Beach Cities alcohol treament program
Can a lost addict or angry alcoholic ever live a life of love on a solid footing?

Forgiveness is the answer
By Loriann Witte CAC, NCDAI, RAS  949-292-2000
How well can you drug rehab experience work for you 
is often based on your ability to understand the pressing need to forgive others and yourself.
      Our resentments will kill us. 

It is possible to accept and embrace your whole life. 
In this we can declare peace on ourselves and the world we live in. 
Learn to live in the 'here and now' and move away from the world of the past that lives in your head. 
These are the introductions to a renewed life of grace 

This is our message at The Wits Inn 


My Divine gift is getting to help remind addicts who they really are. Myself and the staff we choose to work with, stand sober and full of peace in the presence of our residents.  My spiritual teachers stand right there with me. 
I get to see the higher self reawakening in my friends and take its rightful place in the driver’s seat. The power and unbridled joy that comes out of this love-fest, is over the moon and back again.  The first time I saw a vision of an addict’s higher self was when I fell in love with my husband Pat in 1980. 

Pat and I were caught up in active drug addiction, and everything that goes with that. Even in that dark night of the soul, we found each other as diamonds in the really rough. In the face of our circumstances of that time, I always knew Pat on a soul-to-soul level as who he is right now.   

was developing a skill, a skill that would become my most valued spiritual practice.
My 12-step recovery combined with my Spiritual Living classes and total experience with our Drug Rehab center has made it possible for me to accept and embrace my whole life. The God-eye of truth shows me only a thin veil of tears separates us. 

The oneness is always right there for us.  I am so grateful to know I have this gift in my life.
In 12-step meetings, in church, at work; my heart yearned to have our own addiction healing ministry. I feel a profound calling that this is the work for me. I quit my day years ago, went back to college, and now I know and teach God is the source of our supply.  I keep close to the spirit and do the work before me, one day at a time.

We work with a maxumin of six newly recovering guests in our home at a time.  Two long term recovering gentelman live in the home with them and at least one of them stays there everyday. Our female recovery coach drops by to visit and hang out daily.  About 2 miles away we have our office.  We drive our guest to the office to meet with the counselors, go to the doctors and psychiatrist.  We do the chiropractor and acupunture run once a week. We are chugging along.  I live in complete faithful knowledge that all is well and we have more than enough. This blesses Pat, me and so many loved ones that we have not even met yet.  We love massage and family style cooking.  The 12-step commuity & local churchs are a great support system for the Wits Inn staff and guest. 
I am so grateful for
1. My sobriety
2. My marriage
3. AA and my church family
private Suboxone detox near the beach
Healing drug addiction with ocean beauty 
Dolphins, sun, and sand Orange County Beach Cities 
4. My family 
5. My health and my life.
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