How much does it cost for drug rehab that works

drug rehab at the beach
Drug rehab by the sea 

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Please go to our blog site and have a look around. search or click your dug of choice to see what we have written about heroin and meth addiction and recovery.  We can help you get a good comfortable medicine assisted detox and a fairly priced treatment program that will change your life and let you get more fun out of life than you have been experiencing.

Wits Inn Recovery is something different, we help you find the treatment setting that offers what you need and want and will work with your private health insurance or your cash budget. You don’t have to call all of the different places, we have a knowledge of who offers what.

We believe that every person can find a happy, sane life.
Addiction is not a moral issue.   Addiction is human instincts run wild.
The core of everyone is perfect, whole and complete.
Somewhere along the line came the beliefs that you are not enough and the world is not a safe place.  This creates stress. Unresolved stress can manifest as addiction.
The truth is people have hurt you, and you have hurt people.

You can have a good life anyway.
It is OK to live well and be happy. Relax and let go of the struggle.
We will find help to teach you more about how to take care of yourself, be centered, and know you are a remarkable individual who wants to live, love, and be loved effectively.  You deserve all the best life has to offer.


If you want to drink or use that’s your business
if you want to stop, we’d like to help.  

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