Drug Rehab Centers

non 12 step rehab programs

Drug Rehab begins with - Medical Stabilization

Therapy - to lighten your load emotionally 

Education- to learn what intoxication is doing to you and for you
Learn how to have fun and relax while being sober.
Utilizing some 12 step teachings simple organization techniques

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To 12-step and Non12-Step Drug, Alcohol 
and Dual Diagnosis Rehab Facilities 
At Your Choice 

Wits Inn rehab referrals also has mutiple interventionist and
Sober coaches from various walks of life, males and females

Some people call our hot lines asking for referrals                          
to non 12 step rehab centers, saying they don't like 12 step programs.  Lately in many centers you are at choice about how much 12 step inolvement one wants to have.

Unless a rehab calls it's self a 12 step oriented treatment center, they concern their treatment
plans mainly focused on checking out your physical healthy and safety and to begin; then moving on to therapy, education, and enjoyment activities. Learning how to live with an increased happiness.

Wits Inn Rehab Referrals works with various treatment programs across the county. 
You don't have to make all of those phone calls by your self. 
As long term addiction recovery professionals we know 'which rehab does what'
We refer you to who has what you want, what you need, 
and who will work with your insurance or your cash budget.

Don't put it off, that's so easy to do, over and over for years.  We will tell you how to work out getting time off from your work without getting fired, often you can collect some disability while in treatment. 
If you have an insurance co-pay, or if you need to pay cash, we have financing available.
We will help you talk to your family if you need support. We can even arrange transportation. 

If you are wanting to help an sensitive loved one who doesn't want to even talk about getting help, we can help with that too our interventionist work in the most dignified and respectful way.

Wits Inn councelors answer the phones 20 hours a day. 

So call Wits Inn Rehab and Intervention referrals 

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