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Sober living house rules and guidlines
Sober living houses
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Private homes with sober room mates 

House rules so we can get along and stay sober

A private home with up to six sober guest at a time. 

Sober Living houses have no treatment services in the homes, only sober housing.
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Designed to keep the peace and privacy of the group in a sober atmosphere
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Sober living HOUSE RULES
San Juan Capistrano Orange County CA

1. To maintain your sobriety you are asked to attend a minimum of six
community 12 step meetings, church groups, or therapy session per week
Only those who are like-minded with interested in working a program should join our group

2. For the safety of all residents; use or possession of alcohol, mind/mood-altering chemicals or paraphernalia is unacceptable. 
You will be asked to leave the house, no one is welcome while under the influence.

3. For the health and safety of all of our guests, staff may require unannounced or routine drug testing at any time. 
Your cooperation is required to remain a resident in good standing.

4. House manager's room and office has a safe and a medication monitoring sign out sheet. 
Most medication will be stored centrally.

5. The effort is to maintain a completely safe and violence free house therefore, violence or speaking out in anger is prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal form the property

6. A serene environment prohibits our guests from having any weapons or replicas of weapons in the residence, or in your possession

7. Sexual or exclusive involvement between residents is unhealthy and changes the atmosphere

Be aware you are in practice of livng in a physically and emotionally state of soberiety and growth 
If two guest become a couple, one of you must leave.

8. Know you are financially responsible for any damage of property.
Borrowing is not for the best in a roommate situation.

9. Your cooperation is required in conducting yourself in an appropriate manner by being respectful and considerate of staff, fellow guest, our neighbors and facility property. 
Only interact with your own belongings and maintain noise control.

10. We require your cooperation in maintaining appropriate personal hygiene.

11. It is the responsibility of each guest to keep their rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen neat and clean at all times.  
Please make your bed upon rising in the morning and after naps. 
Clean up when you leave an area, especially your glasses, dishes, shoes, and clothes.

12. Please store your soiled laundry in a closed plastic bag in your closet.
Your personal laundry includes your sheets and towels that need to be washed at least once a week. 

The house laundry facilities can be used between 10:00 AM & 10:00 PM for the courtesy of others.
If you wish to use the house laundry machines. 
Wash, dry, and put away your laundry while you are at present in the house; 

Please do not leave clothes in the machines or the laundry area, slowing the schedule for others use. 

Laundry can and should be hired out, at your expense, if you do not agree with these guidelines

13. The Wits Inn house is a smoke free environment. 
Smoke only in outdoor designated areas. 
For the courtesy of your room mates be mindful that smoke does not go into open windows or doors. 

Pick up butts, dispose of in out door butt area. 
Please don't bring ashtrays into the in door trash.

14. Wits Inn staff must have the right to enter a guest room at any time after knocking and identifying themselves. 
We may ask to go through your belongings in order to keep a safe & sober house. 
If you decide to not give your permission to staff to search your belongings, (you can of course refuse) but must move out immediately taking all of your possessions with you.

15. Please put all food like garbage into plastic shopping bags and tie the bags before you put it in the trash cans this helps to keep the house cleaner and smelling fresh. 
Be extra clean to keep it nice.

16. Please do not store or consume food in your room. 
If you bring a drink into your room please use a non-spill container and return the empty to the dishwasher or trash as appropriate.

17. We have a House Meetings weekly to ensure we are living together in mutual respect, cleanliness, and comfort.  
Please attend, sometimes we can change the meeting time to accommodate schedules. 

18. Please do not borrow or lend of money.

19. For the cleanliness of Wits Inn House each guest is assigned a house chore each week to be completed on a daily basis. 
Living quarters need to be kept neat and clean at all times. 
Please complete your morning chore prior to 11:00 AM unless other wise aggreed by staff

20. For the safety and lifestyle change commitment of our guest we have set a curfew at 11:00 PM
For the courtesy of others lights are to be out by 12:00 AM

21. Don't use the kitchen to cook or clean after11:00 pm daily. 
Practice noise and aroma control as a courtesy to the group

22. No borrowing or stealing from others. This includes food. 
There is a fair amount of group cooking which is very nice. 
People like to keep their personal food items and soft drinks for their own individual use. 
Respecting each others privacy makes sober living a much more joyful experience.

25. Visitors are only welcome in the house during the designated visiting hours on Sunday. 
Limit the time you spend with a visitor in the home unless we are having a special event.

26. Chaperoned your visitors at all times. 
Have them remain in the living room, dining room, or outside common areas. 
Please don't allow visitors in the bedrooms.
Let the group & house manager know who is coming to visit. 
We want only your immediate love ones to even have knowledge of where you are staying. 
Keep it private. 
No one is welcome who is under the influance.

27. Please be considerate and have low toned private phone conversations. 
Limit the amount of time you spend talking about your old problems and complaints - 
make yourself available to peace of mind time and some solutions. 
Give yourself a break in this new setting.

28. Feel supportive if you need to bring knowledge of a room mate who is having a struggle with staying sober to the attention of the staff. 
Wits Inn is in effort to help each of our at will guests in their quest for sobriety by offering 
a clean and sober living environment.

29. All items left by residents after 48 hours of a move out or abandonment of your property will be donated to local organizations that take drop off donations. 
Know now that we will not store or be responsible for your items left behind. 
We are not a storage, packing, or moving company. 

We do not wish to be involved with your belongings. 
If your things need packed, moved, storaged, or shipped
YOU MUST hired help with in 48 hours; 
access to the house is only allowed when staff has time to chaporone the work. 

Plan to lose your items if you abandon or forget them. 
Don't bring too much stuff with you
Our goal is to clean the house, remove abandoned goods, and be fresh and ready for the next guest. 

30. Please keep music and/or television volume to a reasonable level so as not to disturb others.

31. Licensed, registered, and insured vehicles, in the position of licensed and insured drivers only.
Parking is limited and you park at your own risk.

We need rules and guidelines to live together in a small, polite, sober group
This is a casual structure.

Wits Inn Recovery sober living San Juan Capistrano CA
Sober living rules are designed to ensure privacy
Orange County is a great place
Sober living rules respect others
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