What is Alcohol Abuse?

What is Alcohol Abuse?


Alcohol is a legal drug as long as you are 21 years old or older you can buy it, own it, use it.  If you want to drink that is your business.  If you want to stop, or people around you want you to seek recovery, we can help. 949-292-2000.

Many drinking families notice that one family member is encountering difficulties above and beyond the family culture.  The one person can go to treatment and change their life without the rest of the family changing their habits. 
A person's recovery can not depend on other people changing.  

Wits Inn professionals have been helping alcoholics and their families to recover from the effects of problem drinking for years. We have found our methods to be tried and true.  Wits Inn got its start in 1989 as recovery homes, intensive outpatient, and residential treatment system.  With all of these years having passed since we were involved with people who came into rehab at that time we get to see "How the program has worked long term." 

People often ask about outcome studies; we feel the results of such studies are pretty unreliable. Som facilities send out cards to clients a year after treatment is completed.  The ones who answer the cards are people who still have the same address and are functional enough to respond to the study.  These people will be in a high percentage those who are doing ok. All the others who do not respond will not be included in the curve.  So the success rates can come out pretty high.  The reality may be something different.  Wits Inn's administrators and councilors tend to be active members of the local recovering community.  This is what we see.  An abundance of people living, working, and raising families in our beach cities area are graduates of the Wits Inn Recovery programs.  We see them in the banks and the churches, at the school sports games with their children and grandchildren.  They are sober, productive members of our society.  Often we have to search our memories to think of when they were with us in treatment as they remind us they are old' 'Wits Inners.' 

We also see those who have had ever increasing periods of sobriety with shorter and less intense relapses by staying involved with the AA fellowship.  We meet those who never got sober and had lost so much.  After 20 plus years we are beginning to see the aging active alcoholics who had terrible long lasting relapses which are showing signs of alcoholic brain damage.  The most common symptom we experience is significant communication difficulties.  People who start to tell you something, but they start in the middle of a paragraph, without ever stating the subject of the conversation.  An intense interview of the alcoholic on the part of the listener may or may not ever reveal the subject the alcoholic is trying to convey.

Old alcoholics in their active addiction look and feel bad.  If you are one of the beautiful people, who may be over indulging take this beauty tip.  Stop drinking while you have a chance to keep your brain & body in good working order.   
Alcoholism does not get better on its own. 
Just stopping the drinking is not enough.  
Cutting down is very unlikely to work.  Drinking can be a huge part of a person's life.  Drinking even occasionally can be used as a favorite coping skill.  Once the alcohol is gone from a person's life, it has to be replaced with a new social life and a large variety of new coping skills.  Old hurts, resentments, and black and white ways of thinking will stop coming up only if we can become educated and go through therapeutic processes that shine a renewed way of perceiving old thoughts. 
Read that again - This is it - This is recovery. 

This process of alcohol abuse treatment cannot begin until the alcoholic is here. Alcoholism can just mess up your life, slow down your progress in archiving what you want for yourself, or it can be deadly.
Wits Inn want to teach you how to thrive and save your life. 
But we can help save the life of you or someone you love until you are here. You have to call now. If it gets too late, treatment may not be possible.

We can work with your insurance or cash budget.  If you need a medicine assisted detox, we have placements.  You can come as an outpatient to us, or we will help you find another place that is more convenient.  If you need to keep working, outpatient is perfect.  If you need to take off work to get sober, we are aware of the laws protecting your job and can help you with that. 

If you want to stay with us while in treatment, we have the sober living.  If you want to go to a rehab close by or get out of state, we can get you there easily and help you all of the ways through the process.

If you have a loved one who needs help but is unwilling we have interventionist who conduct dignity and respect interventions that are running 96% successful over 20+ year of interventions.   

If the intervention family is a drinking family or has indulged in use with the loved one who needs treatment, Fear Not.  The professionalism of the interventionist  transcends this and many other issues that you may fear.  In intervention we do not deny any truths, we own the truth, apologize for our part in the problem at hand and stay focused on getting help and wanting the change of this painful situation. 

Intervention is not about putting the client or the family on trial.  It's a gift, an offer of help. No matter what a problem drinking has to say about not wanting or needing help.  They too would like the painful consequences to stop. Treatment and intervention illuminate a path to change for the better.  

Most people want to please their loved ones.  Therapy and intervention take a person to the most vulnerable state of mind, closer to their actual inside emotions.  It is easier to give and receive love is this state of mind that is freed of the ego mind state. 

It appears there are some who use alcohol without impunity. Is this true? Well, it's fattening, it cost money, what drinker hasn't said or done something they regretted while under the influence? Of course, there are fights, broken or damaged marriages, bruised and batted reputations and the children who find out their grown up heroes are not all they need to be thought they were. Others around the drinker are often hurt.  Their loved ones, and in some cases, the people around them such as drunk driving incidents.  Alcohol addiction can have serious health consequences. These include, among many others, cirrhosis of the liver and brain damage. 

How to get started? You can call or e-mail us at Wits Inn Recovery 
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So call me, I want to help.
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Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDA Interventionist  
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