What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription Drug Addiction
live pain free and drug free
Prescription Drugs                 

Over use and abuse of Scripts is about becoming dependant on your Doctor prescribed opiates or benzos.  Wits Inn and the Rehabs associated with Treatment Referral combines the best of treatments for the mind, body, and soul. 

My heart goes out to those with the pain pill thing
That's a confusing mess.  

I don't know if you started out with them for physical pain or
what. I just know that when you take opiates, even if it is for physical
pain, what happens is we start to notice it treats emotional pain
also. At least it numbs out the emotional pain for a while.

The problem with most drug use is its unstable and the effects change.
Pretty soon it does not help much with physical pain, actually creates
more pain and sickness by keeping you down and not letting your body
heal it's self with exercise, sleep, and food. Once the addiction kicks in we do not want to even talk about giving up the medications. We start to ignore our emotional issues more than we should so the emotional pain gets worse than when we started out.

For me I didn’t mean to get addicted. My intention was not to screw anything up. I was looking for a solution to a problem. I used drugs as the solution, but it was the wrong solution and became bigger than the original problem.

The most important part of recovery from opiates or benzos is a very comfortable medicine assisted detox. Treatment Referral Orange County offers placements that will work with your private insurance or your cash budget. Get a comfortable medicine assisted detox for about a week or up to 10 days.

Treatment Referral Orange County only refers to detox settings who use good comfort meds, cutting edge suboxone cocktails. Some of the detox units offer massage, acupuncture, meditation music, and live food to get your body working again.

Our philosophy is that medicine assisted detox along with lots of personal tender loving care and some soft, quite, encouraging talk helps a person maintain their dignity while they heal and become well.

People do not have to keep going back and forth with these pills, it does not have to be that way. There is comfort and peace of mind in recovery. Addicts do recover. I do not have drug craving in my life today. I no longer suffer from chronic pain. I have been able to become strong with holistic solutions.

My pain had healed and I didn't even know it. Even if you don't believe this can be true for you, know it is true for me. I changed my thinking and changed my life.

Such problems include addressing recurring thoughts and desires to use and new behaviors to combat emotional and physical pain without depending on prescriptions. So the mind and body are thoroughly addressed but what of the soul? That is a favorite for many of our clients who have felt hopeless, depressed and alone.  

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Prescription addiction recovery
is a matter of getting medical help
and self reflection.