Best drug rehabs in California teach positive thinking

Positive Thinking
opens the mind to learning
The best drug rehabs in California teach positive Thinking 

     Learning about 'The Power of Positive Thinking' helps more people with drug and alcohol issues, than any other tool that can be taught.  Lifting fear of the future or regrets of the past is an innovative breakthrough in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.
Wits Inn Treatment referral Services works with our callers to
      1. Assess your needs
            a. Medical Detox - Needed for Alcohol, Pain pills, Benzo's, Sleeping pills, Opiates
            b. Intervention - Is the person willing to get help Or do they need help becoming willing
            c. Payment - Private Insurance - Co-pay - Cash Budget - Loan Programs  
            d. Location of Treatment - Should they get out of the area - Or Local Setting
            e. Short term or Long term stay
            f. Aftercare planning
            g. Transportation to treatment - Will the person do better with a travel escort?
                  if there is travel involved we will help to make it very easy    

Treatment Referral is California based.  We work with what we believe to be the best drug and alcohol rehabs in California and across the nation. 
Wits Inn and WI Treatment Referral are made up of educated and seasoned addiction recovery professionals.  We are counselors, psychiatrist, sociologist, social workers, and MD's certified in addictionology who as a group believe that the best rehab centers teach the power of positive thinking.  The best drug and alcohol rehabs utilize the motivational interview methods in-conjunction with cognitive therapy. 

The 12-step model is a combination of identifying the truth of your issues and what needs to change followed by a cognitive one day at a time plan of action.

We embrace the best drug and alcohol rehab centers as the ones who encourage people to find their own individual answers by structuring their days in treatment on a receiving and carrying a positive message.  Live your way in right action.  Change your thinking to change your life.

It starts by learning that it is ok to forgive the past.  Healing begins when we hear about forgiving your self and all of the players in your life's story.  Make today the new beginning.  It is OK and healthy to release the thoughts about past.  Let the good times and the bad times be in the past. Know that the power of positive thinking is helping about 2 million people at this time to be relieved "one day at a time" from alcohol or drug issues that they want to overcome.

When you call our treatment referral line the counselor gives you an over view of the various positive rehabs that will fit your needs after you have described to us what you are going through.
            We work with you to narrow the list down to a few and then discuss particulars.
 You don't have to call every listing on the internet looking for the best drug rehab in California or anywhere else.

Behavior Modification - is not our preferred method 
     Treatment programs can use various milieus to treat addiction.  Some have a style that is called behavioral modification, which means strick disciplines.  Behavioral approaches simply don't work all that well on adult humans. "At best, behavior modification results in temporary token changes such as with people in prison."  While drastic short-term behavioral changes are often observed, these changes tend to fade rapidly after the incentives for complying or the penalties are removed. 
     I speak to various families who are very angry about the out of bounds and embarrassing behaviors of their loved ones who have lost control of their drug or alcohol use.  The anger reaction often comes form the men of the family who are motivated to protect the peace and sanctity of the rest of the family unit.  Family members who call the hot lines an declare they are angry and disgusted with the addict sometime want heavy restrictions within the treatment setting. They are immediately resistant to
paying for a rehab that would be a comforting, positive experience of recovery.
     Rest assured that the addict in your life has been suffering in active addiction no matter how and lazy they appear in their self-centered "partying.

     Wits Inn believes the best drug and alcohol rehabs are those who employ methods or caring for people with an approach that continues to focus on human dignity and respect. Our mission is to bring hope to families and suffering individuals that were once, or still are, hopeless.
     We believe in positive growth and in teaching our clients how to love themselves again and live freely.  As a collective we have extensive personal experience dealing with the hardships of addiction and recovery and have created an unparalleled treatment referral service on the scene of addiction medicine.
     This new method is empowering and the programs we refer to use this approach offering individuals a new chance at life equipped with all the necessary skills.  The goal is not just to survive but to live again, and happier. We believe that through a embracing a positive and powerful state of gratitude.
New Thought therapy combined with the 12-step approach

     We refer to those who's expertise in addiction medicine provide a strong, safe foundation in which newly sober individuals can overcome crisis and difficulty.
     The tangible nature of positive thinking or 're-framing' repeated negative affirmations into statements of the limitless possibilities of life.  Change your thinking to change your life.  The programs we use  helps our clients really experience new, positive activities and teaches them how to enjoy themselves without the need for drugs or alcohol.
    These Rehab settings offer a wide range of extracurricular activities not found in all drug and alcohol treatment programs including acupuncture, solution focused groups, 12-step meetings, outings, and alternative therapies such as, massage while still keeping a balance with traditional addiction medicine therapies and goals.
     We are grateful that you have found us and hope that you will allow us to find the drug or alcohol help that offers what you need and want as well as working with your private health insurance or your cash budget.
Spiritual not religious 

can be your only treatment call on your recovery journey.
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