Alternative Jail Sentencing

alternative sentencing Rehab not jail
Drug and Alcohol can
Bring about problem behavior
Jail hurts
Alternative to Jail Sentencing
Drug and Alcohol Issues can be helped
by Rehab. We Do Recover

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Comfort and beauty helps a person to heal

If you are in trouble with a nonviolent offence and you are a user of drugs or alcohol
call Wits Inn to talk about alternative sentencing.  We will appear in court representing the rehab center with a written treatment plan. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the courtroom. We also provide services to our client’s families and the probation departments.

Wits End Interventions has professional Interventionist and court liaison for Alternative Sentencing.  The goal is to have the courts allow the person to go into a private drug and alcohol rehab program.  The treatment plan is based on Wits Inn knowledge of what has worked and what doesn't work in addiction treatment, the highly respected credentials of the clinicians, and a statement made by the defendant declaring their personal intention to obey all laws and to be introduced back in to society free from drugs and alcohol upon completion of their rehab stay as an alternative to jail time. 

In our experience many judges are willing to work with the Alternative Sentencing Plan

I believe in the power of alternative sentencing for drug or alcohol users who have become involved in the judicial system.  Drugs and alcohol alter brain chemistry.  So many people are not aware that they are changing until their world starts spinning out of control.  

They are jolted back into the reality by an arrest.  In this light one can see how far their behaviors has gone beyond their values and believes about right and wrong.  This can be an eye opening experience and a good time to be more open minded and able to learn about what the intoxicants are doing to your life.   

Wits Inn is committed to doing what we can, as long term professionals in the addiction recovery field.  The Wits Inn team does all we can to help our clients avoid imprisonment and instead receive the rehab treatment which will help to improve their lives.
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