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Addiction is often a medical situation
After detox it is still a psychological
issue of obsession and craving
A thought can be changed

 Beating addiction is about a willingness to change
That change can start in Sober Living Orange County Wits Inn

Aurelius said “there is nothing closer to nature's’ heart than change. So why resist it?” Change is inevitable. You cannot eat a good meal, made up of formerly living things, without initiating the process of transformation. The carrot, those greens, the salmon filet, have been transformed into food, but once eaten are changed into fuel to build tissue and hair and fingernails. In some way all change must have a benefit to us, if for nothing more than to offer an opportunity to open our mind to new perceptions.
    It is all too easy to get overly attached to what we have in our personal world.  Then what we do not have does not exist for us.  We are unaware of the possibilities available to a mind that is not afraid of the transformation process.  There is a tried and true outlook that is a good place to start if we want to remain in a state of cheerful expectation. It is“this or something better.” Our part is to enjoy what is in our life now.  Be it people, places, things or beliefs, and at the same time to allow them the right to evolve, grow, leave or dissolve.  It is knowing that what is moving out is leaving a space for what can come in that keeps us non resistance and receptive.
    We are as much a part of the natural cycles of Nature as the trees and the Stars.  Nothing stays the same.  To do so would be to stop the Life Force from creating by means of its creation. Aurelius: “Can any vital process take place without something being changed? It is just the same with you and just as vital to Nature.”
Peace is ours now,
Recovery is the path to change

Sober Living Orange County Wits Inn

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In the beginning it is nothing other than the loving kindness with which the woman cares for her child that makes the difference. Her concern concentrates on one thing just like the practice of concentration. She thinks of nothing but her child, she has the obsession. That must be why, although she created no other causes to bring about  

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