What is Crack Cocaine Abuse?

Crack Cocaine 

Crack cocaine is a version of powdered cocaine, but crack cocaine is much more potent. Crack cocaine is cooked into a more concentrated version of the normal powdered cocaine. Crack cocaine is smoked, usually through a glass pipe or aluminum can. In the early eighties this drug, crack cocaine, hit the streets and has made a lasting impression on America ever since. In 1997 the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse estimated that there were 604,000 crack cocaine users in the United States.

Crack cocaine is commonly known as one of the most addictive street drugs available and people who use crack are often unable to stop, even if they want to. While crack cocaine was once though to be a 'ghetto' drug, crack cocaine has become popular among younger and more affluent crowds because it is inexpensive and produces a short lasting, but powerful euphoric high. Many researchers believe that crack cocaine will continue to be a popular drug since it is relatively easy to obtain.  

Crack Cocaine Addiction Intervention
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