Policy for detox before entering sober living program

I want to go to Sober Living
They say I need a Detox first
Does Anybody Care???
Many people care.
There are free social model detox places

Social model means no medication
Just a place to sleep, food, & support.

Many people believe "I am ready to get clean now, a free place will take me in."

That's a difficult way to go, waiting lists can be 6 to 12 weeks, and social model is pretty tough when you need medical detox

God bless the Salvation Army and the like
they are a good place to start calling,

If you have any body, anywhere that can help you with $5000 to $10,000 for the first month or so.  The fees go down every month.  Detox included 

drug detox on my insurance Oran County
Click here to check Insurance Coverage 
Call Beach Cities Addiction Rehab & Intervention Referrals 

One on One private sober coaching
Sober Coaching can work  
One on one 
with the Sober Living residents
Beach Cities hot line can refer                           
you to low cost detox
as low as $2500 cash for 10 days, 
if you are healthy enough to qualify.

Sober Living Referrals

Out Patient Rehab

Click here to contact us    www.WIrecovery.com

If you need medical detox - all Rehabs have a Policy about detox before entering 
especially sober living programs.  Call our referral Hot Line now We Will HELP YOU

Loriann Witte Orange County Medical Detox
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