Alternative Sentencing Options California

Alternative Sentencing Options California

Alternative Sentencing San Diego, Alternative Sentencing Riverside, Alternative Sentencing Los Angeles
Alternative Sentencing Options

DUI Drug Charges? What are your "Alternative Sentencing Options" In California

Getting into Rehab could be the Answer
instead of facing jail time

Wits Inn Recovery can appear in court on behalf of the drug rehab program, with a treatment plan for your rehabilitation.

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We can assess your situation
to see if your case could qualify for an
Alternative Sentencing Option in California

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Is drug or alcohol use a part of legal charges?
The courts very often respect a persons efforts to seek rehab help.
Presenting a letter from the rehab or sober living to the courts can make a powerful impact.
The letter states a treatment plan and will ask to delay sentencing until you complete your recovery program.

Your attorney will advise you and the rehab in assessing your possible eligibility to be considered for clean and sober program time in place of jail time.

Wits Inn believes you can have a better life in recovery. Wits Inn has been working with addicts, alcoholics, and their families for over 20 years.  We want to help you to return to a new and better life  free from substance use and legal issues.

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