Living Sober Organic Book by Wits End

Living Dark Green is what I seek in Sobriety
Living Sober Organic Book by Wits End

Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid diagram

Generativity Versus Stagnation

Getting Sober Living Skills 
Dark Green
    Ever since I was I child I have had a calling toward being the most natural, "do no harm" person I could be.
    I call that that feeling the need to live organic and green.
    I got caught up in the problems of the world as acted out in my family and our community.
    The cherry on top all of that was watching the news.
    This experience curved me into the world and out of my heart felt values.
     Then I started to create these tragedies in my own life in the form of depression, divorce, discontentment.  Judgement of my parents love for me and judgements about their love for each other.
     I deeply questioned their parenting methods and their marriage.
     I became morose and needed anesthetic.
     I also craved more, better, jam packed with excitement love and experience. Becoming insatiable I soot clothes and fashion; beauty items to make me more desirable.  This lust manifested as shoplifting.
     I understood alcoholism as one of my inalienable rights as an American.  Then pot was a rite of passage being a youthful person in my effort to know more about life than my parents, teachers, police, or any other members of the straight rule abiding society that was trying to control me.
     Then came addiction.  I still wanted to work out as soon as I shot heroin.
     And I tended strongly toward being vegetarian even as I pumped meth chemicals into my body.

      Now in sobriety and recovery I have been through various phases coming in from orbit. I went through over eating first, I loved going to restaurants and having friends to entertain.  We traveled to NA conventions, stayed in hotels, and spent money.  All of my towels, sheets, and rugs matched.  I took up reading Style magazine and Home & Garden.  Learning how to make it all look good on the outside. How to have the best.  My husband and I switched from drug and alcohol addiction to work addiction and on to super consumerism.  

      My husband and I got clean together, so I have had a partner in this journey. As we have heard
Organic vegetable face, Dark green living sober
Dark Green Organic Dreams
of Living Sober at the Wits End
many speakers in the program say, "come into recovery and it gets better, as you stay clean and work, you make money.  If you work and don't spend your money on drugs or alcohol, you end up with extra money.  Lifestyle goes way up and things get way better.  Then often life evens out and we are left to face some real decisions about "What do I believe in?" "How do I want my life time to effect the future, my Grandchildren and others?"
     A clean and sober program life in recovery actually allows you to become a self actualized person.  The top rung of Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid diagram is reaching

"Generativity Versus Stagnation"

     Which means "Caring about, through your actions, what happens to future generations.
    When wanting to live Sober, Serene in a natural earth friendly way, I call it living Dark Green.
    This living sober organic life kind of life can start for you at Wits End.  Wits End and Beach Cities Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals
will help you or your loved one to start a new life on a new path.
     Rehab and recovery is where your intentions can start coming in alignment with your behaviors.
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