Southern California Recovery Summit 2011 - Loyola Marymount University

God is all things everywhere, feel every thought that has ever be thought by just you ancestors then know all sentient beings are you ancestors the lion the house cat, the lizard who took flight and became the bird was all along the path that became you and your thoughts of Divine love and personal freedom to recover
        God is, I am, you are, we are one. Feel the absolute charm and quick witted intelligence of in the treatment workers who want to help you in your recovery. In oneness with the love of your family, the judges, the secretaries that open the doors for our message of peace and grace is heard in the here and now. Peace.  Human potential resonate for our clients and the good and very good work that is yours and ours to do to carry the message of recovery to addicts and their families.  The message is addicts do recover.
         There is a power of good in the universe.  This exquisite power can be used by me and by every other person to create health, abundance and love.  As freedom, love, strength, creativity, and the force of forgiveness are all traits of God, I know these are traits of mankind as well. Having been created in the Devin image and likeness of God and we too are  all of these things. 
         I demand the release of people from the bonds of addiction.  I vision what I know is the truth as it is.  People come to Wits Inn reciprocating the reflection of love, and the life changing power of forgiveness.  Love and forgiveness is an action in recovery.  
In great gratitude and thanksgiving I release these words to be written in the book of truth.
And so it is…  Amen

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