Detox Orange County

Detox Orange County 
the path to freedom from active addiction.
Comfortable Medicine Assisted Detox Referrals  

Doctor's Detoxification Services for All Drugs and Alcohol 
Cutting edge medications, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic
Medical Detox Orange County
Suboxone, Vivitrol Abuse, Buprenorphine, Subutex 
Often what is needed to make a detoxing person comfortable is to medicate and treat......
  • The stomach
  • Sooth treat muscles aches
  • Elevate restless leg
  • Sleep Aids
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Massage calms the nerves and makes you feel good 
  • Acupuncture help ease cravings 
  • Chiropractor when you need put back together

Detox Orange County
Most detoxing guests are up and able to go out in 24 to 36 hours 
Generally a person wants to rest the first day or two
All detox is facilitated by a medical doctor or a psychiatrists as needed
With housing or on an Out Patient basis
Pricing varies depending on the services you need and want

Suboxone Detox Orange County
Comfortable Detox in Orange County
Medicine Assisted
NO CHARGE for our phone assessment 
and referrals 
call 949-292-2000
We only work with private programs
We have referrals starting at a few of thousand dollars
Suboxone, Subutex, Vivatrol, Xanax
Alcohol, Opiates, Benzos
Need a detox off
of methadone or suboxone
We understand how much it hurts
and work with facilities
who won't let you suffer
If your family can not afford at least $2000 to start in order to help your addicted loved one they can go to 12-step meetings at no charge and begin their road to recovery. 
Pray and believe the answers will come. 

Public Sector

Indigents may not have access to medical detox in Orange County 
only to Social Model = Which means no medication 
  1. 9842 13th St  Garden Grove, CA 92844
    (714) 839-0607  addiction - Welcome to The Roque Center
In the drug and alcohol treatment field
there are two distinctly separate sectors (Public and Private)

WI Recovery works in the Private Sector

Our private referrals will work with your Health Insurance, your Cash Budget.

Looking for a Painless, Rapid, Medicine Assisted Detox - We can help Call 949-292-2000

Text 949-413-4109 cell
or call 949-292-2000

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