Hurricane Sandy victims suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism

Hurricane Sandy victims
suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism  
If you need to get drug or alcohol recovery help wants to pay your flight to the west coast
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     Before hurricane Katrina hit so many of its victims were already suffering from: drug addiction.
What do we have going on now with the addicts and alcoholic of New York and New Jersey.
How will these suffering American's fare as addicted victims hit by super storm Sandy?

     Now, thousands of addicts are thought to be among the hundreds of thousands of displaced people hit by the storm, seeking drug fixes, detox medication or are actively looting, risking infection complicating their all ready depleted body systems.   

Hurricane Sandy victims suffering
with drug addiction or alcoholism
If you hear form your addicted loved ones 
look as this ugly storm situation
as a veiled gift that
interrupts the status quo of their addiction habits
     The diaspora has created challenges.  There is concern about the long-term worsening of local drug problems.  Addiction will continue to overload emergency medical systems as it does on a daily basis, will become even more of a strain in this state of emergency.  The police, ER's, and ambulances serves the addicted community more than any other part of the population even in the best of times.

     Some addicts will seek prescriptions for the painkiller OxyContin and other narcotics. Others are in need of methadone to keep withdrawal and drug cravings at bay. Still others are given away by the body tremors, sweating, diarrhea or vomiting that withdrawal can bring.  These are the hard core opiate addicts.  Even other wise functional alcoholic's & house wives on xanex or pain pills will risk going out driving on roads when they have been ordered to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles only.  Those looking at the terror of pending or active withdrawal symptoms are likely to make ill planned decisions. 

Hurricane Sandy victims
suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism 
know that the recovering community all over the world is praying for you. We understand your pain.
Make this an opportunity to get out and get clean and sober.
Addicts do recovery.

     I am here watching the storm on TV wanting to be able to help in some way.  Addiction and recovery is my personal path and my work.  
     We received so many phone calls after Katrina most of them we couldn't help because they were in need of free public services and emergency housing.  We are just a specialized    referral services only working in private centers that take private health insurance or cash for detox, sober living, and treatment. 
     I want to help and rather than give money to the red cross, maybe I can do something more direct to help a few addicts and their families.  
     If & when you can contact us.  We will try to give you a great discount if it is within my power to do so.  I hope this helps. 
     Know that Alcoholic's Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous will rock on as soon as they can.  Get in contact with them as a possible for moral support like you will find no where else. 
     Maybe I am being silly and by the time you can see online messages things will be normalizing.  But call us anyway, maybe we can give you some direction. 
     We tell indigent callers to try the Salvation Army in the big city near you.  
or look up the central office numbers of the 12-step programs.
Alcoholic's Anonymous  or 
Narcotics Anonymous
Wits Inn Treatment Referral 
We Care, Change your thinking 
to change your life
Loriann Witte, CAC, NCADI, RAS

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