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An Alternative Sentencing Plan from Probation Approved Programs can be accepted by the courts

Wits Inn Recovery Alternative Sentencing staffers act as court liaisons.
We create a treatment plan to be present to the judge.
Your individualized needs will be addressed.
The most appropriate rehab plan has the best chance of being accepted.
Our goal is treatment instead of jail time, or at least to delaying sentencing.
While you have time to get clean and sober, pull yourself and your life together.
Then present yourself to the court in your most favorable light.

"I believe in the power of alternative sentencing for drug crime and alcohol related offenses."

I am committed to doing what I can, as an addiction treatment professional, to help my clients avoid imprisonment and instead receive treatment which will help to improve their lives."

Probation Approved Referrals
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Many jurisdictions Nation Wide have been willing to work with our programs
in alternative sentencing planning.

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Remember, Recovery Brings Hope


Alcohol, Drugs and other behavioral problems can destroy families and end careers. Family members, employees, colleagues and company executives can find themselves trapped by such disorders. Their denial of the problem and ambivalence about treatment blurs their reality.
Intervention is the process of presenting reality to such individuals in a receivable way. It is an invitation -- not a confrontation -- to accept help. It is also an extremely important step in the treatment process.
An intervention offers those who are unwilling to admit they have a problem the help they need.

The goal of an intervention is to help the addicted individual enter a treatment center and receive the care they need. Interventions are particularly effective for those who:
Documentation of your progress
An established history of clean drug tests
Meeting attendance cards signed
Progress reports to probation
Structured living and support
Pet friendly rehabs
Private rooms
Couples Ok


Recovery near the beach
Refuse to admit they have a problem
Have consequences due to behavior
Have never received treatment before
Require specialized assistance

Wits End Interventions and
Alternative Sentencing Plans can work together

We Also Offer
Comfortable medical detox referrals
Residential Rehab and Intensive Out Patient Detox
Sober Living

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