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Bath Salts user's intervention

Loyal wife calls Wits End Intervention for help with her husband who is becoming psychotic due to his use of Bath Salts. She says, "my husband has to go to treatment and he has to go now." I asked if he wanted help. She reports that he had just disclosed his long term plan, in intricate detail, saying to his wife "I don''t know what you are going to do'' but I am going to use small controlled amounts of bath salts upon awakening and through out the day while I am at work teaching, then increase my dosage to what ever I need to be inspired in the evenings after work." A part of his plan included continued daily use of Blue Berry, a synthetic marijuana. He said he can happily live his creative life this way from now on and she needed to decide what her life plan is knowing this fact about him. This husband was very invested in the issue of Bath Salts & Blue Blue berry being legally obtained from the local smoke shop in Los Angeles. His professional career required that he broke no laws.
I am Loriann Witte, I''ve been doing interventions for a couple of decades. I love the work. What an honor to be in the position to receive this dear girls call & actually have the power to do something to make a difference.
We made all of the financial arrangements picked out the rehab we planed to use, got them running the insurance, then swung into action. I sent her some recorded information I have on a "go to meeting" formate that she and her intervention party could listen to getting prepared for our pre-intervention meeting.
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Intervention is a rescue
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Addiction is painful and all users
dream of being able to stop using or drinking
We talked about who would help us in this event. She then disclosed that she had moved out of her home because it was getting too dangerous for her to stay there with her husband. He was talking suicide, staying up all night, going on & on about a top secret government conspiracy that he had accidentally became involved with from receiving personal messages over his computer. He was intent on telling her and everybody who would listen that he was beta testing Apple''s new cloud. He claimed with intensity and increasing fear that as he became more involved with the beta testing instructions and use, his computer morphed into it''s own privet internet connection that began to show him the twist & turns of this dastardly intricate plot between Obama, Google, Apple, & Wikipedia. This had become a dangerous terrifying reality for him.
The use of street drugs or the excessive use of alcohol is harmful to the physical and mental health of all people; however, the risks associated with drug use are even greater for individuals who have had prior experienced with psychosis.

Bath Salts like amphetamines & marijuana is known to be a Psychosis-inducing drug. Psychosis can be induced by drugs or can be "drug assisted". Some stimulating drugs can cause psychosis, while other drugs, including marijuana, can trigger the onset of psychosis in someone who is already at increased risk because they have "vulnerability". It turns out that our high functioning, mensa level, educated husband in this case has had a background of drug abuse issues starting at age 14 using psychedelics and more with his father while he was growing up.
Psychosis producing drugs sold in tobacco stores
It is also believed that some drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine and now Bath Salts can cause a condition known as a drug-induced psychosis. This psychosis can hang on even after the drug use has stopped. It is often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, memory loss and confusion. This usually results from prolonged and heavy street-drug or prescription drug use. Drug induced psychosis usually responds well to treatment.
Loriann''s own personal story is the journey from living as an inner city junky who got into a the 12 step treatment program. Utilized the public help systems to become educated, and now continues to carry the message of hope in recovery. Loriann has worked with tens of thousands of addicts all over the world as an interventionist. This story can be found on the WI Recovery web site.

The moral of this intervention is...
When we live an ego centered life, the theme song is, "I can do what ever I like"
"The end justifies the means", "I am more creative when I''m high", "If it feels good do it", "I have this under control and need no help".
This line of thinking often brings a disconnected feeling. Once we have told everybody to " just leave me alone"'' and we begin to separate from our emotional support group. Gaining distance from even the key players in your life, like wife, best friends, and family. When ones closest peer to peer confidants start to treat these strange intoxicated people like a child or a person in question of sanity, the depression comes.
Depression, feeling that everyone is against you, & the experience of loss of more and more respect from your relationships mixed with psychosis-inducing drugs creates paranoia. Being high, awake alone in hours different from your former peer group. Brain chemistry a mess. physical health declining. experiencing a social death while in paranoid depression is a dark place. One starts ''free ranging it'' No longer bound by what we know about sanity. Cut off from the sun light of the spirit. Thank God for people who still love the addict on a soul to soul level enough to call for intervention.
The spark of life that run though us all is our spiritual connection. This soulful connection is much bigger & stronger than any behaviors or events. We each stan dat choice every moment. We are at the point of all power to create what happens next with our beliefs and actions. In the here & now, what I know is true is that ADDICTS DO RECOVER. I write this as an addict with 24 years clean and sober. I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am in contact with hundreds of thousands of clean addicts living in recovery around the globe.
As long as there is life there is a change for a good day. A new day that steps into faith and out of fear. If you have a sick and suffering loved one, take good care of yourself first. You never have to give up faith in them or on yourself. There is hope and there is help.
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