Is a sober living facility the same as rehab

Orange County Intensive Out Patient
Orange County Intensive Out Patient
The term 'Sober Living Facility' means an unlicensed   group living house with no treatment

         The residents are most often asked to agree
         to go to several 12-step meetings per week

Is a sober living facility the same as rehab?  

The term "Rehab or Treatment Program" means this center
         operates under a professional license that
         allows them facilitate counseling and treatment services.

                   a. Sober Living is most beneficial for people have been to rehab treatment
                   b. Do not need detox
                   c. But can be used by people who can not possibly afford to go to rehab
                                 I personally have 25 years clean and sober from a
                            heroin and cocaina addiction - I detoxed in the county hospital -
                            the hospital only took me because I had a heart condition. I stayed in sober
                            living while I attended college classes studying
                            to be a dug and alcohol counselor.  Those classes, my AA meetings and
                            my structured living program taught me how to get and stay sober by being
                            of service and helping others.
                                 You may hear stories like mine, 'Devine Interventions'
                            All of the stars lined up for me and it all
                            fell together, my husband went to jail
                            and our drug neighborhood had a task force sweep by the police
                            while I was sick in the hospital.
                                  A miracle in Devine perfect timing
Is a sober living facility as good as rehab?
Is a sober living facility as good as rehab?

If you have a loved one struggling in addiction or alcoholism, get them to treatment, have an intervention, do anything you can think of or possibly afford.
1. Miracles do happen in recovery
2. Many more addicts die or go to prison

3. Getting them off of the street and into treatment is the beginning of the miracle.  

    Drug Rehab Centers offer an organized treatment team of 
         1. Doctor
         2. Counselors
         3. Holistic practitioners
         4. Encouraging support staff
         5. A sober peer group   

all working together to

                 a. Medically stabilize the addict
                 b. Keep them very busy in education and therapy
                 c. Get the person bonding with other people who are thinking about changing their lives
                 d. Exposing them to the counselors who are most often successful recovering addicts
                 e. Putting time and space between the addict and the intoxication
                 f. Separating from the negative peer group
                 g. Give the recovering person a break from family pressures and the guilt of using  

Wits Inn treatment referral 
     Can refer to inexpensive Sober Living Facilities
                         and Intensive Out Patient 

     That offers the best of both Sober Living and Rehab  

Specialties of the Wits inn Recovery facility 

Wits Inn Recovery Treatment Referral - 
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Pet friendly drug rehab
Pet friendly drug rehab 
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The History of Wits Inn Recovery Established in 1992
 Pat and Loriann Witte are the founders and operators of the Wits Inn Recovery programs. 

 The business was started because they had lived lives of active addiction themselves, then they were able to get clean & sober, become productive members of society, and find peace of mind and a sence of well being in recovery. 

 This is a simple, yet powerful message. 
The lie is dead, addicts do recover. 

Hi my name is Loriann Witte and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict.

 I used drugs and alcohol for 16 years. I passed through many phases of my addiction.
 Alcohol was all ways my defuat setting, but I did not believe myself to be alcoholic.
 "Drug addict" was my claim.
 I drank every chance I got since childhood.

My progession was Pot, acid, pills, speed, cocaine, herion, methadone and back to alcohol.
My life brought one disappointment after the other.

I was very sad but the life of the party.
Sometimes I went to jail. Eventually I became ill and began to die.
In the hospital I meet people from a recovery program.
I achieved sobriety thru long term treatment.

Drug and alcohol treatment has become my life's work
 Loriann Witte 

 Loriann is a recovering addict, alcoholic with 25 years clean and sober.
      I love working with addict's and their families as a Certified Addiction Counselor
      I know the behavior of addiction, is not the truth of us.
     We are each born as a perfect child of God, whole, well, and complete.
 Only a thin Vail of tears lies between this state of confusion and who we really are in the light.     949-292-2000
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