How well does drug rehab work Martin Luther King

Drug rehab is the power to change
I have loved Dr Martin Luter King's
powerful example of the human spirit
and the ability to rise up
In the face of the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body
It makes me think of the addict's ability to change and grow
I have used THIS spiritual strength to transform my life
and to shine this lights
for other drug addictis in their recovery

I have had pictures of MLK on my walls next to Mother Thersa 
and the Dali Lama though out my recovery 
to remind me of the power we have for change within each of us 
     Martin Luther King was a man of charity & peace. I urge you to look at this day off as a chance to give back. I ask, what have you done to be the voice for the oppressed, to see that human rights as well as civil rights are fair & equal to all, to be of service to your fellow humans? Be the voice to speak out in love. Bless MLk & his courage & all he did, may we have more people like him in our world.

     I love Martin Luther King Jr. I all ways keep a picture of him on my wall & one on the walls of our recovery houses. His life is proof we can change our world, by changing our thoughts we change our experience. I am so blessed to have seen what I have seen in my life. As a kid living on Army bases in the South in the late 60′s and 70′s I experienced racism up close & personally. Now to see Obama be President. In honor of MLK, I am doing my regular job. In my recovery ministry I talk to people everyday to let them know. Addict’s do recovery.

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