Christian Drug Rehab Referral

Something is calling you to live a better life.
God knows there is a higher purpose for you.
Honor your parents and your children
Honor yourself.
God is calling you to live as your highest and best self
You lost your way and got caught up in the world, This can change.
We want to help you.

Don't be afraid of detox. We will keep you medicated and comfortable.
Don't be afraid of meetings.  No one there is any better or worse than you.
Don't be afraid to let your secret out.  Everybody knows something is wrong.

Forgive yourself, Forgive others, Take my hand, I can help you.

Very private treatment for low cost, starts around $5500.
Let's talk. Loriann Witte 949-292-2000
Wits Inn Addiction rehab and intervention referrals

Christian Drug Rehab Referral
Can help you if you are Christian or used to be Christian or want to be a spiritual person.
Wits Inn Drug Rehab is mainly therapy about how to cope with daily life.
One of the sober coaches has many Christian based options in the community
The other sober coach is NA
The third coach is into AA, the ocean, and golf.
San Juan Capistrano has so many Churches
It's a special little cow boy town.  12 minutes from Dana Point Beach
Golf Courses, Ocean, Horses to rent, beautiful miles to walk, Pet friendly rehab

Christian Drug Rehab Referrals can place you in Rehabs coast to coast.

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