Can't afford drug or alcohol rehab?

Can't afford drug or alcohol rehab?     949-292-2000

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Low cost Drug or Alcohol Rehab
Generally Drug Rehab Centers start at about $15,000 dollars and up.  These are great beautiful houses of healing.  We know some families can get that money together in the effort to save their sick and suffering loved one, and some families can't. 

Drug Rehab is not a sure thing with a gaurentee. Addicts and alcoholics go to treatment, eat regularly, began to get rest and good sleep. They learn wonderful ways to sooth themselves, and start to feel happy.  

They discharge rehab looking so healthy with positive attitudes, knowing they will stay clean and all of their dreams will now come true.  It's all up and down hill. An emotional roller coaster. Addicts do recover.  You see people stay clean and grow up to become productive members of society. 

Sometimes relapse comes a couple of times before recovery takes root. as a surprise.  How many times 
will the family be able or willing to come up with 10's of thousands of dollars. 

Sometimes dual diagnosis - mental illness combined with addiction makes relapse even more likely. 

                    - There are much lower cost options - 
                       Sober Living - Intensive OutPatient - Sober Coaching - 
                       Even comfortable Medical Detox Referrals 

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We have sober living placements starting at $1200 and sober coaching starting in at $800 per month.  Call Wits End Now 949-292-2000

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