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Sober Coach / Case Management
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Dealing with an addicted or dual diagnosis person can be very labor intensive.

Addicts are sick and disabled at least temporarily and sometimes chronically.

Case management and sober coaching takes the burden off of you and your family to make so many arrangements.  We become the go to entity rather than the family. 
The playing one family member against the other and the emotional guilt, blame, victim clamor will subside.  
We will do transportation and make needs and many wants arrangements in an orderly way, within defined boundaries, and within a budget.

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Case Management
Makes Recovery so much Easier

The common inconsistencies of needing to move, getting to detox, rehab, or changing recovery homes, plus

keeping legal and medical appointments without having reliable transportation situations

are just two of the issues where continuous assistance is needed.

The emergency based lifestyle pulls on a parents or other loved ones heart in so many ways that the supportive person can also get involved in a sort of an addictive pattern with responding to the emotionally charged events of the unstable person’s life.

Often the loved one’s get caught up and run themselves to exhaustion in financial stress, and relationships peril for years.  The supportive person can get sick too, but if their distress is not complicated by the use of drugs and alcohol they are likely to hit bottom with the enabling and decide to pull out of the situation in order to save themselves or to save their own marriages or other kids.

Occasionally this ‘pull out’ leaves the addict to fend for themselves, and the family becomes angry.  The anger is used as a method of protection, because they know if they give the addict an inch it will cost a mile.
Let us be of service, in a professional way. We can often get better prices and faster appointments with the treatment services than you can get for yourselves.

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Addicts Do Recover
Sober Living with Sober Coaching 

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