tlc sober living Orange County

tlc help stay clean in sober living Orange County
It is time to look into the mirror
Know that you are worth saving
Give your brain & body respect

Wits Inn Sober Living San Juan Capistrano, CA

Small private groups of
Only 6 people at a time

Beach Cities Addiction Rehab Referrals 
Call now for Help to get clean 
Sober living Residential Rehab,
Intensive Outpatient 
Sober Coaching
Pay with Insurance or we will find a placement that will work with your cash budget
Stop the progression of depression and addiction 
Stop now. 
You are so much more than this
Get some tlc in sober living 
Tender Loving Care
Letting go gives us freedom.
Freedom is the condition needed 
to find happiness. If in our hearts, 
we still cling to anything, anger, 
fear, anxiety, a need to control people or cling to our possessions, 
we cannot be free.

The fear of losing something we have, is such a waste of energy. We
can't take any of it with us. Sometimes we cling to negative feelings
because they are familiar to us and we have used this outward anger, 
grief, or playing the victim. 

This negativity allows us to act out.
Keep so much action going so we don't have enough time to slow down and feel 
the truth of our feelings of not being enough. Not being smart enough, not being fast enough, or tough enough. 

Getting sober is the time to learn to love yourself, spend some time in quiet meditations. Sit at the beach, watch the waves.  Learn the truth about how wonder it is to be alive.  Stop killing brain cells, and use your intelligence to realize the magnificence of you. There are comforting thoughts and a good life right here for you.   

The Big Book of AA talks about The Empirical Self        
William James speaks of the person you see yourself as,
the person others see you as,
the standards you hold others to,
the reality of how you live and behave. 
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