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Sleeping off a meth needs sleep medication
On Meth? Wish you could sleep?
     I was a meth addict, used for 6 years straight.  I only came out at night.
     After being awake for too long, I wanted medication for sleep.
I needed to sleep in cool darkened, comfortable bed.
     To be left alone, needed some water and food after awhile of sleeping.
     Then when I woke up I wanted to get high.  But there was a little time after waking up, that I wished my life could be changed.

Now I run rehabs, I believe meth addicts do need a medicine assisted detox. 
If they want it.

Crystal Meth changes brain chemistry and leaves a person nervous, jumpy, and depressed.  We are learning new ways to help people get better.  Addicts Do Recover.  More of us can with the right help

Call me, we can talk about what I have been learning and you tell me what you think would help you.
I have been working with recovering addicts for a long while.  So many have done so well. 
Now it's your time.  Clean is better, so much better. 

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