Golf and Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Sober coaching and golf alcohol recovery, Orange County
In the world of recovery we successfully face all those aspects of life which previously led us to use. As we continue to successfully face those issues which trigger our addictions, we build a foundation of successes leading to time, and eventually to a life free of addictions.

One place to confront those issues is on the golf course. No other game offers the entirety of life as the game of golf. Success…Failure…Anger…Frustration…Integrity…Fellowship…and other situations life offers are all encountered in one 18 hole round.

It is so important to put into practical application what we learn in early recovery. It is also important to get a change of pace from normal recovery process. Golf instruction, practice, and application not only gets away from the routine of recovery, buy offers the opportunity to apply what is learned, in a controlled environment.

Golf in recovery provides an access to put into practice all the life skills necessary to go out into the world drug/alcohol free.

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