Interventions for drug users Nashville Tennessee

but says 

"NO, I am fine and working out it on my own"  

OR  "I use (or drink, because of you) 

How about?  "I am a college grad and much too smart for any therapy."

Interventions for drug users Nashville Tennessee
Do you know that a person's chances of getting and staying clean in recovery is no better or worse if they .....

1. Beg their way into treatment 
2. If they pay their own way with their own savings
3. If they make all of their own arrangements to take time off of work
4. If they are given a choice by the judge of treatment or jail time
5. If they are told get treatment or get divorced 
6. Or if they are giving a professionally organized family intervention

It's an old wives tale "They can't get sober unless they want to"
That's an old way of thinking.  At one time the old time members of AA would say, 
                "you can't get sober if you still have a wrist watch"
The old adage about one "You Must hit Bottom" has be proven absolutely incorrect.

There is no "Bottom" 
I have scene people go to prison for 20 years, get released, and get drunk the same day.
Have they not hit bottom?
The bottom is where you don't dig any deeper.

How low are you willing to let your loved one sink?
The 1st step for the family considering intervention is
to believe their efforts can make a difference.

Drug use is illegal, Alcohol & marijuana is legal
Driving under the influence gets many
otherwise innocent people
into prison

Even if you can't believe your loved one could end up in jail 
I encourage you to make the effort to find out what the substance 
that is being used does to brain chemistry
I have a recored seminar that you can dial into free of charge 
liston to me talking to to several families
about brain chemistry issues and intervention
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                                                The brain chemistry issues, the lower companions, the 'possible legal run ins, relationship pressures, financial insecurity, employment or employee difficulties associated all can become combined problems created by their use of drugs or alcohol.  The need for a change for the better is also evident when this person's family or friends lives may become compromised because of personality changes that may relate to drug of alcohol use. 

     Wits End Interventions hold a record of being 96% successful with facilitating family interventions that result in successful treatment admissions, over 20 years in practice. 
      The basis of our intervention strategy has been and remains to be based on dignity and respect for all involved in the intervention party, especially the guest of honor, "the person needing support"  We work hard to express love and concern and get to the spot where deep inside where most anger and fear is recognized as caring so much.
     Our goal in the pre-intervention meeting, with the friends and family members present only before we meet with the addict" is to educate the group about some scientific truths about addiction that many people are not aware of.  Facts that we as professionals working in the addiction recovery field must stay in active study.
     Our license and certifications require us to maintain a number of CEU's (Continuing Education Units) every year we are in practice in good standing. 
      Much of what the public hears in casual conversation or even what many lay people who have recovered themselves are good old beliefs from Alcoholic's Anonymous members.  I am an benevolent loving friend to AA.  I intently study the Big Book and the book of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  I believe I have many if not all of the most popular book and literature concerning the great people and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Google my name to see more about me and my work   Loriann Witte, CAC, NCADI, RAS
Interventions for drug users Nashville Tennessee

Coast to Coast placements

      Professional study the ever changing and improving knowledge about what we are learning about brains and personalities.  We study what works and what doesn't work in addiction treatment and interventions.  Our work must be culturally sensitive.  Differing personality types, various mental disorders, presentations of post traumatic stress in the addict and in the intervention family need to be recognized so the intervention process will proceed being mindful of these important factors. 
      The family gets to say things to each other that many families take to the grave with out it being said. 
      Pre-intervention is to rise above the resentment, blame, and hurt feelings.
Ultimately the person does need to get willing to stay in recovery long term. 
It is true that they need to decide to make this time now, The Bottom, and decide to not let it get any worse. 
Now, through intervention and treatment, 
1. Functional people get sober
2. Educated people get sober
3. Captains of industry go to treatment and have interventions
4. Widowed Grandmother who became alcoholics or pill addicts late in life get clean
5. Young kids that "can't be that bad yet" end up 7 years clean buy age 25 while living in great success

We have intervened on judges, airline piolets, soccer Mums, 40 year old's who never made it, hopeless heroin addicts,
enraged meth addicts, alcoholics who believe "drinking is just a way of life & nobody's business" And we have successfully taken them into rehab.  
     I'd say that all most all of them eventually thank us 
and thank their family.

Intervention get's them to treatment.  They learn much in intervention and treatment.
It is all about what they do after they leave treatment that dictates the ongoing quality of their lives.  
No one can make anyone stay sober. 

Family intervention can get them into a position where they can know they are loved. 
Let them have the awareness that their family believes they can get clean.

96% of Interventions result in treatment admits equalling
Time and space from the drug 
Separation from negative friends
Even getting away from family pressures
A chance to get down to themselves and their core values
Education, therapy, sober support

Where they can become clear enough to make an informed sober decision about what they want for their own lives. 
People who are in an active state of intoxication or dealing with the personality changes, the altered brain chemistry, and the "everybody I know does it" attitude of being around your using friends.....
 Does not make it likely for an active substance user to 
make a decision that is for their highest good. 
While waiting for them to hit bottom, they get sicker and more confused. 
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