Alternative sentencing for juveniles

adolescent drug rehab
Wits End Interventions transports
your child to a fine theraputic rehab
satisfying the courts and educational systems
Ages 13 and up

Rehab for teens must be secure and well suporvised with a 24/7 awake staff. We support settings that provide separate gender specific housing.  Therapy, coping skills, enveloped within a strong educational component. No matter what the current status of the client's educational standing.  If they are behind in school they can catch up.  If they are gifted they can work at an excellorated level. GED preparation is also avalible. 

Alternative sentencing for juveniles 
Wits Inn Rehab Referrals - finds the appropriate rehab for you  
We know How to hold an intervention with teenagers 
And we will teach your family 

Wits End Intervention councelor comes to you and works with your family, gets the family very organized and ready to 
approach the child.  We get them ready, and willing, then transports them to the treatment program. 

We help you find the rehab center, run your insurance, help with finnancing (with your good credit) and work within your cash budget.  We help to prepare the treatment plan to present to the courts or custody. 

Councelors answer phones about 20 hours a day.
Call us at anytime, if it is too late at night leave a voice mail message or text 949-413-4109 is our cell 

Office main number 949-292-2000

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