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Loriann Witte at age 61
success story of Fit RX
     Fit RX is resort style treatment to heal obesity issues with diet and exercise.  Holistic approach to weight loss.  Doctor Mark Calarco is the medical director.  His work centers around anti-aging and longevity.
     This is my second trip to Fit RX.  Last year I came here for weight management.  I lost 25 pounds and changed my life style completely.  Looking and feeling great.  I keep the weight off for a year by changing my eating, lots of dog walking and doing yoga daily.
     This year I suffered a freak heat stroke and came back to Fit RX to recover.  I believe that losing the 25 pounds enabled me to survive the stroke.  I love this place.
     There are men and women here of various body types.  Some have many pounds they want to loss and some just need to get their stomach back in shape.  I have met an other gentleman here who had gotten a negative health report, so he came her to get his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers back in order.
     Pre-diabetic is a common diagnosis that people who carry extra weight hear.  That's a good time to choose to come to Fit RX for help them with.  
     This place is so special.  It is real healing treatment with therapy, a psychiatrist and a longevity medical doctor.
     We learn which muscles are effected by various exercises, how to maximize you work out time by cross training ( it's important to keep
changing up your routine ).  We learn cooking, shopping, recipes, and menu tricks that set you up to stay successfully in line with your intention to live lean and strong.
     I am coming to believe that Fit RX is the wave of the future. Now that I have found this place I want to come here regularly.  Fitness and weight improves your quality of life and your over all health more than anything you could do for yourself, besides quitting smoking.
     We learn relaxation techniques, take aqua aerobics classes, then finnish with a dip in the hot tub. 
     Call me if you want to talk about the experience.  I can answer questions and help you with an admission.  Fit RX accepted my heath insurance, they also will work with your cash budget.
     We stay in private suites with king size beds, a living room,
kitchen, and desk area with free wi-fi.  Located in beautiful
Brentwood, Tennessee.
     I made my flights and they sent a car to the airport to pick me up.
It was that easy.

Call or text Loriann Witte 949-413-4109


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