How to Develop Sober living skills Orange County

How to develop sober living Skills

Orange County 

The Serenity Prayer 
Is used as the opening
for many 12-step meeting
Living sober in Orange County rehab
Serenity Prayer 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Serenity is the goal we are moving toward
I know Serenity is mine, here in the now)

When you 1st start to feel serenity – you may confuse it with boredom

That’s how far away Alcohol & drug addicts live from away from serenity

We have lived a crisis centered life – “and our troubles are 
"Basically of our own making” says the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This is how we develop Sober Living skills ---
Learning ‘what things’ you have no power over is essential
to experiencing a happy life

Mostly anything to do with other people – you have no power over
The only thing you can change is your attitude and reaction to what
another says or does. 

(I have a different feeling and understanding
of power.  
In my developing spiritual personality, I now believe I
have some letter of power over who & what I attract in my experience.
Race consciousness (all the thoughts that other think) is a factor that 
I do not overly dwell on anymore, at this point in my recovery.
I concentrate on personal responsibility in my treatment)

Just for today - my thoughts will be 
on people who are not using or drinking 
and want to help me in my recovery.
We must learn step 1 which is we have accept no power over alcohol & drugs
We have failed that test over and over again – So don’t take that test
I learned How to Develop sober living skills
in my meetings and from my rehab counselors We had fun in the Orange County beach cities.

(the absolutes of early AA sobriety are softer 
and changed in my heart,
I don’t have the desire to be so negative 

with my self or others in my teachings. 
We read in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous 
our ‘ego has to be smashed’ 
How to develop sober living skills
Orange County 
This statement gives me pause.
My vision is to inject more love and kindness than those words carry.  
My faith is not a contradiction of AA, more a parallel of love running along side of the AA truths. 
Addiction is no way to live and out smarts so many of us, 
I now see love as more powerful than the sword approach.

Grant me the courage to change the things I can
Courage is not the absence of fear – courage is taking action even in the face of fear – Martin Luther King day – says – We take the 1st step even when
we can’t see the whole stair case. (Love this.)

The wisdom to know the difference –
The wisdom comes from faith – a new trust in yourself – that comes via education & experience in making the right choices and getting the results you Desire. 

These are the tools we use to change our minds and change our life experience.
We begin to Develop Sober Living Skills via these methods.

This simple stuff really works - it has changed me and so many others who are now clean addicts

(We listening to soothing music, daily meditation, and prayer. Be not
be an audience to negativity, limit TV to a nice show here or there.
Take charge of the stimuli you allow into your personal consciousness, Stop streaming the 'bad news' stations as the background sound tract of your life. 
Read books that teach the various paths to the top of the mountain.) 
Like NA Basic Text says “I surround my self with people who care
about me and want to help me in my recovery.) 2 or 3 x a week church is good
for me in con-junction with my 12-step meetings exercise and a chemical free fresh diet.
(Being around Animals keep me cool and in touch with my own animal side as not the enemy.)
Knock off the sugar, caffeine, sodas, pizza, fast food, no energy drinks, begin to pray for the willingness to stop smoking) Eat mindfully - nurture your body and your brain chemistry.  

Pamper your sobriety, like a new born baby
You have been too rough with yourself. Take really good, loving care of yourself. 
Know you a a perfect magnificent being that has been through too much. 

Declare Peace on the past, forgive yourself, forgive them all,
begin to let it all go.

No matter how much you worry about the past it won't get any different. 

Suit up and show up for life
Act as if you are healed
Orange County
How to Develop Sober Living Skills 
I accept and embrace my whole life.  
When we 1st come out of addiction into recovery you have a lot of rocks in
your wagon – failures, hurt feelings, shame, guilt, We well help you to empty
that wagon with the 4th thru 9th steps  ---read the steps CLICK HERE

One good deed wipes out 7 bad ones –
You start filling your basket with successes. Keeping your word,
completing things,

Saying good bye when you are truly finished – not blowing out because it’s
too tough and you hear the call of the wild again.

Addicts famous last words are “Hey I can handle it” – I have to past the test
to prove my strength ---- not so – I quit taking the test – I have never won,
not really, not as it comes out in the end –

These great, ever so important new sober skills take time to develop and 
re-program your knee jerk reactions – also to learn to take the time to pause and think
– to take action instead of re-acting

This it what it takes for to stay sober 
AA Big Book
We must learn new ways to live, think, and act.

Is anybody here an atheist?? Read We Agnostics in the BigBook CLICK HERE 

God– the thing you are trying to do in treatment, Is to find some faith

Faith in yourself as absolutely perfect just the way you are
Making negative choices – misusing your great ability as a human being
           Discovering broken coping skills and blocks that no longer serve your
highest good

And learning new ways that will work a lot better to create your world

In addiction I had lost faith in everything – I became a liar a cheat & a theft,
a master manipulator who would lie when the truth was OK – I didn’t care about
anybody not even myself.  I was killing my body & losing my mind but
did not change course.

So I thought everybody else was just a shallow bs’er who was trying to get
over just like me.   I thought this of my family, the gov, my teachers,
all merchants & sales people, the churches, of which I knew very little about,

& after a while in a relationship – I thought making my love into who
I wanted them to be was how to love or prove love.

I had contempt prior to investigation – justified indignation
- I lived as an ego maniac with an inferiority complex mistrusted
everything my love interest said & did.
I wanted to control & manipulate  

I was mis-using my power as a major part of the creation of my own life.  
I create the world I live in by what I think, how I act & inter-act.
And with whom I inter-act
My playgrounds, playmates & playthings must change if I want to change
If you want to change your life, change your mind
This takes time, help and continued support – or the old ways will come back again
Issues must begin to be resolved we have old and new pain.
Let go of the past live in the here and now where all the power is.

Sing divine right action is guiding me today
If you want to be somebody else
If you’re tired of breaking promises to your self

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