, and what we want to do with our lives. And it's scary as hell at first. But walking through that fear is well worth it. Believe me, it's far better than continuing the insanity as you and he know it today.

The pattern thus far is pretty typical. He isn't in enough emotional and physical pain from addiction yet. The operative word is "yet." The sad part is that his poor choices effect good people like you and your innocent children, who aren't blocking out the truth of 'how bad it really is' by medicating your pain with a powerful physical and emotional pain reliever like hydrocodone like he does. The point will come when the pain and anguish reach the breaking point for you and at that point change is may be possible. Our agency has been in operation for over 20 years and I'm sure we'll be here when and if he decides to get humble and to take direction from others who've already walked a mile in his shoes; those of us who are willing to show him how we did what we did. It isn't rocket science but does take some commitment, patience and practice on the part of the addict and their loved ones. If and when you get fed up with his shenanigans, you can hasten his arrival at the door to recovery through family intervention. We'll be here to help you with that too if you want us to.

When he's ready to get healthy and address the underlying problem, be sure to give us a call so we can get him connected with a good treatment program. As I mentioned in my voice mail to you, Loriann is not only a professional interventionist but also operates a small private clinic for opiate addicts in California  Her program director is a lady named Phyllis J Crowe MFT. Phyllis is active military and holds the rank of Captain in the Army reserves where she works as a psychologist. Both Loriann and Phyllis are happy to guide addicts and families to the help that they need. I'll be happy to put you in touch with either of them when you're ready. Until then, I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
There is a better life......Addicts do recovery

Heroin Users Do Recover

Heroin users ‘junkies’ are at the far end of the spectrum in drug addiction.  This can be compared to all opiate dependencies, such as Oxycontin, Roxy, lortab, vicodan, hydrocodon, Norco, morphine, methadone, ect. 
Suboxone a miracle drug taken in a structured supervised detox center
Just another drug of abuse taken at home in the hands of the addict
or even in the hand of a well meaning family member or loved one.
Home based out patient detox is another plan that is soon a broken dream.
Sometimes heroin users are seen as worse off than prescription addicts only because there is no prescription available for heroin; there by it cannot be obtained legally or paid for by insurance.  Some level of crime is most often involved in heroin use.  The most popular crime at least in the beginning of the cycle is stealing or extorting funds from ones family, place of employment, landlords; those close at hand.  As tolerance increases and motivation decrease these crimes spread out in ever widening circles.  Robbing the immediate family extends out to the neighbors, once fired from work, the user needs to start working their x co-workers & any remaining friends or loved ones.  

As the tolerance levels continue to increase, the urgent need for increased financial resources stretches beyond any values the victim of addiction once held as true.  Craving seriously takes over all other needs, as 1 by 1 more & more behavioral limits are tramped down and re-set in shifting sands.  The ends are all ways the same jails, institutions, death or recovery.

The disease of addiction becomes a formidable entity all in its self.  Society holds the addict responsible for their sociopath like behavior, that’s why the prisons are full of mentally ill addicts.  Somewhere in our heart of hearts we hear a stirring saying the “all addicts are bad” thing just may not be true.  Addiction means using against your own will.  

We do recover.  I am a heroin addict with 24 years clean & sober.  I am a productive member of society.  Of all of the roads I traveled in my 16 years of addiction now of those paths lead in the direction of the life I live now.  

We are beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.  That is what the NA basic text says.  The 12-step program is where we need to end up. Not the only way to recover but a very good way. 

Wits End Interventions and treatment referrals
specializing in helping opiate addicts
because I am a recovering heron addict
I know there is a better life for you and me
For myself and so many others the journey starts with professional help. Intervention, medical detox, and treatment. 

We are here to help. You can call 949-292-2000 - 24/7 - 366.
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Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI, RAS
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Heroin takes away everything
that means anything to you
before it kills you.
There is hope and there is help 949-292-2000

Prescription drugs turn the sick into addicts Orange County

Prescription drug use
alters brain chemistry in the same way
as street drugs changes the way a person
processes thoughts and feeling
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Intensive Out Patient

  Heroin users ‘junkies’ are at the far end of the spectrum in drug addiction. This can be compared to all opiate dependencies, such as Oxycontin, Roxy, lortab, vicodan, hydrocodon, Norco, morphine, methadone, ect.

     Prescription drug use can turn the sick into drug addicts. We hear it on the hot lines from people right here in Orange County and from people all over the country.

Go to the Doctor, Hospital, pain management clinic
and come away with a prescription
for drugs of addiction & abuse.
Can you know when to stop taking the pills
or do you take them for years until you
need a medicine assisted detox
and psychological care to get out & stay our
of the habitual use patterns.

     Sometimes heroin users are seen as worse off than prescription addicts only because there is no prescription available for heroin; there by it cannot be obtained legally or paid for by insurance. Some level of crime is most often involved in heroin use. The most popular crime at least in the beginning of the cycle is stealing or extorting funds from ones family, place of employment, landlords; those close at hand. As tolerance increases and motivation decrease these crimes spread out in ever widening circles. Robbing the immediate family extends out to the neighbors, once fired from work, the user needs to start working their x co-workers & any remaining friends or loved ones. As the tolerance levels continue to increase, the urgent need for increased financial resources stretches beyond any values the victim of addiction once held as true. Craving seriously takes over all other needs, as 1 by 1 more & more behavioral limits are tramped down and re-set in shifting sands. The ends are all ways the same jails, institutions, death or recovery.
     The disease of addiction becomes a formidable entity all in its self. Society holds the addict responsible for their sociopath like behavior, that’s why the prisons are full of mentally ill addicts. Somewhere in our heart of hearts we hear a stirring saying the “all addicts are bad” thing just may not be true. Addiction means using against your own will.
     We do recover. I am a heroin addict with 24 years clean & sober. I am a productive member of society. Of all of the roads I traveled in my 16 years of addiction now of those paths lead in the direction of the life I live now.
     We are beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. That is what the NA basic text says. The 12-step program is where we need to end up. Not the only way to recover but a very good way.
     For myself and so many others the journey starts with professional help. Intervention, medical detox, and treatment. We are here to help. You can call 949-292-2000 - 24/7 - 366.
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