Southern California Sober Living with Sober Coaching

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Southern California Sober Living with Sober Coaching

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Beach Cities Sober Living 
Wits End Sober Living 
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Located in San Juan Capistrano in Orange County 
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Sober Living is a low cost way to go for rehab and aftercare. The longer a recovering person stays in a structured living situation the better their chances  of getting to acheive long term sobriety. 

Wits End also offers Sober Coaching 

Sober Coaching 
while living in the sober living house and continuing after you make the transition to moving to your own place. 

Sober coaching is changing the sober living experience. We assign a coach to our residents who helps them by giving them rides to their appointments, taking them to meetings, going food shopping with them, and just being with them offering a sober opinion to the decisions they have to make for them selves.  A sober coach is a part of the positive support system one finds in structured living.  People in early sobriety can get bored and lonely.  It is so good to have someone to call on who will be around to help you most everyday. 

We all have personal business to take care of and recovering people have business they also need to decide to let go of, a sober coach can help you make better imformed decisions.  We say anything you decide in secret is probably better off left undone.  Our standing polocy is only do the things you could talk about in an open meeting.  That's a good measuring stick to hlp clean up your actions and thinking. 

We Do Recover
Sober Living with Sober Coaching 

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  1. I have been in the recovery business for over 20 years. I seen a lot of changes in the field, from Halfway houses to out laddish treatment centers, which I feel that there is a need for it all.What I like is Wits Inn concept,that makes it a fordable and and an opportunity to stay in a sober living home that is cost effective where a person can stay away from old places and old playmates, for a safe period of time. It is known that the longer you stay away the better chance you have to recover.The sober couch is a great idea also. Someone that can help the client to get his own stuff in order. Like court,your job,and get some outside activities.Some thing to do to have fun. As it's said in the big book of Alcohol Anonymous WE ARE NOT A GLUM LOT.


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