How much is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

treatment of dual diagnosis mental illness
How much is
Dual Diagnosis Treatment?
Think long term
Rather than an expensive
Quick Fix. 
How much is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When did your beautiful, perfect child's mental illness start expressing?  Do you believe the emotional issues are caused by the drug or alcohol? Or did you notice behavioral issues prior to addiction, in childhood? Or did it come with the dawning of adolescents?

Often families examine facts and discuss the possibilities. Wondering if their suffering loved one would return to a more balanced mental health, if they could only stop using.
What is the price for Dual Diagnosis Rehab
Sober Living with
Intensive Out Patient
One to One coaching
3 months $15 thousand
6 months $20 thousand 

Stop the using, is an important beginning.  Stopping the unmanageably lifestyle that drug addicts and alcoholics built their lives around is the bigger piece of the puzzle.

Payee and Trustee Services

Case Management ______

When a person's tool bag of coping skills is made up of running away by being high, checking out by being sick - sleeping & missing.  Spending money, being emotionally unavailable.

       Then a mood swings makes them vulnerable, loving, so remorseful and in great need of kindness and forgiveness.  You realize they are very sick and like a puppet at the merciless hands of the intoxication.  Plus there is the humble charisma of the repentant one.
       "I love you so much, I hate myself for hurting you."  Then, as your heart's ice thaws 'just a little', here comes the charm.
        If you are dealing with your child, it's the old devilish smile that sparks the back to square one of the Parental child bounding.  You forgive, and prepare a plan to protect them.
        If you are dealing with your spouse, it's the 'just go for it', exciting part of them that attracted you to them in the first place. You forgive, and join forces, "we will fight this addiction together"
How much is Dual Diagnosis treatment?  Too much, because it is a marathon not a sprint. 
Long term structure is much more helpful.  It takes time to heal and change. 

Many families spend $15 to $20 thousand for one month packed with all of the apparently necessary psychiatric, medication stabilization, psychological, and medical detox interventions needed.

Then the medication isn't quite right. The person may relapse or become depressed.
Personality problems, ineffective coping skills, and even bad eating habits can derails can them.

For 20+ years we have Case Managed dual diagnosis addiction clients
overseeing their care and placements.
We prefer short term one month at a time payments. 

Low cost treatment for Dual Diagnosis 
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